A/N: So this is just a quick look into what I think Eric was thinking that night outside Moongoddess. I have a story I am working on so let me know what you think! XX


He was on his knees, ready to sacrifice himself. For her.

He would have never thought in his million years that he would do this for anyone. But there was something about her that he had loved from the moment he first saw her. He still remembered when she first walked into his bar. He remembered looking into her deep ocean blue eyes. Her hair blonde like a field of wheat in the sun. Her smell of honey and vanilla….and the sun.

The sun that he hadn't seen in over a thousand years; she was now his sun. His world revolved around her as the Earth did the Sun.

And that was what brought him to this point. If she died, his life wasn't worth living anymore. She had ruined him for everyone and everything.

He looked at her and smiled. That was how he wanted her to remember him. Not the brutal tyrant he was before her but the gentle loving man she made him.

He closed his eyes and lifted his head to the moon, waiting for Bill to shoot him. If this was the only way that the witch would release her, Eric was glad to give her this.