Uzume Tsuki: Hehe So… Another fem!Harry/Sirius fic idea popped up. Lecherous Thoughts was a whirlwind it came and went very quickly. I still plan on writing it! I have the 3rd chapter started, but it's a bit lackluster compared to the other two. But I've gotten such a good response with people favoriting it that I just can't leave it alone. And the views keep going up too. Doesn't mean people are actually reading it… never did get the whole views and visitors thing. Anyways I got this idea while trying to think of what to put next in L.T. It suddenly came to me. What if 3rd year was completely normal? What if Sirius didn't show up until 4th year? And what if the TriWizard Tourney didn't happen until 5th year? And the rest of the books can just burn! LOL

Summary: After an amazingly NORMAL term at Hogwarts Isabella Potter is returning to Privet Drive. Sirius Black the mass murderer and traitor was never found in her 3rd year, but ever hears his name or sees his face. But there is this really good looking blue eyed man hanging around recently.

WARNING: This story will contain OOC moments. I know that the way any of these characters were written they would never do what I have them doing. Especially Harry and Sirius. This is a fanfic. As the author of said fanfic I can do whatever I feel like to these characters. Don't like what I am writing, don't read it. Don't bother even leaving a comment about how you hate it. Just click the little back arrow at the top left hand corner of your browser and find another story. It will make EVERONYES day soooo much better ^_^ If you see something that could be changed or fixed to make the story better (OTHER THAN DROPPING THE STORY LINE!) Please feel free to send me a PREIVATE MESSAGE. If you are offended by this story, I am sorry. Not really. Unless the original creators of the animes/mangas/books I am using write me to say take it down it will be here until I say otherwise.

July 5, 1994
Surrey, England

Isabella Lily Potter was bored. She had been home from Hogwarts for a full week now and she wasn't allowed outside of her room because of what happened last summer. So she sat at her window. They had never caught Sirius Black. It had been a full year since he had escaped and no one had see hide or hair of him. So she had dealt with those stupid dementors for no bloody reason! That stupid Minister of Magic had said that it was for her protection just in case. She had nearly died how many times because they had tried to kiss her? She had been lucky the Remus had agreed to teach her the Patronus Charm.

She wondered what happened to that giant dog she had seen as she had run away last summer. It had been so huge…like a bear…was that what a Grim looked like? Looking out the window her breath caught. Hello there.

On the sidewalk under her window was a tall dark haired blue eyed man… looking up at her. His hair was long and pulled back at the nape of his neck and he wore jeans, a black shirt and a leather jacket. She had seen him walk by several times over the week. He seemed familiar…she blushed as he winked at her and walked away. Oh Merlin. Quietly opening her window she leaned out in a way that she thought was discreet. Apparently it wasn't because he had turned around and smirked at her before walking off laughing. Blushing madly she slammed the window down.

Life was so much simpler when she thought boys had cooties. First year she still thought boys were slightly icky. Second year the whole school hated her so she didn't get the chance to even think about it. And this past year she had the opportunity with Hogsmead, but she hadn't gotten her slip signed… and then the whole dementor fiasco. So there was no chance for her to even try and get a date. Ah well maybe if she stayed out of Uncle Vernon's way this summer she could get him to sign her slip for her.

The locks on her doors clicking brought her back to the real world. "Girl we're going to the cinema. You are to stay in here and no funny busyness!"

"Yes Uncle Vernon." This was just the opportunity that she was waiting for! He slammed the door shut and locked all the locks. She listened as they all left the house and the car drove off. Jumping up she searched under her bed for her broom. She had managed to sneak it out of her trunk in the cupboard the other day. She had been looking at her reflection and had hated the fact that she had all these hand me down clothes that didn't fit! And they weren't attractive at all! She had money. Loads of it! She just needed to get it exchanged for muggle money so she could go shopping. But first… she had to get out of the house. She quickly grabbed her Invisibility Cloak, her wand and her bag of money. Throwing on the cloak she opened her window and she somehow managed to hang on to her broom slightly and get it to lower her to the ground. Hiding it in the bushes she looked down the street both ways. No one... good. She had to be quick about this. They would go to the movies and go out to eat afterwards. Then they would most likely go to some store and buy Dudley whatever he wanted.

Taking off her cloak she stuck her wand out in the air and waited. Soon a loud BOOM rattled the nearby windows. She smiled and waved at the conductor. "Hey Stan!"

"Izzy! How nice ta see ya! Where ya headed?"

"Leaky Cauldron."

"L'right then get yer self comfortable!"

And they were off. What Isabella didn't know was that someone had seen her. Blue eyes narrowed thoughtfully. "Smart and resourceful, a perfect mix of both her parents."

London, England
Leaky Cauldron

As always her head was spinning as she jumped off the Knight Bus. "Thanks Stan!" Without waiting for his response she rushed off and into the Leaky Cauldron. "Hey Tom!"

"Izzy are you needin a room again?" the old bartender laughed.

"Nah not this time Tom. Just here to visit Gringotts then I'm off." She waved at him and few more people then tapped the right brick before walking into the alley. She loved it here. It smelled so much better than the city did. Taking off in a sprint she waved at a few people that she had met during her stay here. She bound up the stairs and into the bank. Hopefully she didn't run into any of the Professors here. That would be bad. She stood in line for a few minutes before it was finally her turn.

"Hello Teller Girphook." Said Goblin looked up shocked.

"Ah Miss Potter, What can I do for you today?"

"I need to exchange some knuts, gaelleons, and sickles for muggle money." She smiled sweetly. She always liked Griphook. He was the first Goblin she met.

"Very well then." She handed over the amount that she wanted exchanged. It had taken her forever to figure out how much she would need to exchange for the amount that she had needed. Thankfully she had Hermione as a friend.

She was standing on the side walk deciding if she wanted to call for the Knight Bus from here or go back to the Leaky Cauldron and do it, wearing one of her new outfits and about ten bags. She had on a pair of light washed ripped jeans tucked into some new black and green trainers and a black shirt under a green button up. She had even gotten new glasses. They were square and black. Her long black hair was loose and fell in actual waves today instead if being untamable. She looked like a Slytherin … but the sales girl had insisted that it made her eyes stand out.

Looking down at the ground she was startled to see some familiar shoes balancing someone on a motorcycle. Now where had she seen those shoes before? Letting her eyes trail up she almost squeaked. It was the guy from earlier! Something inside her screamed STALKER! But he had such pretty blue eyes… and a nice smile. Wait… that's how the normally get you. Right it's decided she was going back to the Leaky Cauldron.

"Need some help?" his silky voice washed over her as he leaned casually on his motorcycle.

She blinked as she looked up at him. "Heh?" Oh so articulate Izzy.

"Do you need some help? You're the girl in the window. I live near you." Creeper.

"My mum told me to never accept anything from strangers." Hah! Take that!

"Did she now?" Oh shit. He sounded like he knew she was lying.

"Yep! Thanks though Mister! Gotta go now!" snatching her bags she took off at a full run towards the Leaky Cauldron, his laughter carried on the wind with her. Oh Merlin. She looked down at the watch that she had bought in the Alley and cursed. She needed to get home NOW. Stopping to make sure no one was looking and that cute guy wasn't following her. Cute?! He was a total creeper! She needed to write Hermione about him. Shaking her head she called for the Knight Bus.

"Privet Drive Stan! And step on it!"

July 6, 1994
Surrey, England

She had just barely made it upstairs and managed to hide her things and change when they pulled up last night. Laying in her bed as she listened to her Uncle and cousin snore she couldn't help but think that there was something suspicious about that guy. How did he find her? Was he a wizard too? Maybe it was just a coincidence that they had ended up in the same place. And maybe he was just being nice.

It was now mid-day and she was outside working in the front yard. She was hungry and Dudley had punched her in the ribs earlier.

"Well fancy seeing you here green eyes."

She froze before she slowly turned around. "Or should I call you Cinderella? Since you seem so fond of showing up in rags one minute and actual clothes the next?" That was the worst pickup line she had ever heard.

"What are you my stalker now?" He looked like he had been slapped. "I'm sorry." She sighed. "That was rude. I'm hungry and my cousin is a being a prat." She stuck her hand out. "Izzy Potter's the name and pranking is my game." His stricken look changed quickly to a delighted one.

His roguish grin made her heart flutter. As he was about to shake her hand and answer her disaster struck.

"GIRL! What do you think you are doing?!"

She spun around quickly almost frantic. Oh God she would get the beating of a lifetime for this. "Your Mum?

"No Thank Merlin." She whispered before she could stop herself. As her Aunt stomped out onto the lawn she couldn't help but back up. Anywhere felt safer than in the house now. Even with her would be stalker. Her Aunt stopped short however and gasped wide eyed.

"You!" Her? What did she do?

"Uh oh." Her creeper mumbled. Did he know her Aunt Petunia?

"See you later green eyes!" And just like that he was gone. He had apparated! So he was a wizard!

"You are to stay away from him you hear me!" Startled by her Aunts outburst she nodded. She was about to ask why, but her Aunts eyes look suspiciously moist. "Now get inside and clean yourself up. It's lunch time."

She was writing a letter to Hermione telling her what had happened. She wrote all about the guy and how she first saw him. And then when they actually met. And then this last encounter.


I need some help. I'm lost and really don't know what to do. You know how I told you that I was finally gunna go buy me my own things? Well I did it today. But that isn't want I need help with. You see there's this guy. Well honestly I don't know much about him. I don't even know his name yet. He passes by the window all the time. And he always winks at me. He's an older good looking guy. Dark hair, slight tan, bright blue eyes and a gorgeous smile. Even had a motorcycle! But… well when I went shopping the other day I ran into him. He knew who I was. Well he recognized me as the girl from the window and I was dressed in all new clothes! Then he offered me help. Something about it just seemed so… stalkerish that I told him that my mum told me to never accept anything from strangers. But it was like he KNEW that I was lying. That's not all of it though. Today I was outside working in the yard and he showed up again and called me green eyes. I asked if he was stalking me and he looked so stricken that I apologized and told him my name. I know I shouldn't have! But I get the feeling he already knew it. But then again… I think he was a wizard… no I know he's a wizard… so that explains how he might have known who I was and how I was lying about my mum. Right as he was about to introduce himself, Aunt Petunia came out of the house. She recognized him. And he knew her. He said goodbye and then he just… vanished… apparated away. She told me to stay away from him. But I didn't get to ask why because she looked like she wanted to cry. I mean… if he is a wizard and my Aunt didn't know him she would have told me to stay away from him anyways. And that normally wouldn't bother me. I would still talk to him. But she really looked upset. Please help.


"Take this to Hermione girl. And wait for her response." Opening the window she let her snowy friend out. "Please hurry back… and be safe…" she whispered. She was about to lean back in and shut the window when a figure under the street lamp leaning on his motorcycle caught her eye.

"What are you doing here? You really are a creeper!" She hissed.

He laughed. "Funny green eyes. Now come down here so we can finish our conversation." Her heart leaped up into her throat. Was he insane?

She shook her head. "Why not?" he almost whined.

"I'm not supposed to talk to you anymore. Or go near you."

"Says who?"

"Aunt Petunia."

"Oh her. Ol' Tuney needs to loosen up!"

"So you do know her?" He grinned.

"Course I do."

"How? I know you're a wizard. Aunt Petunia doesn't like our kind." His grin grew bigger as she spoke.

"Come down here and I'll tell you." He offered. He was trying to tempt her. But she really wanted to know. It reminded her of the saying 'Come to the dark side… We have cookies!' She backed away from the window slightly.

"I can't." he frowned about to try and tempt her again. "The locks to my doors are on the outside…" She could have sworn she heard a growl come from him.

"And you can't do magic out of school… I could-" she interrupted him.

"No! I've already had a house elf try and "protect me" and his magic almost got me expelled!"

He blinked. "House Elf?"

She nodded. "His name is Dobby. I freed him from his abusive master a few years back."

His eyes widened and snorted. "Oh Cissy must be having a fit! Lucius too!"

"You know the Malfoys?"

"I have the unfortunate luck of being related to them." He drawled out. "Don't worry, I'm nothing like them. I'm nice." He flashed her his best smile making her heart flutter again. "Now come on then! Jump! I'll catch you!"

"J-jump?" He nodded.

"Not afraid of heights are you?" he taunted.

"No! I was the youngest seeker in a century to play at Hogwarts! I'm not afraid of heights!" she tensed.

"Youngest Seeker in a century?" he sounded surprised.

"That's right! I got to play in first year!"

"Well then. Jump." She looked down at her clothes. She was wearing a black shirt and tight green sweats. Slytherin colors again. She was just going down to talk right? Right. She snatched her wand off her table and nodded. She slipped on her trainers before going back to the window.

Sticking her back out the window she balanced herself on the edge. "You better catch me!"

"I will! Mar- I promise!" She looked back at him oddly before letting go. Closing her eyes she tried to think of herself doing a dive on her broom. It was just like that! Suddenly strong arms caught her.

"Gott'cha." He whispered in her ear.

"T-thanks." He grinned at her. "C-can you put me down?"

He seemed to contemplate it before placing her on the ground. He noticed her wand and looked at her oddly.

"I still don't know your name…" she pointed it at him. She might not be able to beat him, but just in case. She could give herself time to get away.

"Orion." He looked amused.


"Orion Black." She jerked away.

"Black? So you know…" she gasped out.

He looked towards the left and frowned. "I guess you could say that… yeah I knew him…" Looking back at her he smirked. "You gunna put that thing away?"

"How do I know you're not here to hurt me and take me to him? They said he was after me." She challenged.

He let out a barking laugh. "I was an Auror kid. If I wanted to hurt you I could have already done it!" Her stomach dropped. Oh Merlin. He whipped his wand out, "I +mumble+ Orion Black swear I am not here to hurt you or take you to Sirius Black!" A flashed sealed the deal. "Lumos." The area around them lit up.

She slowly lowered her wand and looked left and right. No Owls. "So how do you know Aunt Petunia? She looked upset after you left…"

"Tuney? Upset? Well looks like she did have some feelings left after all…" He paused. "Well like I said my last names Black… I knew him and that's how she knew me. I was at your parents wedding."

"You were there?!" He was that much older than her? To her he looked like he was in his twenties! "You knew my parents!"

"Course I did! Oh the stories I could tell you!" He motioned towards his motorcycle. "C'mon let's go somewhere we can talk." Warning bells went off in her head. All the horror stories of kidnappings she had heard from teachers kept popping up.

"I vowed I wouldn't hurt you kid. I'll bring ya back here." He noticed when she hesitated. He took of his jacket and handed it to her, then handed her a helmet. "Here put these on. Your mum would kill me if I let you on it without them." She looked at them before slipping on the jacket and walking over to the motorcycle slowly. Nodding she put the helmet on and slid on behind him.

Soon they were roaring off. It felt like she was on her broom! He weaved in and out of traffic deftly and soon they were at a late night burger restaurant. He lifted her off the bike and took off her helmet. When he turned she started trying to tame the mess that was her hair. It looked like a birds nest! She needed a hair tie!

"It looks fine green eyes." Orion laughed at her. "Your dad never could get his hair to lay down either. I think he just finally cut it off short enough that it didn't matter. Grew back the next day though."

"Well I'm not about to cut my hair! I just need to get some of that stuff that Lavender was talking about…" she fiddled with her hair. "My friend Mione's hair is the same but hers gets worse when we get to school. Her hair is actually normally curly then it gets to be a frizzy mess at school." She rambled as they ordered.

"Is that so? And what stuff are you talking about? Sleakeasy's?" At her nod he grinned. "It won't work. Your father tried it." He leaned over and brushed a lock out of her face. "I think it looks fine." She blushed and munched on a french-fry. This guy knew her parents! He was too old for her! But he was cute…

"Are you in Slytherin?" He sounded almost disparaging.

"Nope Gryffindor!" She grinned.

"This is twice I've seen you in black and green like that."

Looking down at her attire she frowned. "Well the sales lady said it looked good on me… brought out my eyes…"

She winced suddenly. Her ribs still hurt from where Dudley had punched her. "Izzy? What's wrong?"

"Nothin…my cousin was just being a prat earlier…" she trailed off. He didn't need to know anything that happened at home. It had been a while since Uncle Vernon had touched her at all. Since before third year actually. Right before the twins saved her.

His eyes were narrowed as he leaned across the table. "Did he hit you Izzy?"

She shrunk down in her seat at the look in his eyes. "He didn't hit me that hard… and just on my side…" she whispered. In fact Dudley and his gang had stopped Izzy Hunting a while back. They had gotten tired of never catching after the summer of her first and second years.

"Does he normally hit you?"

"He can't normally catch me…but Uncle Vernon had just yelled at me and he caught me off guard." That was the wrong thing to say because he growled. He actually growled!

"Did you just… did you just growl?"

He grinned crookedly. "I'm an animagus… it sometimes slips through."

"Really? Cool! What are you?" She lit up. Ever since Remus had told her about what her father turning into an animagus to go running with him on the full moons she had always wanted to try it.

"I'll show you when we leave here." He laughed and patted her on the head. She scrunched her nose and swatted at his hand.

They sat there for a few hours laughing and trading stories about school and her parents. Part of her was still apprehensive about trusting him, but she couldn't help but trust him. It helped that he was cute… no cute wasn't the right word for him. Handsome… debonair…suave… those were better words. And his jacket smelled good too…

"Ready to go?" he asked startling her out of her thoughts.

"Heh?" Oh god.

"You are your father's daughter Izzy! Who were you day dreaming about?" He laughed as he pulled her up quickly and they walked outside.

"I wasn't day dreaming!"She pouted.

"Hah! He used to get that same look on his face when he was thinking about your Mum!" Her faced scrunched up. "And your mum used to look like that when he hit on her!" her face lit up at the mention that she was like both of her parents.

"So come on who is he Izzy? Your boyfriend?"

"I don't have a boyfriend! And it's none of your business!"

He stopped and grinned. "No boyfriend? Didn't you go to Hogsmead?"

She shook her head. "Couldn't go… not with him on the loose…" Orion winced. "Then with the dementors and my reaction to them…"

"Your reaction to them? Do you react badly to them?" He frowned. He looked almost pained.

She shuffled her feet and looked down. "I remember that night… I can here mum…" She looked up at him and he looked horrified. "It's alright though! Remus taught me the Patronus Charm!"

"Remus?" He croaked out.

"Yep! He was our DADA teacher this past year!" She grinned and nodded.

"They let a werewolf teach?"

"He was the best one we had so far!" She stomped her foot. "Way better than s-stuttering Q-Quirrell and that git Lockheart! He taught me how to cast the Patronus Charm!"

"You can cast a Patronus?" he sounded doubtful.

"Corporal and everything!" His eyes narrowed.

"Prove it."

"Underage remember?" she glared at him.

"Hmmm… I know the perfect place… but it's not safe yet for you… give me a few days to get it cleaned up and then you can show me…" he looked thoughtful.

"What do you mean perfect place? They will still be able to tell won't they?" There was a place she could do magic during the summer?

"Oh it's an old family home. It's unplottable and is under plenty of wards and charms so they won't be able to tell when you do magic. It's where I've been staying since I got back into town." He grinned. "I've been cleaning it up… was a mess! Doxies and all sorts of nasties inside it."

"Back into town? Where did you go?" She had been meaning to ask him all night where he had been. If he was as close to her parents as it sounded she wanted to know why he didn't take her with him. She would have been better off! She understood why Remus couldn't have taken her. Werewolves aren't allowed to have kids.

"I was… unreachable… off the grid you could say." He answered slowly.

"Oh." She looked down.

"If I could have I would have taken you kid…" he put his arm around her and hugged her. He really did smell good… "Come on let's go to the park."

"Why the park?" She asked as she pulled her helmet on.

"You wanna see my anigamus for right?" At her nod he started the motorcycle and took off towards the nearby park. When they got there they went to the part with the most trees. Once again she was apprehensive about him but brushed it off. He had yet to hurt her. And he did make that vow.

"Right then. Ready?" when she nodded he shifted forms. He was a giant black dog! Oh!

"It was you that I saw last summer!" she breathed out. He nodded as he trotted over, his tail wagging. Something in the back of her head was bugging her. Something Remus had hinted at but she had never understood his hints. Slowly she reach her hand out to pet him. He was huge! His foot started thumping as she scratched behind his ear making her giggle. It reminded her of something from when she was little. She squeaked when he pounced on her, knocking her to the ground and started licking her face.

"Ack! Stop it! No!" she was laughing loudly now. "S-stop it Orion!" he had stopped but he was still pinning her to the ground his whole body shaking from his wagging tail. He shifted back and they were nose to nose. Oh Merlin. She was glad it was dark because she was blushing like crazy. He just grinned at her wickedly before rolling off of her. Or she thought he was rolling off of her, but he took her with him and stood up still holding her.

"Time to get you back green eyes." He tightened his hold on her. "Hold on, I'll apparate us back." She felt a pulling in her gut and then they were in her room. How? "You're so tiny Izzy. Almost pixie like." He whispered. She bit her lip and blushed. Suddenly Hedwig flew through the window saving her.

"Hedwig! Oh Mione's letter!" he put her down and she ran over to her owl. She absently stroked her feathers as she un-rolled the letter and read it.


Izzy rolled her eyes. Hermione insisted on calling her by her full name. She told her that it was more elegant than "Izzy".

First off I am ever so happy that you finally went out and bought your own things! But I do wish you had asked for one of the professors or someone older to go with you out! You should be careful! They still have yet to find Sirius Black! This man sounds suspicious hanging around like that! And remember kidnappers are always charismatic! And if he's good looking like you say he is it will work that much more for him! You should tell Dumbledore about him! Especially if he is a Wizard! Gorgeous smile or not! I know you don't like your Aunt and Uncle but if she wasn't mad at you but upset with him maybe you should actually listen to her. Write me back!


Well it was a bit too late for that now. And he promised he wouldn't hurt her… he brought her back home and didn't take her to Sirius Black even though they were related. She worried her lip. Should she tell him she couldn't see him anymore? Mione was normally always right… but she was also a stickler for the rules. And maybe this was just the part of her that she got from her father speaking… but rules were made to be broken.

"Gorgeous smile huh?" Her eyes widened and she jerked around.

"You're not supposed to read my letter! It's private!" He grinned and just laughed. A sudden noise from down the hall kept her from retaliating.

"Uncle Vernon!" She gasped in horror. "You need to go!" She started pushing him towards the window. "You need to go now! Or he'll…"

"He'll what? What will he do Izzy?" He had turned around out of her reach. "What will he do to you Izzy?"

"He'll… he'll… you need to go!" He frowned and nodded before jumping out of her window nimbly. Quickly she turned off her light and dove under her covers where she began to pray. The locks on her door began to unlock. Please, please, please believe that I'm asleep! When nothing happened she peered out from under her lashes. It was her Aunt Petunia not Uncle Vernon. What was she doing here?

She heard a sigh, "Oh Lily…"

Uzume Tsuki: OKAY! WOW… this one was a bit harder to write than Lecherous Thoughts. And I can hear you now. She's thinking this guy, who is OBVIOUSLY a certain animagus, is a creeper… and he's proving that yes he is one. So why is she going places with him when she keeps getting bad vibes? I honestly think that if SOMEONE had given Harry stories about his parents and treated him right, he most likely would have gone anywhere with them, BEFORE the actual book/movie P.O.A. And come on… admit it. You've met a hot guy out and have just been willing to go anywhere as long as he smiled at you.