Wufei was up when the sun started to peek over the pink skyline, and he quickly dodged out of the doghouse and jumped the fence with minimal climbing. He had to find the restaurant, and he'd spend all day running around if he had to. Fortunately luck was on his side, and Treize was coming out to get the paper. Wufei watched as he unlocked the car door and grabbed a briefcase left inside the day before. With stealth and speed Wufei snuck into the car before the door was shut and hid under the seats.

Wufei dozed off but it wasn't long before the car engine started and Treize and Zechs were talking.

"Relena called last night," Zechs said. "Her missing friend called her from Quatre's, and now he's disappeared again."

"That's weird," Treize murmured.

"About as weird as our new kitten having the same name and also disappearing," Zechs added, and Treize snorted.

"You think our kitten is a boy?" Treize asked, incredulous. "Sure he doesn't act like a normal kitten, but he doesn't act human either."

"We should help him," Zechs persisted. "What if it's the same young man that was with Maxwell and Yuy? They have the same name, Treize, it can't be coincidence. If they're the same, he's definitely smart, but if he's a kitten he can't do much."

"If we see him again we'll catch him," Treize said. "But he probably won't show up now."

"If he really is a human, I wish he'd trust us," Zechs said, and his tone was hurt. "We took good care of that kitty."

Wufei listened and felt a wave of guilt wash over him. Zechs was right, they had taken good care of him. The rest of the car ride was spent in silence, and when it stopped and Treize and Zechs got out, Wufei carefully snuck out and hid under the car.

When it was quiet, Wufei darted out, picked a direction and started running. He had to start getting his bearings, and the parking lot was faculty only for the campus. It would be a good central location for him to start searching.

Luck was finally shining on Wufei, because as the sun cast its noon shadow did he recognize the area. It was the street with the restaurant, and Wufei spotted it down the road. He made his way up to it, but the door was shut and no one could be seen inside or outside. He ran around to the back, and saw the back door open and a small kid dump out a bag of trash. Wufei let out a sharp meow and the kid stopped.

"Hello there!"

Wufei scowled. He sat back on his haunches and positively growled at the kid, who just laughed at him.

"Look, I'm sorry but fortunes are pretty powerful, there's nothing I can do," the kid apologized. "Here, you left your fortune behind. I've kept it for you, in case I ever saw you again. I bet that man I gave you to treated you really nice. He looked like he could use a good friend."

The kid dropped the fortune on the ground, and Wufei walked over to it.

[The right path may also be the unexpected one,] Wufei read. [Admit that love has many forms. Your lucky numbers are 6 and 13.]

Wufei scowled but picked the fortune up in his mouth and walked away. He sat in the shadows by the restaurant for a while before lying down miserably and falling asleep.


"Is this the new restaurant?" Zechs asked, and Treize nodded as they went in. "I heard it is good food."


"…Hey, you're the kid that gave me that kitten…" Zechs said, blinking at the boy.

"That's right," the kid grinned. "He's a good kitten, isn't he?"

"He's missing," Treize said sadly.

The kid tilted his head. "I just saw him."

Both men blinked and stared. "…What?" Zechs finally managed to choke out.

"He was in the back alley," the kid said, and let out a laugh as both men darted out of the front door and ran around the back of the building.

"Love really does know many forms."


"I don't see him," Treize said, hurrying with Zechs around the building.

"Wait…there he is," Zechs said, halting and grabbing Treize's arm.

Treize looked and finally saw the little kitten dozing in the shade by the side of the building. He carefully crept up to him, and leaned down and gently scooped him up.

Wufei yawned and blinked, before looking up at Treize. He didn't look surprised, but Treize could tell he was miserable.

"…Let's go home," Treize said. "I think the campus will survive one afternoon without us."

Zechs followed, but he stopped and picked up the piece of paper Wufei had been sleeping on. It was a fortune, and Zechs tucked it into his pocket before walking with Treize back to campus.


As soon as they were home, Treize sat down on the couch with Wufei in his lap. The little kitten was still oozing misery, and Treize didn't know where to start. Zechs sat on the chair opposite them, still looking at the little kitten.

"…So…you're really a person?" Treize finally asked, and Wufei nodded.

"Are you that boy that was with Yuy and Maxwell?" Zechs added.

Another nod confirmed.

"And you're friends with my sister Relena?" Zechs continued, and received another nod.

"Why didn't you say anything?" Treize murmured, his hand gently petting Wufei's back. "We would have…well…" Treize trailed off, and Wufei looked at him like he was stupid.

"…Yeah I'm still having a hard time believing this, I would have thought you were crazy," Treize admitted, and Wufei just shrugged and put his head back down.

Both men fell into silence, not knowing how to proceed. It was a little weird now that they knew their kitten could really understand them. It was one thing pretending the kitten knew what was going on, and different when they knew the kitten knew what was going on.

"…At any rate, are you hungry?" Treize asked, and Wufei didn't reply. He stood up and carried him into the kitchen anyway, opening a can of food and placing it on the tabletop. Wufei didn't seem hungry, but after a few seconds the hunger took over and he ate the entire serving.

Once he was done Zechs put the plate in the sink and Treize lifted Wufei back up. He held him up eyelevel, and noticed Wufei wouldn't look at him.

"I hope you're not sad because you're stuck with us?" Treize said, and Wufei shook his head. "Stuck as a kitten?" A nod was his answer. Treize carried him back into the living room and once again sat on the couch holding him.

"Zechs, hand me the phone, please? I'm going to call in the rest of the week."

"Your students have exams, you can't cancel the whole week," Zechs protested. "I'll call in."

"Don't you have a game Saturday?" Treize countered. "They need their coach there this week."

"…We'll alternate then."



Wufei…was still miserable. But with Treize and Zechs knowing his secret, it actually wasn't so bad anymore. And now one of them was always home. They were still busy, Treize had papers and Zechs had game plans, but Wufei didn't feel so lonely anymore. He responded when asked yes or no questions, and apparently he got the "are you stupid?" look down because every time they asked a complicated question he'd give it to them and they'd apologize and rephrase.

Wufei was dozing in a sun patch on the floor when Treize came up to him thoughtfully. "Are you dirty?"

Wufei yawned and blinked, giving his Look up at the man.

"…Yeah, you need a bath," Treize smiled, and before Wufei could dash away he was scooped up and taken into the kitchen. The sink was filled with warm water, and Wufei let out a whining mewl before he was dunked and scrubbed with kitten shampoo.

"We got you all these care things," Treize said as he scrubbed gently. "I just realized you've been with us all this time and neither of us has given you a bath. I bet you're filthy."

[I keep myself clean!] Wufei thought to himself, but he was finding it hard to be mad. Treize was gentle, the water was warm, and the scrubbing actually felt really nice.

He was dried with a fluffy towel, and Wufei shook a little to also dry himself. Treize brought out a little brush, and ran it through his fur. Wufei stretched, that was better than the bath! He nodded appreciatively and let Treize lift back to the living room.

Wufei expected to be put back in his sun patch, but Treize instead held him against his chest as he sprawled on the couch, feet on the table.

"Don't tell Zechs my feet are on the table," Treize said, and Wufei shook his head.

Treize chuckled, and kissed the top of Wufei's head. "You are good at keeping secrets."

Wufei curled on Treize's chest, knowing if he could show it, his blush would be up to his ears.


That whole week was different, and Wufei didn't know whether to like it or be embarrassed. Treize obviously told Zechs the brushing was a good thing, and now Wufei would spend his time rolling from side to side to be evenly brushed across his whole body. Zechs was more fun though, using Wufei's kitten instincts to play until he passed out and would wake up snuggled in his arms.

Both men were in the kitchen Sunday, and Wufei watched the clock carefully. He ran into the bathroom, and nosed the door closed. He had to push really hard for it to latch, but finally it clicked and Wufei could hear the clock ticking noon.

The chiming ended and Wufei opened his eyes, standing up straight. He looked at himself in the mirror, noticing how pale he was. Wufei shook his head, cupped some water to soothe his dry throat and slowly opened the bathroom door.

He quietly walked to the kitchen, and leaned against the corner wall, peeking out at Treize and Zechs. They were playfully arguing over to toss the salad in dressing and which kind.

It was cute, and Wufei felt like he was intruding.

"…Treize? Zechs?"

At their names both men whipped around, and stared wide-eyed at Wufei, who was still partially hidden by the corner wall.

"Wufei!" Treize exclaimed. "You're…"

"I stay human from noon until midnight every Sunday," Wufei explained quietly, still hiding. "I'll be a kitten again after midnight chimes."

"Well…um…want some lunch?" Zechs asked, and Wufei nodded.

"Toss it in Quatre's Roquefort dressing," Wufei said, sitting at the table. "It's both of your favorite."

Treize let out a chuckle and opened the fridge, pulling out the bottle. Lunch was good, and Wufei didn't feel half has awkward as he could have been.

He helped Zechs wash the dishes, and after the kitchen was cleaned they all silently moved into the living room. Treize and Zechs sat on the couch, and Wufei sat on the floor in front of them, resting his elbows on the coffee table and his chin in his hands.

It was quiet, and Wufei just looked at both men as they looked back at him. "Don't you have any questions that aren't yes and no?"

"What happened to you?" Zechs blurted out, and Treize nudged him.

Wufei shrugged. "I was going to a dinner party at Relena's, and stopped for lunch at the restaurant. I opened my fortune and then the next thing I remember is being here as a kitten."

"Do you need to call any family?" Treize asked, and Wufei shook his head.

"They won't care," Wufei replied, looking away and pretending to not notice the looks between Zechs and Treize. "I live alone a few towns over. I met Relena when I was out here looking at the University a few months ago. She was the guide for the campus, and we were fast friends. I should call her."

"I'll call her, I don't need her freaking out again, she called at 2am last week," Zechs said, chuckling lightly. "Well, is there anything you need?"

Wufei thought of something, but tried to hide it as he shook his head. Treize noticed the spark of an idea though, and wouldn't accept the negative answer. "Come on, out with it, what do you need?"

Wufei flushed, embarrassed Treize could read him. "I don't need anything. I'm fine, really."

"…Let me rephrase," Treize said smiling. "Is there anything you want or would like to do?"

"…I'd like to go play sports with Duo and Heero," Wufei admitted. "They're always in the park at this time."

"I could use some fresh air, a park stroll sounds nice," Treize said.

Zechs got the keys and they all climbed into the car. Wufei buckled himself in the back, and quietly watched the scenery pass. The constant radio changing brought him back to reality, and he frowned as he watched Treize and Zechs battle over the radio station after every song.

With a heaving sigh Wufei unbuckled and reached forward, changing the station to one he knew both of them listened to, but neither would admit it. He sat back with a smug grin and put his buckle back on.

"…This doesn't leave the car," Zechs said tersely, and Treize nodded in agreement.

Wufei just shrugged, still smug as the upbeat bubblegum pop music blasted through the speakers.


The park was beautiful, and Wufei took a deep breath of fresh air as he got out of the car. There was the usual crowd of players, but Wufei didn't see Heero or Duo.

"Let's stroll around," Treize suggested. "Perhaps they're on the other side of the park?"

Wufei nodded and fell into step behind them. Zechs reached back and gently drew Wufei forward until he was between them, and Wufei flushed lightly as Zechs kept his arm over his shoulder.

"I'd like to talk," Treize finally admitted, and Wufei looked up at him. Treize was smiling as he looked down. "You seem to know our favorite dressing and radio station, but we don't know yours."

Wufei felt his flush darken as he looked down at the path they were walking. They talked about everything, and Wufei's comments showed he was intelligent and witty, easily snapping back counters to Zechs' teases.

It was growing colder, and Wufei leaned into Zechs as a breeze chilled his arms. Zechs ran his hand down Wufei's arm, feeling the goose bumps before bringing it back up and resting it back on his shoulder.

"Let's head back," Treize suggested. "I can start dinner as well."

Wufei nodded in agreement, and the trio walked back to the car. Wufei didn't see Heero or Duo anywhere, and was a little disappointed. He wanted to at least tell his new friends that he wasn't trying to avoid them.

The ride back was entertaining as well, and the radio station stayed put on the classic rock Wufei admitted was his favorite. Back home Treize ushered both out of the kitchen, and tossed the salad in a basil enriched ranch that was also admitted as a favorite. The conversation almost never stopped, and after the kitchen was clean and popcorn popped they settled in the living room.

"Do you…need to wash your clothes?" Treize asked, curiously eyeing Wufei attire.

Wufei glanced down. "I'm not sure, I haven't but…I think it's all the baths you give me. It keeps me clean."

Treize chuckled. "I'm sure we have some shorts and a shirt you can wear while I run another load of laundry before bed."

Wufei flushed as he came back into the living room, and Zechs couldn't help but laugh quietly. It was one of Treize's shirts and it trailed halfway down Wufei's thighs. The shorts were a pair of bright orange boxers Relena gave as a gift that were too small for Zechs, and barely peeked out from under the hem of the shirt. Treize took the armful of laundry and started the wash, and Wufei sat on the chair, tucking his knees to his chest and pulling the shoulder of the shirt up.

Treize came back and joined Zechs on the couch, and Wufei coughed a little to clear his throat.

"You know, it was really nice having someone around, but you guys don't have to miss work on my behalf," Wufei said quietly. "It's honestly not that bad, and I can play with Sandrock if I get bored."

Treize and Zechs shared a look, before both looking at Wufei.

"…Do you want to come to campus?" Zechs asked, and Wufei shook his head.

"I'd rather stay here."

"It's not that we don't trust you," Treize said, and Wufei flushed at the T-word. "It's just…different now. And I personally feel like a bad person if I left you alone all day."

"Cats are independent anyway," Wufei countered, but he gave a reassuring smile. "I'll be ok. Just…no more catnip toys, I'm going to lose my mind one day soon."

Zechs laughed, and Treize chuckled lightly. "Is there anything else?"

"…Well…" Wufei flushed a dark red. "I know…you're um…together and as a cat I have really good hearing…"

The look of mortification on both Zechs and Treize would have been hilarious if the topic wasn't so awkward for Wufei to say.

"…If you could leave the back door open, I could probably get the screen door open and closed so I can go outside for a while," Wufei finished, talking into his lap as his ears burned.

Treize started laughing, and Zechs had his face buried in his hands as he tried to muffle his hysterics.

"That…we can do that for you," Treize said, wiping tears of mirth from his eyes. "I…honestly appreciate your consideration for our privacy."

"It got worse when Zechs came out for a drink afterwards," Wufei mumbled, unable to shake the scene from his mind, and Zechs let out a very embarrassed laugh.

"I'll be sure to put some pants on before strutting around the house," Zechs promised.

The topic changed, and it stayed away from such awkward subjects. Wufei accepted a bowl of ice cream as an almost-midnight snack and Treize changed the laundry over. The clock started to chime, and Wufei let out a sleepy yawn. Zechs took the dishes into the kitchen and Wufei vaguely heard the water running. His eyes closed and he curled up on the chair as he dozed off.

Treize came into the living room with Wufei's dry clothes to find a gray and orange kitten sleeping where he had just left a boy. He blinked at the sight, then looked down at the clothes in his hands. Black shirt…white pants…

Treize took the laundry into the kitchen where Zechs was drying the bowls from popcorn and ice cream.

"Should we get him some new clothes?" Treize said, placing the laundry on the table. "I'm thinking neon zebra print pants."

Zechs gave Treize a bizarre look, and Treize motioned to the living room. Zechs came back with a grin on his face.

"…With a florescent orange and green spotted shirt."