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Northern Mexico

02:15 11/26/14

TF 231, Bravo Company, Echo platoon

Durant saw everyone running to ward them, he looked at Chamblan and asked, "What the hell is going on down there?"

Chamblan said, "Radio's still aren't working, neither is anything electronic. We're up here def and dumb, no communication apart from verbal."

They heard North yelling, "RUN YOU SONSA BITCHES!"

Durant looked at Chamblan, and they started to stand up, moving away from the convoy.

Purdue was sprinting toward the bluff, he caught up with LaCovetta and said, "You ready to jump old man?"

LaCovetta was huffing, his chest still sore, then said, "As long as I don't get vaporized."

Three seconds later an earth shattering explosion went off, ripping up trees, turning the road the convoy was on into the cliff face. Echo platoon was flattened to the ground, the bomb didn't go nuclear thanks to North's wire cutting, but the other bombs destroyed and ripped away anything that wasn't bonded to the ground within a half mile.

Purdue stood up, half covered in mud and vegetation and looked around, saw the smoke cloud from the explosion. He helped LaCovetta to his feet and called out loud for the platoon, not much was heard. Purdue scoured the area with LaCovetta trying to find the teams. They Spotted Durant and Chamblan standing up and searching for what ever, and continued to search for the others. LaCovetta said, "Found Snake."

Purdue ran over and saw Sadler up against a tree, breathing heavily, and bleeding from the ears. Purdue stooped over and asked, "You okay Sadler?"

Sadler shook his head and continued to pant. Purdue looked at LaCovetta and said, "Try getting Godfather on the line, we need Evac." LaCovetta nodded and started talking pressing his hand to his ear to call out of the area.

Purdue was trying to figure out what all was wrong with Sadler when the rest of delta walked up on the scene. Rowe with them, holding his left shoulder. Purdue unclasped his vest, and saw a metal piece of shrapnel just above Sadler's pelvis. Purdue said in his skull, 'Fuck Sadler, you know how to take a hit.'

Purdue looked back to delta and asked, "Have you guys seen anyone from Charley?"

Walker said, "Yeah, we saw Lavern and Parcel, don't know about North though."

Purdue said, "Go get Parcel, and help Lavern look for North."

Purdue pulled off his butt pouch and scoured the medical equipment. He said, "Snake, stay awake man, I'm going to lie you down, okay?"

Sadler nodded feebly, Purdue lowered his torso to the ground and Parcel slid to a stop beside him and said, "Damn, Sadler, can you hear me?"

Purdue said, "He is completely conscious, and coherent."

Parcel nodded and stooped down and said, "That shrapnel may be a problem, okay, Sadler, I'm going to give you some morphine so you don't get too jumpy about this."

Sadler nodded, and Parcel bit off the plastic cover to the needle and stabbed it into his thigh. Parcel counted down in her head, and said, "Okay, When your ready Purdue."

Purdue nodded and said, "Let's get this out."

Purdue touched the metal, and pulled it while Parcel kept pressure near the wound. Purdue slid the shrapnel and popped it out, about a quarter inch of it was covered in blood. Parcel was checking for major wounds, there was a ruptured vein and a lot of blood.

She grabbed some forceps from her butt pouch and tried to clamp the vein, the forceps clamped down, she said, "Gunnery sergeant, hold the forceps, I need both hands for this."

Purdue grabbed them and heard Sadler wince and felt from the pull on the vein tighten his abdominal muscles. He said, "Somethings up, he's tightening his core."

She looked over and said, "Keep hold of that vein, I need to check to see if there are any other ruptured vessels." She poured some water into the wound to move the blood so she could see. There were burns from the hot metal, along with cuts, and splinters from the steel. She took out another set of forceps and started pulling out the metal splinters.

Purdue held the clamp on Sadler's vein, slowly, he could see it slip from the forceps. Purdue said, "The vein is slipping, what ever you're planning to do, do it quick."

Parcel said, "I'm getting the rest of the shrapnel out, keep the vein clamped."

Purdue said, "I'm not sure how long it will hold." Sadler raised his hand, Purdue grabbed it saying, "Hang in there, we're gonna fix you man, you're gonna be all right."

Sadler gargled an answer, and Purdue realized, there must be something else in him that was not letting him breath effectively. Purdue got Parcel's attention and said, "He must have an other piece of shrapnel in his back. Something that hit an airway."

Parcel huffed, and continued to pick out pieces of the shrapnel from his abdomen, knowing that there was little she could do for Sadler.