Disclaimer: I do not own Yu Yu Hakusho, its characters, ideas or locations at all. But I will happily twist them in to my own fan stary for my own (and maybe your) amusement. Tada.

So, here's how the story goes; My name is Hitomi. I am (thought to be) twenty years old. I am a Leo and my blood type is AB. I have chocolaty brown eyes and matching hair...That I've dyed black with red and blue streaks. I wear glasses and dark colors with intricate patterns. In my home in Tokyo, Japan, I can get lost in a crowd so easily that it can be scary at times.

I look like another face in the crowd. I like it that way. I like feeling like I have somewhere to belong. You see, the reason I'm telling you all this is very amusing. It really starts with my parents. Two great warriors who entered a tournament to determine who is most powerful. They won...And then decided they wanted nothing to do with one another again. Well, that's what they said. I swear, you could cut the unresolved sexual tension with a knife...Or maybe not. The knife would bend or break.

What happened was that shortly after their falling out, my mother tried to reconcile with father. One thing lead to another and nine months later I popped out. I don't know if dad even knows. Not that I mind all too much. My mom is a great woman. And dad...Well, I can blame him for all that's screwed up in my life. Like the fact that I haven't aged in, oh, nearly thirty years!

I know, to most people this would be a great thing. But to me, having to move to a new place every couple years. Having to change my name and alter my appearance just enough to be someone new...It get depressing leaving your friends behind time and again. I bet you can guess who my parents are. I mean, you seem like the type who follows those kinds of things. Go ahead, say it. Go on.

Genkai and Toguro. Yup. Strange, isn't it? But, in the end, I came to be. An odd half demon with very little patience for idiocy and a strange love for pumpkin foods. What? Don't judge me! Pumpkin is yummy! But I digress. Those two brought me in to the world but he probably doesn't know. Or, if he does, doesn't care all that much. So mom raised me. And trained me. But I'm not really all too in to the whole martial arts thing. But that's alright. Mom found herself a disciple.

Apparently he has quite a bit of potential. To give you an idea, she never even said that about me. But that's alright. I'm going to go meet him soon enough. After all, someone has to be there to appreciate what he's going through. With copious amounts of popcorn of course.

Until the-What? You want to know what other demon abilities I have? Well now, you'll just have to wait and see on that one.

Alright, so, I'm more than a bit foggy on cough meds and will more than likely regret having posted this, but I like the idea, so neh! Let me know what you think, k? First chapter is going to be the only one done in this format, btw. I just thought it would be fun to let Hitomi introduce herself. ;)