Title: So Damn Lucky

Author: Disasteriffic Kaz

Info: A quiet night becomes a blur of destruction with no warning…this story brought to you by a happy, bouncy plot bunny. Post 2x02 ELAC

Author's note: This began as a little plot bunny that jumped into my head with Dean trapped under a car and Sam panicking and then…well it seems to have gotten away from me and developed a life of its own. :D Let's see where we end up shall we?

Also, the title is the title of a Dave Mathews song of the same name about…yep…a car crash. :P

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Frozen heart
Screaming wheels
But does that screaming come from me?
Take me back, just before I was spinning
Take me back, just before I got dizzy
Take me back, amazing what a minute can do

~So damn lucky by Dave Mathews Band


Sam sat at the little table in their motel room, hunched over his laptop. The room irritated him. It was painted in a vulgar shade of orange that screamed out from the walls even in the dim illumination from the single light behind him. The beds were too short for either of them and he glanced over with a smirk at his brother's feet dangling a foot off the end of the bed while he softly snored. The job that had brought them here had turned out to be a bust. Rather than the werewolf they had been expecting; it had turned out to be a seriously deranged twenty year old with an X-Men fixation and a set of honest to goodness steel Wolverine claws tearing people up.

Sam shook his head. Sometimes the humans were the bigger monsters than the monsters. He was trying to find them a real job and looked over at the bed again. Dean had been frustrated, to say the least, not to mention disgusted. Sam had sighed in relief when he'd decided to just go to bed. He'd worried he'd have to babysit his big brother's bad mood all night. Since the death of their father, Dean's fuse was much shorter than it used to be. Sam focused on finding a real job; something to take his mind off of the things that were clawing at him.

He glanced at the time on the laptop's screen and sighed. It was late and he was tired himself but Dean needed a real job. He scrolled through a few more sites and then leaned back to rub his neck. One in the morning was making his eyes droop. He jerked in surprise when Dean's EMF meter beeped from behind the screen of his laptop. Sam flipped it closed and looked at it, confused.

"Why are you going off?" He asked it softly and reached out to pick it up. Sam looked up and saw the intact salt line at the door; he could see the same under the trailing edges of the curtains at the window above the beds. "What the hell?" He stood as the needle climbed, the noise becoming louder and stared it. His head jerked up as light began to grow in the windows and the sound of a nearing engine got louder. It took him only a second for his tired brain to put the pieces together.

"Oh crap. Dean!" Sam shouted. He lurched toward the bed and his brother as the meter hit a fever pitch and threw his hands over his face. The window exploded into the room a second before a car rushed into view with a roar. Sam felt something hard strike him and throw him backwards. He hit the wall solidly enough to force all the air out of his lungs and white out his vision as the cacophony of noise deafened him.

Sam didn't know how long he lay there when he finally opened his eyes. He was on the floor. The tv stand was half on top of him, the remains of his laptop crushed under the table in front of him and what looked like one of the beds was canted above him against the wall; effectively cocooning him. He raised his arms to push the bed away and shouted in shocked pain as agony lanced through his left shoulder and down his arm. He quickly cradled the arm against him and spent a minute just trying to regulate his breathing and not pass out.

"Dean." Sam called hoarsely. He didn't receive an answer and the image of his brother in bed as the car came in above him pushed him to move with panic. "Dean!" He got to his knees and put his good shoulder to the bed, forcing it out and away to topple to the side. He could only stand and stare at first. The room was a disaster. The front wall was gone. The roof was open to the sky and half the ceiling hung frighteningly low above him as if threatening to crumble in on him at any moment. In the center of it all sat a car; some anonymous Ford stuck at an odd angle with Dean's bed half under the right side. Sam stumbled away from the wall, crawling over the wreckage of the front wall of the room and slid to the ground beside the bed. "Dean?"

Sam ducked as low as his injured shoulder would allow to look beneath the car and his breath froze in his lungs. Dean was there, wedged under the car and partly under the bed. "Dean." Sam ignored his own pain to reach an arm under and reach his brother. He was too still and a steady litany of 'no no no' was running through his mind as his fingers sought Dean's neck and found it. He pressed trembling fingers there and sobbed a few breaths when he felt Dean's heart beating strongly beneath them.

"Thank god. Dean?" He moved his hand to his brother's head, wrapping his fingers over his jaw. "Come on, man. Wake up. Need you to wake up." Sam grimaced, slamming his eyes shut as the movement shot into his left shoulder again. "Crap." He gasped and pulled his arm back out. He reached up to his own shoulder, expecting to feel it dislocated. He recoiled from the touch of his own hand and had to grab on to the fender of the car beside him to stay sitting up as black spots danced across his vision.

"Ok." Sam panted through the pain. "Not…not dislocated." Once the dizziness receded he bent back down and slid his arm under again until he had a hold on his brother's head. "Dean?" He waited and though he was alive, he made no sound nor any sign of waking. Sam let his head thump into the car. "Dammit. Ok. Just…hang on, Dean. I'm gonna get help."

Sam pulled himself unsteadily to his feet and looked around the carnage of their room for a phone. He shook his head at himself and slapped a hand to his back pocket, overwhelmed with relief when he felt his cell phone there. He pulled it out and flipped it open and dialed 911. Nothing happened and he looked down at the screen.

"Dammit!" Sam yelled. There was no signal. He picked his way around the car and the bed to the gaping hole in the front wall and climbed outside. He checked his phone but still had no bars. He looked around and growled in frustration. Any other time something like this wouldn't fail to draw a crowd but they had managed to find the lone empty motel on the edge of town. "Come on." He clasped his hand below his left shoulder to support it and headed across the parking lot, keeping his phone angled so he could see if it picked up a signal.

The further he got from the room and Dean, the more nervous he became about leaving him alone there. "Come on already. Give me a damn signal!" He had crossed the street and nearly reached the side of a boarded up, four story building when he finally saw bars appear on the phone. "Yes!" He hurriedly dialed 911 again and this time was rewarded with an operator who calmly took his information and urged him to stay calm. He hung up when she began asking him if he was injured and instead dialed again. He needed help. They needed help and there was only one person he could think of to call for help. He silently begged Bobby to not be asleep and to answer the phone. A moment later he got his wish.

"Bobby." Sam spoke, breathless with worry and relieved in some small measure to hear the older man's voice. The relief at hearing a friendly voice was so profound he had to fight the tears that gathered suddenly in his eyes.

"Sam? What's wrong?" Bobby asked quickly; there was no mistaking the barely controlled panic in the young man's voice.

"A ghost, I think. The car just came out of nowhere. The EMF started screaming and then the…god Bobby Dean's…I can't get him out and he won't wake up!"

"Sam!" Bobby yelled. "Take a breath, son." Sam was rambling too fast to follow. "Are you alright?"

"Sorry. Dean's alright…I think. The car crashed into the room. He's…he's wedged under the bed." Sam took a deep breath and tried to calm down. He knew he was in shock either from whatever was wrong with his shoulder or from the event itself and tried to find control. "And under the car…which is on the bed."

"Ok, son. Did you call 911?" Bobby asked calmly, trying to sort through what had happened though inside he was suddenly overcome with fear for Dean.

"Yeah. Called them first." Sam looked out at the street and the few people milling around the destruction that was their room across the street. "No cell reception over there." He looked down at the road and frowned. There were clear marks of burned rubber and he followed them with his eyes all the way across to the motel. Sam turned to look up at the derelict building in sudden understanding. "Bobby…"

"Sam?" Bobby called as he heard static and then a clatter that could have been more static or maybe the cellphone hitting the ground. "Sam! You there?" A second later the line went dead and Bobby lowered his own to stare at it. "Ok dammit. What the hell?" He knew where they were, what town at any rate if not the hotel. Bobby snapped his phone closed and rose. He had an overwhelming feeling that something was very wrong and his boys needed him. "I'm comin' Sam."


Dean woke when he felt hands on him and dragged in the first easy breath he'd had in…he didn't know how long as he realized a weight on his chest was finally gone. "Sammy?" He looked up and instead of his brother found unfamiliar faces looking down at him, smiling.

"Hey! Welcome back."

They were paramedics, Dean's sluggish brain finally informed him, which explained the strobing lights on the ceiling above him. "Wha' happened? Where's…Sammy?"

"Now, don't move sir please." One of the paramedics held him down with a hand on his chest while the other strapped an oxygen mask over his face. "We've controlled the bleeding but we need you to stay calm and still alright? George? Backboard."

"On it."

Dean raised his head, ignoring the orders to stay still and searched the remains of the room for Sam, eyes opening wide in shock at the destruction. He couldn't see him anywhere. He let his head thump back on a pained groan. They must have forced him out of the way to get to Dean. "Want…brother."

"Your brother?" The paramedic smiled down at him again. "We'll find him. You just concentrate on letting us do all the work. Ok, George."

Dean felt himself rolled and laid back; then came the disorienting sensation of being lifted into the air with something hard under his back. He had a vague memory of having been lifted like this once before but it was hazy and he couldn't pin it down. They set him on a gurney and rolled him out. He tried to see around the medics for his brother and growled in frustration when they continually blocked his view. He groaned in pain as they bumped him up into the back of the ambulance and felt the beginnings of panic grip him; still with no sight of his brother. He needed to know what the hell had happened and where Sam was.

"Wai…wait." Dean tried to tell them and ask for his brother again but could do nothing except watch as a needle went into the IV he hadn't even noticed. A strange, floating feeling overcame him and he slipped into unconsciousness again with Sam's name on his lips.


Bobby squealed his truck to a stop beside the entrance to the Emergency Room, narrowly missing the expensive Beamer beside him. He'd had no problem spotting the hotel the boys had been staying at on his way into town. It was a mess. The roof over one of the rooms had partially collapsed in over a missing wall and the wrecker had still been there trying to extricate the car without bringing the rest of it down. It had goaded him into speeding to the nearest hospital.

He shoved through the doors and stalked to the admissions desk like an oncoming storm. The nurse sitting behind actually leaned back. "I'm lookin' for the guys who were in the motel collapse. One of 'em was trapped under the car."

"Oh. Oh!" The nurse's wary look faded into concern. "Are you family?"

"I'm their Uncle." Bobby fidgeted. "Where are they?"

"Um, the paramedics brought one man in. He's in observation room three and…" She trailed off as Bobby turned and stalked away. "Well then."

Bobby strode down the ER's halls, checking each door until he found the right one. He pushed inside and whipped the curtain back and only then took a deep breath. Dean lay on a bed, partially propped up and very much alive. One side of his face was black and blue. A doctor straightened up from Dean's waist and looked at Bobby curiously.

"How is he?" Bobby asked and went to the bed, laying a gentle hand on Dean's head. "I'm his Uncle."

"Ah. I was hoping you were this 'Sammy' he keeps mumbling about." The doctor smiled.

Bobby jerked in surprise. "Sam's not here? It's his brother. Where the hell is he?"

"I really couldn't say." The doctor put his stethoscope back around his neck and sighed. "You're the first person to turn up. What's his name?"

"Dean." Bobby looked down at him and gripped his shoulder. "Dean Singer. What's wrong with him?"

"Some minor bruising on the face and chest, minor concussion." He smiled up at Bobby. "Nothing to worry about. There was some abdominal trauma." He drew the sheet down to Dean's waist and lifted the gown so Bobby could see the heavy bandage on his stomach. "The paramedics said it was a piece of glass from the window. It didn't penetrate too deeply." He covered Dean back up and shoved his hands in his pocket. "He's lost some blood but not enough to worry me honestly. At this point he just needs rest, antibiotics in case of infection which we're already giving him and nothing strenuous while the wound heals. He was damn lucky, all things considered."

"Right." Bobby looked sadly down at Dean. What kind of luck would depend on where Sam was and what condition he was in when they found him, and they damn well would.

"I'll leave you two alone." The doctor nodded. "He should be waking up anytime now."

"Thanks, Doc." Bobby watched him leave and then pulled a chair over to sit beside the bed. "C'mon, son. Time to wake up." He kept looking back to the door, expecting Sam to come strolling through at any moment and became more and more worried with each moment that he didn't. As worried as he was, Dean would go through the roof.

It was almost an hour later when Dean finally stirred. Bobby stood and leaned over the bed to block out some of the light. He set a hand against the side of his head as he started to roll it back and forth. "Dean. Wake up, Dean." He spoke softly, knowing how sensitive any concussion could make you to light and sound. He smiled as Dean's eyes cracked open and slowly focused on him.

"Sammy?" Dean said softly and Bobby chuckled, unsurprised that was the first word to leave his mouth.

"How hard'd you hit your head?" Bobby smiled down at him.

"Bobby." Dean groaned and raised a hand to his head, then lowered it to stare at the tubes coming out of it. "Where am I?"

"Hospital." Bobby gave the side of his face a light pat and leaned back. "You remember what happened?"

"Uh…" Dean scowled and tried to bring his scattered thoughts into focus. "We were…we were sleeping. I think. No wait, I was sleeping." He glanced around the room. "Sam was…was there a car?"

Bobby nodded. "Sam said a ghost plowed it into your room. You were trapped under it for a while." He could have just told him but he thought it would be less stressful if he eased Dean into it. "Sam called 911. They pulled you out."

Dean nodded slowly. "I think I remember." He had flashes of the room, of seeing stars through a hole in the ceiling, flashing lights, someone's smiling face over him… "Sam!" He lurched up and Bobby was ready for him.

"Easy, son." Bobby pushed him back into the bed as Dean's face dissolved in pain with the movement. "You got stabbed in the gut. Glass, the doc said. Take it easy. You were lucky it didn't go in any deeper."

"Where is he?" Dean got his eyes open again and looked around the small room with purpose. A dire feeling dropped into his stomach as he noticed the one person missing who should have been there. "Where is he, Bobby?"

Bobby sighed. "I dunno. Dean." He braced the younger man's shoulders in preparation. "No one does."

"Bullshit." Dean jerked against the hands restraining him. "Lemme up. We gotta find him."

"Dammit, Dean, just hold on." Bobby fought his struggles and finally won as Dean paled again. "You miss the part where I said you got stabbed in the gut? You're gonna rip the stitches out you keep this up!"

"Don't care." Dean glared up at him. "Bobby, something's wrong. I know it. He'd be here."

"I know, son." Bobby sighed and let go of Dean's shoulders. "You stay put for a few minutes and let me sign you outta here. Get any prescriptions and…and crap. Alright? Stay." He pointed a finger imperiously at the bed. "We'll go find him together."

Dean glared his argument up at him for a moment long and then grudgingly he nodded. "Fine. You take too long I'm leaving without you."

Bobby nodded back, knowing he had only minutes before Dean would make good on his promise and he walked quickly from the room back toward the admissions desk. He'd just have to keep a careful eye on the eldest Winchester so he didn't hurt himself even worse trying to find his missing brother.


To Be Continued…