Title: Purr-fectly Perfect

Author: R.L.N.

Keywords: Romance, A/U

Spoilers: None.

Summary: Wufei finds himself mysteriously transformed into a kitten and in the care of Treize and Zechs. Every 7 days he's returned to a human for 12 hours, but is it enough time to figure out how to stay human?

Rating: T (Language)

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by their original creators. No money is being made and no infringement is intended.


It was raining, Wufei Chang could smell it. His eyes were closed, but he heard the patter of rain and squeaking shoes and could smell rain and of a musky cologne. It was a pleasant scent, and Wufei forced his eyes open to look at who it was.

He blinked at the speckles of light over him. He was in a box? Surely that couldn't be right, and Wufei stood up to look around.

Or at least, he tried to.

His body didn't seem to cooperate with his brain, and Wufei suddenly realized something was very wrong. He was jostled around, but heard keys unlocking a door and the door was open and shut.

"Is that what I think it is?" a male voice suddenly was heard, and Wufei's ears twitched. His hearing was improved, and that voice sounded angry.

"I didn't pick him," a second annoyed voice said, and Wufei was set down with some force. "Believe me, I wouldn't pick this one. Some kid handed him to me, said he was disabled and ran off."

Wufei blinked. DISABLED!? He was by no means whatsoever DISABLED. He looked up as the box he was in was properly opened, and nearly had a heart attack at the giant man above him. He was grabbed around his middle and held up in the bright lamplight, and Wufei stared at himself in the mirror right next to him.

Long slender tail…four furry legs…two pointy ears…Wufei let out a wail of panic and terror, but it only sounded like a pitiful meow out of his mouth.

"He sounds scared," a man observed, and Wufei looked away from the mirror to see a man walking closer to him. He struggled to flee, and felt some satisfaction at claws poking out into the hands of his captor. He was dropped to the ground, and as soon as he hit the floor he took off running.

…Or more like stumbling and sliding. Wufei let out hisses and growls as his body refused to work properly.

"…I see what you mean by disabled…"

Both men were laughing at him, and Wufei turned to look up at them and hissed. He managed to scramble underneath the couch and hid.

[Think Wufei!] Wufei said to himself. [The last thing you remember was what?]

"He's not coming out," the blond man said, peering under the couch at Wufei. Wufei gave him the stink eye and purposefully turned his backside to the man's face. "That little shit…"

"Now Zechs…leave him alone, he's scared."

"Bullshit Treize, he's giving me attitude. And after I saved him too!"

Wufei scowled. [I can't think when they're pestering me!] He let out a wail of despair, and heard his own meowing sounding like a siren. He kept going, frustrated and confused at his sudden turn of events.

"Can't you shut him up? He sounds like he's dying!"

"Treize, I have no idea what to do with pets! Give him a treat or something!"

Wufei stopped his pitiful crying at the smell of something…fishy. He sniffed and turned around, watching a hand stick a little brown fish-shaped treat under the couch. He practically dragged his body forward, sniffing the little brown fishy with interest. His mind may have been human, but his body certainly agreed with the treat. He ate it with gusto, realizing the little kitten body he was in was famished.

[I need food and water,] Wufei thought, and he dragged out from under the couch. His legs weren't working, but he concentrated hard and managed to stand up on all four without wobbling.

"He's so little," Zechs said, and reached down to pick him up. Wufei hissed and batted at the hand, toppling over in the process. He growled as Zechs reached out again. He was going to walk, no matter what!

"Let him do it himself," Treize said, laughing. "It seems our little kitten has the pride of a lion."

[Damn right I do!] Wufei thought, and managed to get his legs moving in what he hoped looked like walking. It was going to take a lot of practice to figure out his kitten body. [I hope I have time…wait what am I thinking? I have to get human again!]

The can of cat food looked absolutely disgusting, but Wufei managed to walk over to it and sniffed it. It smelt like beef and pork, and Wufei thought it stunk. He'd rather starve than eat that garbage. At least the fish treat smelled good. He turned his nose up at the food, eyeing Zechs and Treize above him.

"He's being a snob," Zechs observed, and opened another can of food. He set the can of salmon flavor down, and watched the little black kitten begin to devour that one.

"He's just scared," Treize said, and looked at the black kitten with white hind legs. "His back half looks like pants," Treize thought out loud, and Zechs laughed.

"True. And look at the markings on his back, they look like wings."

"What should we name him?" Treize asked, and Zechs hummed.

"Well, the kid said his name is 'Wufei', but that's a weird name for a kitten."

Wufei looked up at the sound of his name. [What child are they talking about? I don't remember talking to any children before this.]

"Coal? Onyx? Blackie?" Treize suggested. Wufei rolled his eyes and finished the can of cat food. [How about…and it's a wild one…Wufei?] Wufei thought, sitting on his haunches and looking at the feet rather than faces of the two bickering men.

"Just leave it with Wufei," Zechs said, and Wufei looked up at the sound of his name. [I agree!] Wufei thought, looking back down at the shoes. The ties were looking tempting, and Wufei fought the urge to play with the shoelaces.

"But what's the point of having a pet if you can't name it yourself?" Treize argued. "Wufei is a nice name, but for a boy, not a cat."

Wufei looked up at the sound of his name again. [It's a nice name for anyone!]

"…Treize I think we have to leave it," Zechs said. "Watch…"

Wufei tuned out what the men were talking about, but looked up at his name. He tilted his head, puzzled, before he went back to staring at that silly shoelace. Every couple words were his name, and Wufei looked up every time, cursing his instinct to answer to his name.

"See? He responds to it every time," Zechs said, and Treize sighed in defeat.

"All right, he can keep his name."

Zechs reached down and scooped up Wufei, who was too tired to argue. His little kitten belly was full, and he started purring as the two men scratched his ears and pet him softly.

"See? He's calming down," Zechs said. "Let's make him a bed."

Wufei watched from the comfort of Zechs' hands as Treize made a little nest for him in the box he came out of. He snuggled down in the blanket after Zechs placed him inside, and stared at the wall of the box.

[I was eating lunch,] Wufei thought to himself as he stared into nothing. [I had chicken. And then I opened my fortune cookie and went to the bathroom. After that, I woke up in a box here. What's going on?]

A hand gently stroked the top of his head, and Wufei felt his eyes close. He wasn't scared, not with that hand being so soft and kind. He drifted off to sleep, secure that he wouldn't be hurt.


The next morning Treize was already awake and sipping coffee when Zechs stumbled sleepily into the kitchen.

"Good morning," Zechs greeted. "Where's the kitty?" he asked, pouring himself a mug of coffee.

"Still in his box," Treize answered, motioning to the box on the floor of the living room. "He's awake, but he's not coming out."

"Interesting," Zechs murmured, and walked over to the box.

Wufei looked up at Zechs before setting his head on his paws and continued to stare into space. Zechs pet his head, and Wufei just seemed to sigh. But…kittens don't sigh with unhappiness.

"Will he be all right alone?" Zechs asked, and if possible the kitten looked even more miserable. "I won't be home until mid afternoon."

"We can have Barton check up on him," Treize said. "I'll be back after lunch, so he won't be alone for more than a few hours. And cats are more independent than dogs."

Zechs and Treize finished getting ready for the day, but before they left they knocked on their duplex neighbor's door. A young man answered, and flashed them both a smile.

"Zechs, Treize," he greeted, and Treize bowed his head a little.

"Quatre, we got a new kitten last night, but he's disabled. Could you check on him in a few hours for us?" Treize asked.

"Of course," Quatre agreed. "Trowa or I will be sure to check on him."

"His name's Wufei, and don't feed him the beef cat food," Zechs added, and with another thank you the two men departed.

"Who was that?" Trowa asked, coming into the room drying his hair.

Quatre turned to him, closing the door. "Zechs and Treize need us to check on their new kitten," Quatre explained. "It's just weird…"

Trowa looked puzzled, but Quatre just shook his head.

"Never mind, I must be thinking too hard," Quatre said, smiling. "Let's go visit the little guy soon, I'd like to see him."

Trowa just nodded, but put Quatre's odd behavior in the back of his mind.


Wufei didn't get out of his box, for the simple reason he couldn't. The walls were too high, and try as he might, his little kitten legs couldn't make the jump over. After slamming into the box in an attempt to tip it to no avail, he sighed and curled into a ball.

[I wish someone was home,] Wufei thought miserably to himself.

As if answering his thoughts, he heard the lock turn and his ears pricked up. But the voices he heard weren't familiar at all.

"Be careful, Quatre, he might run out."

"It's ok Trowa, I don't see him anywhere."

Wufei crawled up the side of the box, sticking his nose out and trying to see over the edge.

"He's trapped!" a blond man exclaimed, and to his great relief Wufei was scooped up and held close. "I bet you're hungry by now, Wufei. Let's get some breakfast."

"Quatre, don't put him on the table," a brunet admonished, but Wufei just sprawled on the tabletop, his legs still not working. "I think something's wrong with his legs."

"Nonsense," Quatre replied, and Wufei looked at the can of salmon cat food across the table from him. "He's not disabled, he just needs practice. He was cooped up in the box."

[Exactly,] Wufei thought, and struggled to get to his feet. He wobbled and shook, but managed to make his way over to the can. He was almost there when suddenly Quatre pushed the can to the other side of the table. [What the hell?]

Wufei scowled as he chased around the can of cat food. [Quit moving it!] Wufei tried to yell, but all that came out of his mouth was an angry little meow.

"Stop pissing him off," Trowa said, but his face held mirth. "Let him eat."

"See?" Quatre said with satisfaction as Wufei started eating quickly, hoping to finish in case the can moved away from him again. "He's moving better already."

Wufei finished the food and rubbed his face with his paws. Quatre cooed at him, and Wufei was once again scooped up and cuddled. "He's so cute. I wish we could have a kitten."

"You know Sandrock would eat one," Trowa laughed quietly.

Wufei watched the world bounce by as Quatre carried him into the living room. But instead of sticking him back in his box, Wufei was deposited on the floor by the television.

"What are you doing?" Trowa asked, and Wufei tilted his head. [That's what I'm thinking.]

"I'm turning on the animal channel," Quatre explained. "So Wufei can watch how other cats move their legs. He waddles like he doesn't know how to use all four. Perfect! It's a Predator Cat marathon!"

[I don't WADDLE!] Wufei thought indignantly, but then paused as he watched the cats on the television screen move. [Well…compared to that I do.]

"Now he can watch and learn," Quatre explained, standing up. "I bet he's so little he never learned how to be a cat."

Wufei rolled his eyes, and continued watching the screen. [Something like that,] he mused.

"Don't rot your brain," Trowa lectured, and Wufei looked up at him, nodding his little head before turning back to the screen. "…"

"Is something wrong?" Quatre asked, turning to Trowa.

"…No," Trowa replied, and Wufei looked away from the screen to watch the two men leave. He heard the door lock, and stood up. He knew he had to practice walking as a cat, so he mimicked how the ones on the screen acted.

Soon Wufei was running and jumping like a normal cat. He grinned as he made it from the floor to the couch. With a determined attitude he set off for the windowsill, but splattered against the wall.

[Not even close,] Wufei said, rubbing his nose with his paw. [Ouch.]

His ears pricked up at the sound of the door unlocking, and he ran under the couch and hid as the door swung open. He peeked out and saw Treize enter with two full paper bags in his arms and he kicked the door shut.

Wufei crawled out from under the couch and bounded up to him, meowing a greeting. [I hope there's something for me in that bag!]

Treize stared at the little kitten jumping and running around his legs. "You're not the same Wufei I left this morning," Treize said, depositing the bags on the table in the kitchen.

Wufei bounded over to the television and looked up at it, calling Treize with a loud meow. He looked pointedly at the screen, and mimicked what the cats on the screen where doing.

"You're not an ordinary kitten," Treize mused, and went to put the groceries away.

[That's an understatement,] Wufei thought, and followed Treize. He sat on his haunches and watched the man putter around the kitchen. He yawned in boredom when suddenly Treize bumped the empty paper bag on the counter and it was knocked over and floated to the floor.

Wufei stared at the bag for half a second before pouncing on it. He scrambled inside, something about the sound driving him crazy. He tried to make his claws come out and scrape the bag. He rolled around and fought and scratched. After only a few minutes he was completely exhausted, and just flopped over on his side, still in the bag.

It was quiet for a few seconds, but Wufei felt the bag dump him on the ground. He rolled limply over as Treize picked up the bag and folded it, putting the shredded remains on the counter. He looked at Treize as the man scooped him into his hands, poking him with his thumb.

[I'm all worn out,] Wufei thought as Treize shook him gently. [I couldn't stop myself, what happened?]

"So, are you all worn out?" Treize asked, laughing. "You've got good instincts, but not much common sense."

Wufei scowled at Treize, but knew the man was right. He felt like taking a nap, after all, he had been running around the whole morning. He closed his eyes and unconsciously started purring, and felt his self be moved and cuddled as he drifted off to sleep.


It was a week later, and Wufei had gotten being able to move as a cat down pat. He tried to learn as much as he could about the men who cared for him, and found by listening to Quatre and Trowa next door that Treize was a professor at the University and Zechs taught sports on the campus as well.

It was nearing noon, and Wufei stretched on the couch. He was exhausted, and felt a nap was due before Treize would get home. He closed his eyes and yawned, scratching his shoulder as he snuggled down into the soft blanket on the couch.

…His surprisingly human shoulder.

Wufei snapped his eyes open and sat straight up. He looked at his hands, his legs, and sprang to his feet and looked in the mirror.

"I'm normal!" Wufei exclaimed out loud, and looked at his attire. He was dressed in the same clothes as the day this whole fiasco started. His white pants and black t-shirt with a wing design on the back.

Wufei unlocked the front door and shut it behind him, going down the porch steps and walking down the street. He had to figure out exactly where he was, and find the restaurant he had eaten at. He crossed the street, not recognizing the name, and glanced up at a car passing by. It was Treize, and Wufei felt guilty at just leaving like that. But he had to get answers. His pace quickened, hoping to put some distance between himself and Treize in case the older man tried to look for the kitten.


Treize noticed a young man he didn't recognize walking down the street, but didn't think anything of it. He parked and got out of his car, and fumbled his keys in the lock, before realizing the door was unlocked.

"Strange," Treize murmured. Maybe Quatre or Trowa forgot to lock the door? But that had never happened before.

"Wufei I'm home," Treize called out, not seeing the little kitten anywhere. That was even stranger… usually the little kitten was happy to see someone come home.

Treize searched all over, but couldn't find him anywhere. He knocked next door, and Trowa answered.

"Have you seen Wufei?" Treize asked. "I got home and the door was unlocked, and I can't find him anywhere."

"No," Trowa answered, and allowed Treize to enter. "Maybe Quatre has him?"

"I have who?" Quatre asked, coming into the room.

"I can't find Wufei," Treize explained, and Quatre's eyes got wide.

"Sandrock, did you eat him!?" Quatre cried out, running up to the Saint Bernard and kneeling in front of him. He pried the mouth open, and the dog obediently stayed still. "No? Well, where could he be?"

Sandrock got up and pawed at the back door to be let out. Quatre opened the back door and shut it after his dog. "Perhaps he got out?"

"But the door was unlocked," Treize said. "I'm positive it was locked when Zechs and I left this morning."

Quatre looked at Trowa. "We haven't been over today," Quatre said, and Trowa nodded. "He got more independent," Trowa added. "He didn't need us checking up on him anymore."

"I'm sure he'll come home soon," Quatre said, patting Treize's shoulder. "We'll keep an eye out for him too."

"Thank you," Treize said, and both of them could see the older man was saddened by the news. Treize left and went back into his own home, closing the door behind him.

"Wufei, where did you go?" Treize asked to no one.


Wufei walked around town for several hours, not recognizing any street names or buildings. He managed to obtain a map from convenience store, and looked it over before the owner yelled at him to buy it or leave. It didn't help him at all in those few minutes of looking, and he was forced to sit down on a bench to collect his thoughts.

[Nothing looks familiar,] Wufei thought, scuffing the ground with his shoe. [Maybe I should go back and ask Treize and Zechs for help. They won't have to know it's me, I'll just tell them I'm looking for the restaurant.]

Wufei got up and continued walking around. [I've got no money or ID,] he thought as he walked. [I'll have to go back eventually.] He entered a park and strolled aimlessly through the paths, watching some young men play basketball for a bit before resigning to his fate. He got up to start walking back to Treize and Zechs' place when the ball bounced by his feet.

"Sorry!" a young man called out. "Pass it here!"

Wufei bent down to retrieve the ball, but instead of throwing it to the waiting outstretched hands he calculated the distance and angle of the hoop and made the shot. The net swished as the ball went in, and Wufei gave a satisfied smirk.

"Hey! Want to play?" the guy asked, grinning. "Come on, it'll be fun. My name's Duo, what's yours?"

"Wufei," Wufei answered, and followed the young man onto the court.

"Cool, this is the gang," Duo introduced with one sweep of his arm. "Gang, this is Wufei."

Wufei rolled his eyes, but watched another young man stand from the sidelines.

"Heero, teams are even now!" Duo called out. "Let's play!"

Wufei was having fun playing basketball. He was by no means a pro at it, but he held his own and the sun was setting by the time the group split up.

"We're having dinner, want to join us?" Duo asked, and Wufei shook his head.

"…I don't have any cash on me," Wufei said lamely, and Duo scoffed.

"Neither do I, Heero's paying," Duo said, grabbing Wufei's arm and dragging him along.


Wufei found himself trapped in a booth at a burger bar, Duo next to him and Heero across the booth.

"So, Wufei, what do you do?" Duo asked conversationally, drinking a giant milkshake.

"I was going to go to the University," Wufei said, playing with the wrapper of his straw. "But things kind of…changed. I'm a little lost right now."

"Oh so you're a student," Duo said, nodding thoughtfully. "You're a pretty good athlete for being the studious type."

Wufei smirked a little. "I calculate speeds, angles, and distance," he explained. "Pool is another game I excel in."

Duo laughed, motioning to Heero. "He does the same thing. I just shoot and hope it goes in."

Heero joined in the conversation when it turned to academics. He was a scholar as well, but more into science than Wufei was. They talked well into the night, and Duo glanced at his watch as the diner emptied.

"Wow, it's almost midnight," Duo said, laughing as they got out of the booth. "It was nice meeting you Wufei, I hope things work out for you and you can go to the University. We could have classes together."

"What's your favorite one so far?" Wufei asked as they started to depart.

"I'm definitely enjoying Philosophy," Duo said, laughing. "It's not one I would pick for myself, but Treize Khushrenada is an excellent professor."

"…Treize?" Wufei repeated, and Heero and Duo looked at him.

"Do you know him?" Heero asked, and Wufei shook his head.

"The name sounded familiar," Wufei said, waving it off. Duo just nodded, grinning.

"He's a popular professor," Duo said. "See you around, Wufei."

Wufei nodded and turned to walk off. He really had nowhere else to go, so he started walking back to his new home. He heard some clock start chiming, and suddenly felt very tired. He stumbled into a side alley, leaning against the cool bricks. "What…?"

He yawned and stretched, and heard the clock chime twelve and opened his eyes. He could suddenly see every little detail, despite it being dark.

[I'm back to a cat!] Wufei thought, and sprang to his feet. He stumbled a bit, but got the hang of running again and ran as fast as he could down the street. [Noon to midnight I was human, but now I'm a cat again,] Wufei thought as he ran. [I'll have to remember that.]

He turned down what he hoped was the right street. It was harder to see signs so low to the ground. He recognized Treize's car and with a relieved sigh ran up to the door. He pawed at it, but no one answered. He jumped to the window, meowing, but the lights were all off.

[Where are they?] Wufei thought, running around the house. He jumped onto another windowsill, but there wasn't any movement at all inside. [Those bastards better not have forgotten about me!] Wufei thought indignantly, but lost his train of thought as he tripped over his feet and tumbled into the yard.

[Great,] Wufei muttered, looking up at the fence that separated the duplex's backyard. [Now how do I get out?]

He paused as his tail twitched, and he looked behind him to find a giant dog exiting the doghouse. Wufei hunched down and froze in place. The dog was so massive it must be the one that eats cats!

[Please don't eat me,] Wufei begged as he closed his eyes as the dog lumbered closer. [Please oh PLEASE don't eat me!]

Wufei gave a startled meow as the dog licked him, and felt his whole body go limp as the dog bit down on the back of his neck, gently lifting him up. He was carried to the doghouse and deposited on the floor, and backed up a bit as the dog entered behind him and curled up.

[Trapped in the doghouse,] Wufei thought. [At least it's warm.] He curled around the dog, deciding sleep was a better choice than trying to escape.