I saw some people doing something like this and it really inspired me. I'm a little late but oh well- this is going to be a series of one-shots based off one scene in each episode.

Disclaimer: Own NCIS? Not I.

Episode 1 "Extreme Prejudice"

"We slipped," "Really? I thought the earth moved,"

It was a classic line. Of course, totally lost on brunette beauty of a partner.

We just stared into each other's eyes for that split second and I swear. This was something different. I've never gotten so lost in another persons soul but hers just swallows me up.

It's true we'd had our rough parts through the years but with both Ray and EJ gone we'd really closed a gap. We started spending more nights together, our glances across the bullpen had grown longer, and our overall concern for the other had definitely escalated.

So I was actually happy that she didn't recognize the movie line and did not point out the title because for once it wasn't about the movie at all. This was about us.

Yay! They will most likely all be this size and several will have major Tiva tendencies.