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Izzy sat on her bed at Grimmauld Place lost in thought. Dare she ask them? Did she really want to know? If she asked and they answered it could possibly completely destroy her world. But… then again… would it really? She frowned. Shouldn't she be crying? Shouldn't she be sad that her only living family members were now… not so living? Slaughtered like their lives meant nothing? People kept saying that once she got over the shock she would cry. Well they had stopped sating that after she had laughed a dew times. They must have thought she had lost it. But she had never told anyone of how they had treated her. She knew that Fred, George and Ron had an idea that her home life wasn't exactly prefect. But they had no idea how bad it had actually been. The beatings had always stopped by the last month of summer. Long enough for the bruises to heal.

A small part of her, one that she had kept locked away since she had heard the first disparaging words against Slytherins, said that they got what they deserved. Well if she was completely honest with herself it was more than just a small part. It was a very large part of her that as soon as Hagrid and Ron had started describing what Slytherins were like and how they were all dark she had panicked and locked it away. Then she had had started acting like the Gryffindor that they wanted her to be.

And she locked it even deeper when Sirius had asked her if she was a Slytherin. He had sounded so disapproving of her being a Slytherin, and she didn't want to disappoint him. But did Gryffindors do what he and Remus had done? And she knew they had done it. One look at Remus' eyes and she knew they had done it. No what she was in shock over was that they were killed because of her. For her. And that actually terrified her. Her question was how did Sirius convince Remus to do it? Remus had always seemed more… rational. More stable than Sirius. Right?

It seemed that he and Moony had come to an accord, because she knew that Remus had never been in synch with Moon more than he was at the head table in the Great Hall. And she knew they didn't regret it. Though… she was finding that people in the Wizarding World were very similar to those in the Muggle World… they said one thing and did something completely different. And that rat Peter had proven that Gryffindors weren't all light wizards. And from what she had been told, the Blacks were as dark as they came… and Remus was a werewolf.

Another thing that she had never told anyone… she had spent much of her childhood thinking and wishing that something horrible would happen to her relatives. Especially on the nights after a beating. What would have happened had her accidental magic gotten away from her? If she could turn a teacher's hair blue, and even apparate away from Dudley and his gang, could she hurt a person? That wasn't the most important question though.

The most important question was… did she want them to admit it to her? Dare she even ask them? No. The saying 'Ignorance is Bliss' rang true in this situation. She didn't want to hear it from their mouths. At least this way she would get to live with Sirius. But it would seem that the Headmaster suspected the same things she did. He had made a suggestion (read: veiled threat) that there needed to be a headquarters just in case. She was glad she hadn't been around when Sirius' house was suggested. Because she knew he didn't like the headmaster at the moment.

And whatever threat he used had worked because Sirius had grudgingly agreed. So instead of just her and Sirius and possibly Remus coming back to Grimmauld Place, the Weaslyes would be coming as well. She dealt with it all; taking it all in stride until Mrs. Weasley suggested that she share her room. She was not about to give up her privacy. This was the only place she had ever had where people would actually have to knock before they entered. Even Sirius still knocked. So she had made it known that anyone who disrupted that privacy would regret it. And since she could do magic here it would be that much better.

She was thinking on carving a rune into the door frame. She had seen one for privacy where she could choose the people who were allowed in. And of course if she walked in and wanted someone who was not allowed in the room with her she could always adjust it. Only problem was that it called for blood. And while it wasn't exactly blood magic it would be shunned by those that would reside in the house.

Making her mind up she grabbed her potions knife and opened her door. She bit her lip as she started to carve the rune. This had to be precise, because one wrong mark and it was something else completely. Thankfully she had moved back to inspect her work when she was interrupted by her two favorite people.

"And what exactly are you doing Izzy?"

"Carving a rune." She went back to carving.

"Yes… I see that." Remus replied dryly. "And why are you doing that?"

To this day she still didn't know how she had managed to reply without laughing. But she answered with a straight face and a flat voice. "I decided to become a shut in."

Sirius howled in laughter and Remus' lips twitched up. "Ah. I see."

"Yeah. But I wanted to get it done before the… guests arrive… I like my privacy… and I know I won't get it with them here…and I know that… certain people won't approve either… so yeah… sides it will be funny to watch people try and get in." She went back to carving and grinned in triumph when she finished it. Sirius and Remus shared a knowing look.

"Now what?" Sirius leaned down.

"This…" she pricked her finger and traced the rune. It glowed for a few seconds before she handed the knife over to Sirius. "Might wanna find something that isn't silver Remmy…"

When it was time for the Weasley's arrived she dutifully met them down stairs and greeted them all. Surprise, surprise, Mrs. Weasley invited Hermione again. Oh yay. And when the inevitable happened, she just grinned sweetly.

"I think I made it clear that I didn't want to bunk with anyone… I have my own room set up. One bed. I don't share beds." A total lie. But no one needed to know that.

"Oh nonsense Izzy dear. Now show either Ginny or Hermione to your room." Mrs. Weasley waved dismissively at her.

"Why can't I have my own room? If I have to bunk with one of them, then one of them gets their own room. Why can't I get my own room and they bunk together? Or better yet everyone gets their own room. There are enough bedrooms for that." She ground her teeth as she stared down the Weasley matriarch.

"Nonsense you don't need to room alone." Izzy almost screamed that she wouldn't be rooming alone. She'd have Sirius with her. But she just smiled stiffly and acquiesced.

"Fine." She replied tightly. "Come on you two… you can decide which one of you rooms with me when we get up there."

As they made their trek up the stairs it took everything that she had not to scream bloody murder. Who does that woman think she is?

"Was it really necessary to talk to her like that?" Hermione spoke up. "She only made a suggestion." Izzy stopped and turned on Hermione still smiling tightly.

"A suggestion? No a suggestion is when you say 'why don't you…' and the suggest something. She ordered. I've made it quite clear that I don't want any of you rooming with me." She opened the door and smiled wider. "But go on. Since I don't seem to know what's in my own best interest. Go in." As Hermione stepped passed her, she put a hand out and stopped Ginny. When the other girl looked at her questioningly she just whispered. "Watch…"

Everyone else was walking up the stairs about the time that Hermione was tossed back. "Well what do ya know… you can't go in… oh bugger. Looks like I won't be sharing." She just grinned wickedly at the wide eyed girl.

"What is the meaning of this?! Who would put such a nasty thing like that on a room?" Molly screeched.

"I did." Remus spoke up before Izzy could even claim it. "Izzy likes her privacy. And from what I've seen she didn't get it much while she was at The Burrow. And I know for a fact that she doesn't get it at school. So I made this the one room where she could find sanctuary when she sought it. And if she wants I will adjust it to allow others to come in as well. But only if she asks."

Ron's face twisted. "It's in Slytherin colors."

"My favorite colors… next to blue that is." She smiled slightly as she walked into the room. "I was thinking of adding you Ron… but if you don't wanna come in I understand. Gin you wanna come in?" Before the young redhead could even answer her mother answered for her.

"Certainly not! And you will remove whatever you have done!"

"No." With that Izzy walked into her room and shut the door in the face of the blustering Molly Weasley. She leaned against the door and sighed. This was ridiculous. Was it so wrong to want privacy? That woman was slowly pushing her away. At the beginning of this past school term she had still viewed the woman as family, a mother figured despite the fact that she was bad mouthing Sirius and saying that he had confounded her.

Walking over to her bed she unceremoniously flopped down onto the end of it. She smiled as she heard the door open knowing right now only two people could come in. She didn't bother to look up to see who it is. She already knew from the screech of Molly Weasley.

"Sirius Black! What do you think you are doing going in there?!"

"What does it look like woman? Spending time with my god-daughter. And your screeching is even hurting my ears. I can only imagine how Moony's ears are feeling right now." Her undignified squawk was cut off by him shutting the door in her face.

No movement made her look up to see where he was. He was still standing in the door way watching her. His eyes were soft and he was smiling at her. She heard the clicking of her lock and he started walking towards her with a purpose. He stood over her in an intimidating manner. She had been leery of him since Valentine's Day. She knew he wouldn't hurt her. But she couldn't help it.

Placing his knees on either side of her he straddled her and leaned forward. His soft look had morphed into a heated one. Her hands, of their own volition, rose and her fingers threaded through his hair.

He tortured her for a few minutes by just barely brushing his lips over hers before he finally claimed her lips in a fierce kiss. She couldn't help but meld her body to his and try and pull him closer.

His cool hands slid up her shirt making her hiss. Just as he started to tug her shirt up someone started to knock on her door. His nails lightly raked over her skin as he tried to ignore the knocking. But whoever it was kept knocking and even started knocking louder. As he growled he slid off of her and gave her enough time to right herself before he snatched the door open.

"What?!" Ginny stood outside the door fidgeting.

"Umm… I was told to come and knock on the door…Professor Lupin said…" she looked confused as she peeked around him. "Not here and not now."

Sirius' eye twitched and he sighed. "I'd say to tell him that I said bite me… but he might do it… just to spite me…"

Ginny peeked around him again. "Ummm Izzy… I wanted to apologize for what mum said earlier…and I understand that you want privacy…"

"Thanks Gin… could you tell Remmy we'll be down in a few minutes?" She had come up behind Sirius and smiled at her younger friend. "I'll give you access later if you want it." With that the redhead walked off slowly, looking back randomly.

"Damnit…" Sirius whined. She just giggled, shook her head, and righted herself more in her mirror before she started to walk out of the room.

"We better get down there… you know he'll come up and search for us." She didn't see the hands making their way for her until I was too late. She was roughly snatched and backed into a wall before being brutally kissed. She knew her lips would be bruised by the time they reached downstairs, if not they would be swollen. He stepped back and admired his handy work then wrapped his arms around her and walked her down stairs. Sure enough her lips were slightly bruised and swollen.

Everyone was staring at her. Was it because of earlier? Or was it that she looked a bit rumpled? Either way she didn't like it. Sirius must have sensed her unease because he glared at everyone and blocked her from their view.

"There are some ground rules that NEED to be followed." Sirius spoke. For once his voice was quiet so everyone immediately paid attention. "There are objects in this house that I have yet to remove that SHOULD NOT be touched. There are rooms that are locked for a reason. If the door is locked, DO NOT unlock it. There are things in this house that have been here since before my parents were born. And they will most likely stay here until long after I'm dead. If you're not sure about something… ASK me or even Remus." He glanced at everyone quickly. "DO NOT deal with it on your own. Another thing; if you don't like the way I run my house. GET OUT." This last part was directed at Molly. "While we are on that subject… I am Izzy's guardian. But I am not her parent. And neither is anyone else in this house. Do not think you can control her life. If she wants to keep someone out of her room, she can. If she wants to be left alone. Leave her alone. If her door is shut. KNOCK." He paused to let everything sink in before he continued.

"I did not plan on having anyone else other than myself, Izzy, and Remus in this house. The only reason you're here is because the old man can't keep his nose out of other people's business. I don't care if you don't like me. I don't care if you don't trust me. Do not undermine me in my own home." Just for added affect he smiled a wide crazy smile. "Any questions? No? Good. I'm not in the mood to answer any. NOW! I don't have a house elf! He died. So… LET'S CELEBRATE!"

Several days later found Izzy reading The Vampire Lestat [1] out loud to Sirius, who had his head in her lap. No one had really known how to take the fact that Sirius wanted to celebrate the death of his house elf. Only she and Remus really understood his hatred of Kreacher.

Kreacher had after all been a very creepy elf.

So far no problems had arisen. Everything was perfect. People left her alone and her relationship with Sirius was out in the open. Yeah Right… and Snape danced around the house in a pink tutu…

Molly had on several occasions tried to get her to remove the rune on her door frame or even move rooms. She had originally intended to add Ginny to the rune, but it was decided that they didn't want to put her in the position of undermining her mother. And it had taken several more accidents before everyone finally started knocking. Everyone had mostly gotten over the rune…

Now the hot topic of the house seemed to be her relationship with Sirius. It seemed that people were finally starting to take notice that his touches lingered longer than necessary. And they had started asking her questions when he wasn't around. And while they tried to be gentle all they succeeded in doing was to be condescending about it. She had always hated being talked at.

They had scaled back their PDA for the sake of Remus and now they were being forced to do so even more. She knew that if anyone had any doubts or suspected anything they would take her away. And she didn't want that. She didn't know what she would do if they took her away.

She knew that both Sirius and Remus would do anything they could to keep her. She was very confident that she would never be taken from them. They wouldn't let anyone take her. Suddenly they were interrupted by Remus coming into the room quickly and shutting the door.

"Get up. Quickly. They are coming and they have questions. Remember do not meet the Headmaster's eyes. He is a skilled Legilimens. As is Snape. If you have no choice, think of a specific memory and push it to the front of your mind." Remus situated himself beside the couch and Sirius sat up quickly just as everyone walked into the room. They looked solemn and determined as they all walked in.

Oh God. Had she spoken too soon? She honestly hadn't thought that they would try anything any time soon.

"I believe it would be best if Miss Potter joined her friends downstairs." Dumbledore "suggested".

"Why? Why can't I stay here?" she asked looking passed the headmaster.

"It would be best if you did not hear what will be said my dear." Bullshit.

"Said? What do you mean?"

"Izzy dear, why don't you go join the children? You shouldn't have to hear what is going to be said. You're just a child." Molly spoke up.

"What's that mean?" She was honestly curious. This was looking like it had nothing to do with what she had originally thought. Or not.

"Well it's just that you are…" the woman paused and a disgusted look crossed her face. "Abnormally close to Sirius."

"And just what is that supposed to mean? She's my god-daughter." Sirius challenged.

"Oh come off it Black. We've all seen the looks and the touches." Snape sneered. Both she and Sirius flinched.

"No one asked you Snivellus. In fact I believe I made it quite clear that I didn't want you in my house."

"Why don't we get back to the task at hand? Why not just come out and say it. She will hear it anyways." Remus spoke quietly.

The headmaster sighed tiredly. "My dear girl…" Izzy looked passed him for a few minutes. "Isabella." Oh no. Quickly she thought of something. An old memory that she had never told anyone about. It was a memory of her Uncle Vernon beating her with his belt. She slowly met the headmaster's eyes. He seemed to flinch back and gasp in surprise.

"Headmaster?" Arthur asked worriedly.

"It's nothing Athur." Was he just going to ignore that memory like it didn't happen?

"Isabella my dear girl… I've noticed recently that you have bottled away your feelings pertaining to the death of your relatives. It is not healthy for you to do so." His eyes twinkled in the normal annoying manner they always did.

"I'm not bottling away any feelings."

"Surely my dear you feel some-" here the held up her hand and interrupted.

"If you don't mind me asking headmaster what is this really about? Surely this did not call for every one of you to be here if this is all you were going to talk to Sirius about?" He was completely ignoring the memory! He was in denial!

He sighed once more and the twinkle left his eyes. "We have discovered who killed your relatives."

"Oh… is that all?" Everyone even Sirius and Remus looked at her shocked. "What? You expect me to mourn the loss of the people who mistreated me? The people who starved me? Made me sleep in a cupboard for the first eleven years of my life? The people who habitually beat me? No offence sir… but are you daft?" Everyone seemed to be stunned. Even Snape. Whether it was because of what she admitted or because of the way she had talked to the headmaster she didn't know.

"Surely my dear you are mistak-" Here she started laughing. It was a hollow mirthless laugh.

"I know you saw that memory Headmaster. That was not fake. It happened on my fifth birthday. It was the first time he ever flogged me. And it wasn't the last. Even after I started Hogwarts he continued. He would stop of course about a month before I was due back, so that I could heal. And then… and this is the funny thing… I believe it started shortly after Sirius escaped… that's not the point. The point is. I don't care. I'm glad they are dead. Besides… I already know who did it." She quickly gapped Sirius' hand and squeezed it.

That snapped a few people out of their shock. "You foolish girl! Why did you not say anything?" She looked directly at Snape and laughed.

"Did you not just hear everything I said? You expect me to mourn their death? When it freed me? Now… don't get me wrong… if there had been another way… and I had know what had been planned… I would have urged another plan… but since I didn't… and they were killed… too bad."

"Too bad until the Ministry finds out." Snape sneered.

"No one will believe you." She smiled sweetly. "I mean… I'm The-Girl-Who-Lived. I just lost my last blood relatives. And here you are trying to take away the only family I have left." Everyone just gaped at her.

"So arrogant just like-"

"Just like my father. You know you really need to find a new line." When Snape made to move towards her Sirius jumped up and Remus growled.

"I normally don't like using my fame…I was made famous because my parents died and I survived…but if you take this to the public… I will ruin you. And as for my relationship with Sirius. It's none of your business." She turned to look at the Weasleys.

"I'm sorry that you had to see this side of me… but I will not be taken from them. And I will do whatever is necessary to stay here." Her eyes glowed eerily like a certain killing curse showing that she was more than serious. Not even Snape doubted that she would do what she said.

Everyone had gone back to what they were doing before the interruption. Izzy knew that the conversation wasn't over. No, like everything else it would be brought up again when someone either wanted to know why or when they wanted to try and change her mind. She didn't mind if someone wanted to ask her why. She could talk all day about why she did what she did. And if someone presented their opinion in a polite fashion she would listen. But no one here would do that. No they would try to show her that she was wrong from the first sentence.

"Why?" she looked over at Sirius and Remus who were still staring at her.


"Why did you not say anything? Not even to us?" She looked down at her lap and frowned.

"Because… for years I used to dream about someone coming and taking me away from them...and…" She had never told anyone about her violent thoughts and she was afraid of what they would think of her. "I remember on the nights after a beating I would hope and dream that when I woke up… they wouldn't be there. Or anywhere." She ended in a whisper that if the other two in the room had been anyone else they wouldn't have heard it.

"Oh Izzy." Remus quickly sat on the other side of her and she was squished into a hug between them.

"I didn't say anything because I already knew…it really wasn't that hard to figure out… but I decided that ignorance was bliss…I didn't want to confirm it. But I wasn't upset about it." She shook her head and laughed. "And people kept telling me that once the shock was over I would feel upset. Why I would cry over the people who beat me and called me a freak I don't know."

They were avoiding her. It was like she had become the plague. She would walk into a room and everyone (minus Sirius and Remus) would get quiet or leave. It was driving her nuts. She should have known that what had been said in the library wouldn't stay between the people there. Because God forbid that something like that stay private. It was more likely that Molly Weasley and her big mouth was talking about it within earshot of one of her friends. She had wanted to have some privacy, but she didn't want to be alienated.

So what did she do? She waited until everyone was in the kitchen and struck. "Alright. I've had enough of this!"

"Oh this'll be good!" Sirius rubbed his hands together.

"Hush you!" Her head snapped around to scowl at him.

"Yes'm." Sirius sunk down in his seat and hung his head. Remus pointed and snickered at his friend.

"I'm tired of this shit. I can't walk into a room without people either stopping what they are doing or leaving. What the hell? You would think I said that I was Voldemort in disguise!" She sneered at everyone who gasped. "And I know SOMEONE'S big mouth, though I won't name names, let it slip to them!" Here she pointed at her friends. "What's the deal huh? You find out that I'm not some perfect little saint of a savior? Something that I've been saying for almost five years?! Why should I be upset about them being dead? They BEAT ME! They STARVED ME! They called me a FREAK! My whole life I had to deal with that. I lived in a cupboard for almost eleven years! Voldemort himself could have walked in and AK'd them and I STILL would have thanked him!" When no one said anything she growled. "DOBBY!"

"Yes Miss Izzy Potter Ma'm?" The hyperactive house elf bounced happily at being called.

Izzy smiled sweetly at him, "How are you doing Dobby?"

"Misses Izzy Potter wants to know how Dobby is doing? Misses is a great witch!" Sirius and Remus were holding onto each other trying not to laugh at the exuberant elf.

"Yes, yes thank you Dobby. Could you bring me the pensive out of my room?"

"Yes Misses Izzy Potter Ma'm!" The elf nodded making his ears flop and popped away.

"Thank you Dobby. Do you want to stay?"

"Misses is too too kind. But Dobby must be getting back to Hoggywarts now." Everyone heard a thump and looked over to see Sirius missing from his chair.

"Okay Dobby I'll call you if I need anything else." And just like that he popped away. Izzy jerked around and stared at Hermione who looked ready to burst. "Shut up Hermione! If I want a house elf there is nothing you can say about it!" Pulling out a few knick knacks from her pocket she transfigured several glass phials, and then proceeded to pull out several memories.

[A.N. Since I doubt that everyone reads the notes at the beginning I decided to put this one here. I will not be typing out what the scenes are. Just know that they a gruesome.]

"One by one or two by two… I don't care how you do it. But I want EVERYONE to watch these. Especially you Professor Snape. You think I lived a charmed spoiled life? That I'm arrogant? You don't know anything." With that she sat back and watched. With each memory everyone came out even more pale. Some were even starting to look sick. It took a little over an hour for all of the memories to be watched, and once they were all done several trash cans were conjured as a few people lost the contents of their stomachs. By this time she had found her way to Sirius' lap with his arms wrapped around her.

She could see that no one knew what to say now. "Do you get it now? Do you see why I won't ever grieve for them? Why I didn't say anything?"