Prologue- Joker

"Agatha, sweetheart! Bab-eh! I got a good deal tonight." A grubby man said, a cigarette in between his bejeweled fingers and a thick scent of expensive cologne on his person.

His partner whom he was speaking to was shuffling a deck of cards. Fifty-two cards, four Kings, Queens, Jacks, numbers, Aces, and two Jokers.

"On the contrary, dear colleague. It's 2:34 am, which means it's morning-not night." Agatha replied, riffle shuffling the cards continuously. Though her tone seemed bitter, she was actually smiling. There was barely a time when a smile was not on her face.

"Still dark outside, ain't it?" He exclaimed, leaning back on his chair. Agatha looked up from the cards and then looked outside through a window behind the man.


Handing two cards, one faced up and the other down, the game began.

Agatha checked her two cards. The card both players could see was a Jack, and the bottom was a nine. These were unpredictable circumstances, as the number was close to twenty one, but another card could mean a Bust.

With a sigh, Agatha said her move.


"Hit." The man said. Agatha, as the dealer, handed him another card faced down; but she knew that it was a King. Her partner knew that she was skilled with cards, and could win any game as long as she was the dealer, but in this game was a friendly one. No ties or bargains for once.

It was peculiar.

"Anyways, about that deal. Seems that Bennette's been having a bit of luck with his now not-so-small town business." The man said, then took another blow with his cigarette.

"Is that so?" Agatha replied, turning over her cards. Nineteen. The player across from her had twenty-one.

"Blackjack, sister." He said, then took the playing cards. Afterwards, his thick and stubbed fingers distributed the next hand.

"Anyways, he offered to create a bridge between our two... 'Industries'." He continued.

"Hmm." Agatha said, peeking at the bottom card.



Flipping the cards over, Agatha sees an eighteen that opposes her twenty-one. Her win.

"You know, I'm thinking of leaving the island." The man looked up.

"What, you mean like a business trip?" He asked, then collected the cards as it seemed the game was over. Agatha, though the corners of her mouth still upright, had a serious air around her. An air that didn't show unless she was extremely sober.

"I mean a leaving-and-never-come-back trip, Guzman Augustus." Agatha replied, revealing the man's name.

Augustus let out a loud laugh.

"Marines know your face and reputation, sweetheart. Gioacchino Agatha is a well known drug lord and they have no attention of letting you just go scott-free. It's only because of your 'noble' status that you're not in prison yet. That, and the fact Marines like to chase pirates on the seas, rather than criminals on land." Augustus said, tucking the cards into a box.

"Ah yes, pirates. Doesn't 'pirate' scream Freedom more than 'drug dealer'?" Agatha inquired.

"Yes, but you can't just walk away from this, sweetie."

Agatha fished a small silver box in her pocket, then plucked a mint out. Popping the small mint into her mouth, the woman rose from her relaxed position and put her elbows on the table, her head resting in her hands..

"Now here I thought you would be happy about this, dear. You know what would happen if I were to disappear. You would obtain my assets, my company-"

"Your enemies. I kept secrets and made fake names so I wouldn't get caught. You basically laugh at the faces of the Marines and other companies that would accept your proposal." Augustus interrupted, making Agatha's smile lessen.

Agatha disliked being interrupted.

"Not true. I can keep secrets, I can keep many secrets. Anyways I'm going with my plan. It's already in action." She replied, making Augustus groan.

"Fine. What's your first move?" He then asked, unsure if he would regret it or not.

"Why, I first have to die."

Author's Note:

Agatha and Guzman Augustus are playing the card game Black Jack. Usually it would be Poker, but this is a friendly game so we don't get into Poker yet.

The prologue title is Joker, meaning the colored Joker-not the black and white one. The riffle shuffle is this:

: / / w w w . you tube watch ? v = u h8 iM ZY 4N b4

For an explanation of Black Jack (with definitions for words like Bust):

: / / w w w . instructables id / Learn-to-play-two-people-blackjack /

Honestly, I'm still not sure if I understood it well.

Now the title: a common type of metal in which bullets are made out of is jacketed lead; metal surrounded by either a soft brass or a copper-plated soft steel jacket.

There is a reference to Agatha's name, like for most of Mister Oda's characters (Killer's name was made out of pure laziness and it is unsure that Luffy's name has a sailing reference or not).

Agatha came from Saint Agatha of Sicily, who was martyred after refusing to marry the Roman Consul. I also favor the name 'Agatha' a lot, and I just didn't want to look for another one. Shame that it hasn't been the most common name recently.

Both the last and first names of Guzman Augustus were derived names of two of the richest drug lords in the world. I know the story doesn't seem to be in the One Piece world, but I assure you, it is.

Sorry, that this is a very long note, it won't be in future chapters, so here I say:


P.S: If you want to see drawings or sketches of each chapter, check out this tumblr:

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