Chapter 3

Percy's POV

Percy watched as the girl, Annabeth, walked towards the pool and tried really hard no to laugh when she practically face planted into the water, she swam (if you could call it swimming) extremely slowly and poorly, it was almost painful to watch, but it was too hilarious to turn away. After what seemed like ages, Annabeth finally slogged out of the pool and went to talk to the coach. Percy could see Virile's hesitance when she asked whether she had made the team.

I wonder how he's going to break it to her that she's terribleā€¦ Percy contemplated the matter but soon it looked like they had reached some sort of compromise.

Jason came behind him and tapped him on the shoulder, "Dude, look at her hair," Jason said, pointing to Annabeth. Percy laughed, noticing for the first time that her usual curls had turned into an explosion of frizz from the water. It looks like she electrocuted herself.

"Good job, bro!" Percy said high fiving Jason.

"You two, man!" Jason laughed.

"Percy! I have a project for you." Coach Virile announced. Percy could see Annabeth rolling her eyes, "I want you to take your individual training sessions and teach Annabeth a little more about swimming," unaware of the discomfort already in place between them, Coach Virile continued, "It'll be a good workout for both of you. Does that sound all right?"

"Yeah-I guess, I mean, uhh, sure?" Percy cursed himself internally, that may have been one of the stupidest things I have ever said in my entire life.

He tried to smile at Annabeth but it turned out as more of a grimace/smirk. Annabeth smiled back and this time Percy couldn't help but actually smile, she was really attractive. Coach Virile looked at them both and then shrugged, "Bye now, cupcakes." He said and walked towards the exit.

Percy sort of zoned out then and watched tiny ripples in the water.

"So, training sessions?" Annabeth asked, waving her hand in front of Percy's face.

"Oh, umm, right we can just, uhh-" Percy said incomprehensively, watching her hair settle down and return to its wavy corkscrews as it dried.

"Let's meet every Wednesday and Friday, okay?" she asked.

"Okay." He said, trying to think of something else to say, ask her if she needs a ride, carry her books, do something, stupid, he thought to himself. "Do you uhh need a ride home or, umm you know, something?" Percy asked, trying to push back his untamable hair.

She laughed at his question, "I was going to walk home, but sure." She smiled at him reassuringly, just let me put on my regular clothes, I'll meet you by the front doors."

Percy nodded, grabbing his backpack from under the bench, "Okay."

He walked slowly down the deserted hallway, dragging his feet along the tiles and his hand along the rows of lockers.


Percy jumped, "Oh, it's just you," he said.

Annabeth smiled as they walked out of the building, "So which one is your car?" Percy pointed to a navy blue pickup truck near the back of the lot, he hadn't been able to afford a great car, but he took great care of the one he did buy.

Annabeth skipped to the door and hopped in.

Percy climbed in the other side and put his key in the ignition. "Where to, Annabeth?"