Title: Dreadful Fun
Pairing: Bellatrix/Rodolphus
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Rodolphus Lestrange is perfectly happy with his marriage, playing to his wife's whims and enjoying the role he takes in their relationship. Bellatrix, on the other hand, seems to be taking a little too much interest in the Dark Lord. Written for the bdsm_fandom BDSM Big Bang on LiveJournal.
Art: imeraDOTlivejournalDOTcom/12244DOThtml by imera, who did an absolutely amazing job of illustrating a scene from the story
Warnings (for the whole story): BDSM (obviously). Sexual content, fem!domme/male!sub, one scene of male!dom/fem!sub, bondage, first time, oral, pain, dirty talk, hair pulling, orgasm control/denial, public sex acts, role-playing, ambiguous infidelity... and probably other kinks that I've forgotten.

Chapter One


Rodolphus could not have taken his eyes off his wife if he had wanted to.

He was a lucky man, he thought, to have been blessed with such a beautiful bride. When his and Bellatrix's betrothal had first been arranged, when they were still young, he had been wary, displeased at the idea of spending his life with a girl who had seemed so… unpleasantat that age. Bellatrix had been the sort of teenage girl who professors dreaded, who parents warned their daughters not to grow up to be like, and who boys, even those boys who found her attractive, knew better than to engage with.

That had been his opinion for all the time that he had known her during Hogwarts, and when, two years after they had finished school, he had been all but marched into the chapel for their wedding and seen Bellatrix again, he had been nothing short of shocked at the change that had come over her.

She was, for what he imagined was the first time in her life, smiling. Not smirking, not sneering, not wearing the false little simper that she had been apt to use when her parents were watching, but genuinely smiling, and at him, no less. Rodolphus had never experienced anything so close to affectionfrom Bellatrix before.

The ceremony had gone rather wonderfully, but it had been the wedding night that cemented in his mind the fact that he was going to very muchenjoy being married to Bellatrix.

They were sent off with showers of smothering kisses and well-wishing and all the usual words that one would expect a bride and groom to hear on their wedding day, and then, at last, they managed to struggle out of the crowd and Bellatrix took Rodolphus's arm and the two of them Disapparated.

They were staying in one of the villas that the Black family owned, out in Italy, and no sooner had their feet hit the ground there than Bellatrix grabbed onto Rodolphus and pulled him around to look her straight in the eye.

"Right," she said. "Now that we're married properly, I think there are a few things we ought to make clear."

"Oh, are there?" Rodolphus was not used to being spoken to so imperiously, so much as though Bellatrix had him in her power instead of the other way around. "And precisely what do you want to make clear?"

"That I don't… do… the usual Pureblood wife bit," Bellatrix told him. "I don't cook or clean or serve your every need… and I'm not submissive."

"Pardon me?"

Bellatrix tilted her head and arched one eyebrow. "What do you mean, 'pardon me'? Don't you know…?"

Rodolphus shifted a little, feeling a bit stupid and not daring to actually answer her question. She snorted, running one hand through her hair, then rolled her eyes at him. "Right… let me… demonstrate, then."

Rodolphus opened his mouth, but the only thing that came out was a gasp as Bellatrix threw him down onto the couch, and then she was on top of him, gripping him by the front of his shirt and glaring straight into his eyes.

"If you'd married someone like Narcissa," she breathed, "you'd be the one doing this to her. You'd be the one pushing her down onto the bed like a bloody romance novel hero… well, you aren't going to be doing that with me."

"Bellatrix, what–"

"But I promise," she interrupted, her voice suddenly going candy sweet, "that what I'm going to do with you is going to be much… muchmore fun…" She dragged the tip of one finger down his chest, her nail scratching him lightly through his shirt.

"What are you going to do with me?" Rodolphus asked, more than a touch warily. He wasn't sure how to react to Bellatrix behaving in this way – it was quite frankly frightening and he felt the urge to cringe away at the same time that he found the whole thing delightfully exciting...

"Come upstairs with me and I'll show you," Bellatrix told him in a low, sensual purr.

Rodolphus nodded. She took him by his wrist and dragged him upstairs and he followed behind, slightly wary but more intrigued.

She flung the door of one of the villa's bedrooms open and shoved him inside and he stumbled a bit, trying to catch his balance. He grabbed onto the bedposts for support, but Bellatrix was stronger than he had expected her to be and she had him pinned down almost instantly.

She straddled his chest, still dressed in her white wedding gown, which rippled and moved around her like clouds or steam or…

"Now hold still, Rod," she breathed, and he found his arms being wrenched above his head, a rope wrapping around his wrists and binding them firmly to the bedposts. He struggled a bit, more out of reflex than anything, and he looked up rather warily at her. It was uncanny to be tied up like this, and for Bellatrix, who Rodolphus was not entirely sure he consideredsane…

"Bellatrix, what are you…?"

"Your life must be dreadfully boring," Bellatrix murmured, ignoring his question and focussing instead on dragging her nails slowly down the side of his torso, "if you've never done anything like this before…"

"Someof us kept the promise we made to our parents to be pure when we were married…"

Her eyebrows shot up and she looked at him, seeming genuinely perplexed by his statement. "You're a virgin, Rod?"

He flushed. "Yes. Like we're supposed to–"

"Oh, you have somuch to learn," she interrupted, laughing. She shifted down, kneeling between his legs and spreading them apart a bit. He pulled on the ropes again and she ignored it. She put her hand lightly on the bulge in his trousers, biting her lip and lowering her eyelids slightly.

"It's going to be… dreadfullyfun…" Her voice was low, velvety and sensual, and her hand sent tingles up Rodolphus's spine. "Don't worry. I'm a good teacher."

Having someone else touch him, and with such a skilled and practiced hand…

She flicked the buttons of his trousers undone with a light and careful touch that made Rodolphus wonder if she'd done this before and if so, how many times, then she pulled them down slowly, and Rodolphus groaned. He wished that she'd undo the ropes so that he could touch her, but he supposed she knew more than him, and there was something wonderfully erotic about being bound up, almost at her mercy – being at someone's mercy was not something that Rodolphus was used to.

Bellatrix purred softly, wrapping her hand around his cock and pulling slowly on it, one long stroke, from base to tip, then sliding her hand off and holding it to Rodolphus's face. "Lick."


"For God's sake…" He could see her lip curling. "What do you think? Don't you spit on your hand when you jerk yourself off?"

"That's crude–"

"I would have thought you'd know by now that being told something is crudeis hardly enough to stop me from wanting it."

Rodolphus flushed. His breath came quickly and stuck out his tongue, slowly swiping it over the surface of her palm. Her skin tasted salty, a little sweaty, and he wondered how much of that was her taste and how much was his.

She nodded, satisfied, then moved her hand back down, stroking his cock again, taking her time with each slow and thoughtful movement. Rodolphus's chest heaved and he lay back, enjoying the feeling.

Enjoying it, at the very least, until her hand drew back and came down sharply on his balls.

"Ouch!" His whole body buckled and he bent in on himself automatically, and Bellatrix laughed. She sounded a touch mad, almost hysterical.

"You're not so strong, are you now, Rod?" she asked, her voice high and mocking, and Rodolphus squirmed, pulling on his bonds again. He wanted to curl in on himself to nurse the injury.

"Shh…" Her hand wrapped around his cock again and she stroked it slowly, apparently enjoying the look on his face – a look of some fear, he would imagine, because all he could think was that he wasn't sure he wanted her close to his balls after how she had hit him. "It wasn't that bad, Rod, now was it?"

"Yes, it was," he said, softly, petulantly.

"Men…" Her lip curled. "You like to fancy yourselves strong, don't you, but you're really a bit pathetic if you can be… so easily… mm…" She broke off and Rodolphus steeled himself as she raised her hand again. There was a moment of painful tension, then she lowered her hand again, giggling a bit. She sounded rather girlish, quite innocent, not at all how she shouldhave been sounding.

"It hurt," he complained.

"Poor thing…" Her eyelashes fluttered and then she leaned down, her lips hovering inches from the tip of his cock. "Do you want me to make it better for you?"

A muscle twitched in his jaw and he didn't respond, which Bellatrix seemed to take for some sort of assent, because she leaned down and flicked her tongue against the tip of his cock. Rodolphus moaned softly, anticipating the feeling of her mouth sliding down his length, but it didn't come.

"I need you to say yes or no, Rodolphus," she told him, her breath warm on his flesh, tickling him. "I won't do it if you don't say yes. If you don't want me to–"

"Yes!" Rodolphus said loudly, cutting her off.



Bellatrix's lips curled, then she leaned down, taking first the head of his cock between her lips, sucking on it like a candy, and then sliding down until her mouth was full of his flesh.


"Mmm-hmm?" She looked up at him through her eyelashes, sucking deeply and wrapping her hand around the base.

"That- feels good…" was all he could manage.

Her teeth brushed against the sensitive skin, and Rodolphus felt a small frisson of fear, accompanied by a wave of pleasure. He should have felt powerful, with her servicing him like that, but he was all too well aware that she had him at her mercy and that one little movement of her jaw would be enough to put him in tears.

She pulled back, swirling her tongue around the tip of his cock, then she wiped her mouth delicately, and reached behind herself to undo the laces of her dress.

"Let me help…" Rodolphus told her, and she shook her head.

"I don't need your help," she said, and then the dress was off, and Rodolphus's eyes gleamed. Beneath the layers upon layers of pure white silk and lace, he had been expecting modest, pale underclothes to match.

On the contrary.

"You like what you see, Rodolphus?" Bellatrix purred, reaching up and gently cupping her own breast.

He wasn't even entirely sure that her underclothes could be counted as such – her bra was sheer black lace and showed off her hard nipples and her knickers were skimpy and small enough that he missed them at first. His mouth had gone quite dry and all he could do was nod.

"Good," Bellatrix purred, and she crawled slowly along the bed until she was kneeling over his chest. If it hadn't been for those damnedropes, he would have grabbed her instantly, pinned her down and fucked her until she was weak…

"You're having… thoughts of dominance," she told him in a quiet purr. "I can see it in your eyes… don't even try it, darling." She shifted a little closer, and he could smell her juices. They were on her thighs, making them slick and wet, and he would have dearly loved to be able to taste them…


Barely had the though of how much he would have loved to lick Bellatrix entered his mind when she moved forward abruptly and sat down on his face, her wet core pressing against his mouth.

"Come on," she moaned, bucking slightly against him. "I did it for you…" She pulled her knickers aside and Rodolphus groaned automatically. Liquid dripped onto mouth and he flicked his tongue out, tasting it. Sweet, tart, bitter, salty…

"God, yes…"

Bellatrix bounced slightly against his mouth, rocking back and forth and squirming – trying, Rodolphus presumed, to get his tongue into the most pleasurable position against her. He wished that he had had more experience so that he could do better, but Bellatrix didn't seem to mind.

"Oh, fuck," she moaned, grinding roughly against him. "Fuck, yes…" Rodolphus could feel the muscles in her legs clenching and unclenching and he redoubled his efforts.

"Fuck," Bellatrix breathed again. He was aware of her leaning forward, then felt her arms brush his, presumably as she grabbed onto the bedposts for support. "That feels so good… I- I want your tongue deep inside me… come on, Rod, put it in…"

He hesitated for only a moment before he pressed the tip of his tongue into her opening and Bellatrix screamed, clenching around him, her thighs like a vice on either side of his head, and grinding still more forcefully against his mouth until her whole body arched, she let out a long, almost desperate groan, and Rodolphus felt a flood of warm liquid on his face.

When Bellatrix climbed off of him and wiped her juices from his eyes so that he could see again, her cheeks were flushed and her body shaking.

"Not bad for a virgin," she said breathlessly, and Rodolphus tried not to laugh.

"And about that…" Bellatrix continued. "I suppose you want me to take that… virginity away from you now, don't you? I suppose you'd like to finally have a woman after waiting so terribly long…"

"Yes…" he breathed.

"It must be dreadful for a man to have to wait so long for a woman who wants him…" she breathed teasingly, and Rodolphus bit his lip hard. Part of him wanted to snap that he could have had a dozen women if he hadn't wanted to be pure on his wedding night but he didn't want to provoke Bellatrix – not when he was in this state.

She dragged one nail along the length of his cock and he groaned and bucked automatically against her hand.

Then she was on top of him.

Bellatrix was stronger than she looked, and she looked plenty strong. She pinned him down with ease as she sank down onto his cock.

"Bella…" Rodolphus groaned before her hand came down over his mouth, silencing him.

"Don't say a word," Bellatrix breathed. She was rolling her hips slowly, steadily, against his and her voice was thick with lust. "Not until you're about to come… and you'd betterask my permission before you do…"

Rodolphus nodded and squeezed his eyes shut, gasping for breath. He clenched his hands into fists and dug his short, blunt nails into his palms. The little jolts of pain steadied him a bit, and he was able to look up at Bellatrix without worrying that the sight of her would push him to the edge.

She was looking down at him with a delicious little smirk playing on her lips as she rode him, sliding along the length of his cock and gasping with each stroke. She hadn't bothered removing her bra and her breasts bounced enticingly.

Every muscle in Rodolphus's body clenched and he barely managed to gasp "I–"

Bellatrix's hand came down sharply on his balls again, but the pain wasn't enough to stop Rodolphus's body from arching up against her and a moan from escaping his lips. He felt himself spill inside Bellatrix and her groan. Her voice sounded very far away.

"Not bad…" she purred, sliding off him. Rodolphus trembled, unable to speak, and Bellatrix laughed breathlessly.

"Not bad for a virgin," she added, leaning forward and petting his hair slowly with one hand, pulling the ropes off his wrists with the other. "Most boys are useless their first time…"

"And I wasn't?" Rodolphus managed, letting his arms fall onto the bed on either side of him, stretched out as if he was on a crucifix.

Bellatrix laughed and leaned forward. She kissed his mouth and caught his lower lip between his teeth, biting down lightly upon it before she pulled back.

"Not entirelyuseless," she said, then she lay down beside him and her eyes were closed before he could say another word.

Rodolphus, for his part, thought that he couldn't have possibly imagined any better way to start a marriage.

If he had been a more cynical man, he would have assumed that the things Bellatrix did to him were reserved for their honeymoon and that when they got home, sex would stop being interesting to them, just as had been the case for every couple Rodolphus had ever known. He would have assumed that having such a wonderful honeymoon had only been the world's way of tormenting him.

If he had made that assumption, he would have been wrong.

He did wish that they could continue to have as much to enjoy with each other as they had had on their honeymoon, but Bellatrix was more than willing to lend hours every night to lovemaking, and that was enough that he certainly couldn't complain.