They still held hands as they fell through the air.

One of her arms reached out like it was trying to grab onto something—

There was nothing to find, nothing to catch hold of.

For now she fell.


-What was that?

It was gone to quickly for her to identify.

She felt Percy grip her hand harder.

Was it fear, was it reassurance, or was he afraid he was going to let go?

She wanted to say something, but nothing could come out.

He probably wouldn't hear her over the wind screaming past their ears anyways.

So she squeezed his hand back.


She started thinking again, which is silly because they had only been falling for a few seconds now.

It seemed like a lot longer.

She thought of all the possibilities.

Would they die as soon as they hit the bottom?

What would they land on?

None of the details mattered, really.


The last time she fell off a cliff, she ended up holding the sky.

This time, the sky was so far over her head, so far away, that she couldn't even think about where it would be.

How long would it be to get to the surface, she wondered.

Stop it. She scolded herself.

This time,

If she was going to fall,

They would fall together.

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