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Chapter 14: Unseen Predicament

Raven was on the roof of their T-shaped home, meditating. It's been a week since they last saw Red X, and Raven started to feel weird emotions. She couldn't sleep well, she couldn't concentrate and every time there was sparring training, she kept losing, even to Beastboy, which seriously meant there was something wrong with her.

"I have to clear my mind," she said, sighing in frustration. She made a meditating position and started chanting. Just as her mind was beginning to clear, she remembered how Red X's emotions felt, how lost and confused he was and how strong and raw they were.

Raven gasped and fell on her bottom. She stood up, rubbing her sore bottom.

"Having trouble thinking?" A voice said behind her. Raven turned around and saw Danny leaning on the doorframe, his arms crossed on his chest.

"I'm fine," Raven replied, dusting herself.

"You're still thinking about Red X?" Danny guessed. Raven suddenly went rigid, which answered his question. "Thought so."

"…Why do I keep thinking of him?" Raven asked in a hesitant voice, looking on the ground.

"Maybe because you two are so much alike," Danny replied, surprising her.

"What do you mean?" Raven asked.

"What I'm saying is maybe you found something in common with Red X when you felt his emotion," Danny explained. "That and maybe you… I don't know, developed a crush?"

Danny chuckled when he saw Raven's face turned red. Her expression suddenly changed from embarrassment to annoyance.

"I don't do crushes, alright," she said. Danny snorted, which aggravated Raven even more. "What's so funny?"

Danny's expression became serious and looked at Raven in the eyes.

"Raven," he said, his tone matching his expression. "Just because you need to control your emotions doesn't mean you don't feel any emotions. That proves that you're still human, no matter what you are."

Raven stared at Danny, hiding her shock. Nobody ever said something like that to her, except her mother. Her expression softened a little.

"Thanks, Danny," she said. "I needed that."

Danny smirked in response. Suddenly, the alarms blared.

"Wonder what that could be?" Danny replied, as the two ran towards the Ops Center. The rest of the team was already there; Cyborg was wiping motor oil from his hands, Beastboy was finishing a tofu burger and Starfire was cooking one of her home planet's bizarre cooking.

"What's the problem, Cy?" Danny asked as Cyborg pressed the buttons. The screen showed a video of a bunch of ghosts wearing police outfits causing havoc downtown.

"A bunch of ghosts wearing… police outfits?" Cyborg replied, looking at the screen in disbelief.

"Walker's goons," Danny said, looking at the screen. "Seems like Mr. Rulebook decided to break the rules."

"That's a good one!" Beastboy laughed while the rest of his team stared at him. He noticed their stare and decided to change the conversation. "So…uh…who's this Walker guy anyway?"

Danny walked towards the computer and opened his file. He clicked the file that was labeled 'WALKER' and the screen showed a white ghost wearing a white suit and black hat holding a thick book.

"His name is Walker," Danny replied, looking at his teammates. "And his the warden of the Ghost Zone's Prison."

"The Ghost Zone has a prison?" Cyborg asked.

"Yup," Danny replied. "He views everyone in the Ghost Zone as a rule breaker. And you're looking at his Number One Wanted."

"Say what now?" Cyborg asked as the rest of them stared at their leader in shock. Him, the Dark Knight's partner, the Hero of Amity Park, is the most wanted person in the Ghost Zone.

"How did you become a wanted criminal in this Zone of Ghost, friend Danny?" Starfire asked.

"It's a long, very bizarre story," Danny replied, running towards the door. "Titans, move out!"


Civilians were screaming as a bunch of ghosts wearing police outfits were terrorizing the city. Floating above them were Walker and Bullet, a ghost that looks like a pirate.

"You sure that ghost boy will show up?" Bullet asked his boss, who seemed to be enjoying the view.

"Don't worry, Bullet," Walker replied. "That punk will show up. He couldn't resist playing the hero."

Suddenly, an Ecto-rang and a Starbolt hit the two ghosts. They stumbled in the air before regaining their balance. They looked below them and saw their target.

"Well look who it is," Danny said, holding an Ecto-rang. "Walker and… Mullet?"

"It's Bullet!" Bullet exclaimed indignantly.

"It was a close guess," Danny replied, shrugging. His expression turned serious again. "Now what are you clowns doing here? You do know you're breaking my rules."

"Don't worry, punk," Walker replied, raising his hand. The ghost cops stopped and suddenly disappeared, surprising the Titans.

"Uh…did we just win?" Beastboy asked.

"Maybe?" Cyborg replied.

"We're not here to cause trouble, mostly," Walker explained. "We're here to lure you out of your little hiding place. Special orders from Plasmius."

"But that doesn't mean we're not going to have fun," Bullet said. With a roar, he charged at Danny.

Danny dodged and threw the Ecto-rang at Bullet, but he ducked at the last second.

"Is that the best you got?" Bullet said, sneering.

"There's more where that came from," Danny replied, his friends behind him. "Titans, go!"

The Titans charged at Bullet. Cyborg fired his Ecto-powered sonic cannon, which managd to hit Bullet in the gut.

"Booyah!" Cyborg said, fist pumping the air. Suddenly, Bullet threw a mailbox at Cyborg. It slammed into him. The next thing he knew he was covered by piles of mail and magazines. He sat up and rubbed his head. Suddenly, he noticed something on his lap.

"Hey! This is the magazine I ordered!" Cyborg exclaimed, holding a magazine about cars.

The mail surrounding Cyborg were suddenly incased with black energy. Raven lifted them up and threw them at Bullet like knives. Bullet covered himself with his arms as the mail hit him. The mail gave his skin a bunch of cuts.

"Is that all you got, witch?" Bullet asked, sneering. He charged at Raven, but she quickly teleported away. Beastboy turned into a monkey and leaped towards the fruit stand. He landed on the pile of oranges and threw them at Bullet. The oranges hit him, covering him with peels and juices.

"What good do you think those oranges will do to…AAAAAAAAAGH!" Bullet screamed as the juices hit his wounds that hadn't been healed yet.

"Don't like them orange, huh," Beastboy said as Bullet tried to scrub the juice off him. Cyborg charged and punched Bullet in the face. Bullet slammed through a wall. Meanwhile, Danny and Starfire were fighting Walker.

Danny attacked Walker with a Bo Staff, but Walker managed to dodge every strike.

"Wow," Danny commented, trying to hit Walker. "You're faster than you look."

Suddenly, Starfire hit Walker on the chest with a Starbolt, sending him across the street.

"Though not fast enough," Danny said as Starfire landed next to him.

Walker staggered up and rubbed his head. Something started beeping on his wrist. He looked at it and grinned.

"Bullet!" He exclaimed to his right hand man. "Let's go!" Walker flew away from Danny and Starfire. Bullet growled but followed after him, surprising the Titans.

"What was that about?" Beastboy asked.

"We can think about that, after we get them," Danny replied. "Titans, go!"

Danny flew after the two ghosts, Starfire and Raven followed him, Beastboy turned into pterodactyl and Cyborg grabbed Beastboy's claws as the changeling followed after them. They flew after the two ghosts across town. Unknown to the Titans, two other people were following them.

"Looks like Mr. Masters was right," Valerie commented to her new partner.

"A little too correct," Red X said. "Aren't you a bit suspicious of him?"

"Why?" Valerie said, looking at Red X. "He was nice enough to take you under his wing, and he gave me this job."

"…You're right," Red X said.

"Of course I'm right," Valerie said. "Now come on, we're losing them." She activated her Jet Ski and flew after them. Red X stood there, thinking.

"I hope you're right, Valerie," he said, following her.

Meanwhile, the Titans followed the ghosts towards an abandoned warehouse.

"Is anyone else feeling that this is a trap?" Raven asked, looking at the warehouse.

"If it is, we'll be ready," Danny replied. They nodded at Danny and the Titans entered the warehouse. The inside was dark, creepy and musky. It was filled with crates covered in dust and rats were scurrying around the floor.

"Let there be light," Danny said as he lighted his hand with Ghost energy. The ghostly light gave the room an eerie appearance.

"Be on your toes, guys," he said, looking at them. "And that means being alert, Star," Danny said as he saw Starfire standing on her toes. Suddenly, Danny heard a click behind him. Reflexively, Danny grabbed an Ecto-rang and threw quickly threw it behind him.

There was a surprised yelped followed by a sound that something metal hit the floor.

"Nice to see you again, Val," Danny said as Valerie jumped down from her hiding place.

"You!" Starfire exclaimed, her eyes and fists glowing green. Before anyone can stop her, Starfire charged at Valerie. Just as she was about to hit the Red Huntress, someone jumped in front of her and whacked Starfire with a Bo Staff.

Danny caught her before she fell to the floor and looked at the guy who blocked her. Standing in front of Valerie was Red X, holding a red Bo Staff. Raven's eyes widen when she saw him. She wasn't the only one surprised; Beastboy's, Cyborg's and Starfire's expressions were shock. Danny was the only one unaffected.

"Seems like my hunch was right," he said, looking at Red X. "You're working for him."

Red X just shifted his stance, but other than that, he was still. Valerie grabbed a gun on from her pack and aimed it at Danny.

"If you were preferring to Mr. Masters, then yes, he is," Valerie said, glaring at Danny. "He was kind enough to give this guy here a job after a horrible accident, caused by you ghosts!"

"An accident?" Danny asked, surprised. "So he turned a helpless kid into a thief to do his dirty work."

"I have enough of your lies, Phantom!" Valerie shouted as she fired at Danny. Danny jumped out of the way and threw some grenades at her.

"Titans, go!" He shouted as Valerie charged at him, charging her gun.

Just as Valerie was about to fire, Starfire rammed into her, knocking her off balance. Danny flew after them to make sure they don't destroy the building. Cyborg, Beastboy and Raven charged at Red X. Red X jumped towards the beams to avoid them. Beastboy turned into an orangutan and jumped after him, using his long, hairy arms to swing from beam to beam. Raven flew after them while Cyborg ran, trying to catch up.

Beastboy, after getting close enough, turned into a tiger and lunged at him. Red X turned around and threw a pellet at Beastboy. The pellet exploded, releasing a strong flash of light. Beastboy turned back and landed on his bottom.

"Not again!" He exclaimed indignantly, rubbing his eyes. "What is it with you and flash grenades?!"

Cyborg grabbed a crate and threw it at Red X. He jumped away and threw his X-shaped weapons at Cyborg. He tried to swat the projectiles aside but they suddenly attached at his arm. The projectiles suddenly expanded and strapped around Cyborg like a rope.

"Not cool," he said as he fell on his sides.

Meanwhile, Valerie and Starfire were still at each other's throats. Starfire was attacking her with a barrage of Starbolts while Valerie fired her guns while dodging the Starbolts. A missile managed to hit Starifre, but she just shook it off.

Starfire started yelling something in her language, which probably meant that she's very angry.

"Umm… Star?" Danny said behind her, looking nervous. "Are you alright?"

Starfire didn't answer him, she just charged at Valerie.

"I'll take that as a maybe…" Danny said.

Meanwhile, Raven was trying to capture Red X, but he was too fast. Every time she was about to contain him, he suddenly vanished and would appear to a different spot.

"Hold still!" Raven shouted, frustrated.

"Why should I?" Red X asked, looking at her.

"Because…" she hesitated. "Because I wanted to talk to you."

That got Red X's attention. He stopped dodging and stared at Raven.

"Why would a hero want to talk to a thief like me?" He asked Raven, sounding both suspicious and curious.

Before Raven could reply, Danny came flying towards them, landing between them. He sat up with a dazed expression.

"Note to self; never get in a way between a revenge driven girl with weapons and an angry, alien girl with super strength," he said, rubbing his head. He noticed Red X and Raven looking at him. "Was I ruining a moment?" He asked.

Before they could reply, a giant green snake came and wrapped around Red X.

"All right, B.B.!" Cyborg said, running towards them. But his victory was short lived when Red X vanished.

"Where'd he go?" Beastboy asked, morphing back to human. Suddenly, someone kick him from behind him. Cyborg looked and saw Red X. He tried to punch him, but Red X ducked, grabbed his arm and judo flipped him to the floor. Raven tried to stop him, but Red X vanished again.

Unknown to them, Walker and Bullet were watching the match.

"This is taking too long!" Bullet exclaimed to Walker.

"Be patient, Bullet," Walker said, holding a remote. "The boss said to wait until that punk is in position."

After a few minutes, Bullet couldn't take it anymore.

"I'm done waiting!" He exclaimed, grabbing the remote from Walker and pressing the red button.

"WAIT!" Walker exclaimed, but he was too late.

Below, the Titans were still fighting when the building suddenly started shaking.

"What's going on?!" Red X exclaimed as he try not to fall.

"Earthquake!" Beastboy shouted, turning into a turtle and hid in his shell.

"I don't think this is an earthquake," Raven said, trying to remain calm.

"Is this you're doing, Phantom!" Valerie accused.

"Not everything is my fault, you know!" Danny retorted, looking at the shaking building.

A flash of green light appeared and the next thing they knew, they blacked out.

A few hours later…

Danny felt his entire body shaking, like the earthquake hasn't stop yet. Suddenly, he heard a faint voice. He strained his ears and heard Starfire calling him.

He opened his eyes and realized that the shaking feeling was caused by Starfire.

"Friend Danny, please awake now!" She said, not noticing that he was awake.

"Star!" Danny yelled, his head spinning. "Stop! I'm awake!"

Starfire stopped and looked at Danny, whose eyes were swirling. Then she gave him her famous bear hugs.

"You are fine!" She exclaimed joyfully as she released him.

"Not entirely," Danny replied. He looked around and noticed that they were in the place that they least expected.

"The Ghost Zone?" Danny said in a surprise tone, looking at the familiar, green, swirly sky, covered with purple doors and floating lands. "How'd we end up here?"

"This place is so amazing," Starfire said as she stared at the floating islands in awe.

"Where are the others?" Danny asked when he noticed that they were alone.

"I do not know, friend Danny," Starfire replied. "When I woke up, you were the only one here."

"This is bad," Danny said. He grabbed his communicator and saw that it was damaged. "And this is worst. Is your communicator fine?"

Starfire took it out and gave it to Danny. He saw that it was a little damaged.

"I can fix this," Danny said as he grabbed a screwdriver from his utility belt. "All I need is a few minutes. Let's just hope we find the others before something bad happens."

Suddenly, they heard an explosion and a scream.

"That sounded like…" Starfire said.

"Beastboy!" Danny finished. "Let's go, Star!" He exclaimed as they flew towards the ruckus.

Meanwhile, Cyborg was fixing his communicator, while walking with the person he least expected to be with, the Red Huntress.

"This place is creepier than I remembered," she said, looking at the green sky.

"You've been here before?" Cyborg asked, looking at his supposed enemy. "How'd that happen?"

"It happened when some ghost kidnap a sack of flour that I was taking care off with a friend," Valerie explained.

"A sack of flour?" Cyborg asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It was a school project," Valerie replied on a monotone. "After that, me and Phantom were chained together and that ghost started firing missiles at us. At first, we had some troubles and we argued a bit, but we managed to get through to it."

"Woah," Cyborg commented. "So, why do you hate him so much?"

"He didn't tell you?" Valerie asked.

"About how he accidentally ruined your life?" Cyborg said. "Yes he did, he even said how sorry he is."

"Well, don't believe him," Valerie said. "He's a ghost, and all they do is cause trouble."

Cyborg sighed and just concentrated on fixing his communicator. Suddenly, a giant, red snake monster appeared in front of them.

"Woah!" Cyborg exclaimed as he and Valerie readied themselves to fight. "That is one big snake."

The snake roared and charged at Cyborg and Valerie. Cyborg jumped out of the way while Valerie activated her jet ski. She flew towards the snake and fired some missiles at it. The missiles hit and covered the snake with smoke. Valerie cheered, but her victory was short lived when the snake came bursting through the smoke with its mouth open.

The snake was about to eat Valerie, who was too slow to react when a large rock hit him in the face. The monster recoiled and smacked Valerie with its tail. She fell out of her glider and fell towards the ground, screaming. Before she hit the ground, she felt someone caught her. Valerie opened her eyes and saw Cyborg carrying her.

"You…you saved me?" Valerie said in surprise.

Before Cyborg could reply, the snake charged at them. He moved out of the way and put Valerie on her feet.

"You can thank me later," he said, his hand turning into a cannon. "After we beat this snake thing!"

Valerie stared at him, then she nodded, taking out her guns.

On the other side of the Ghost Zone, Raven was still unconscious, lying inside a cavern. She shifted and slowly opened her eyes. She sat up and rubbed her head.

"So you're finally awake," a voice behind her said. She looked behind her and saw Red X sitting on a rock. "I was starting to get a little worried you wouldn't woke up."

"Where are we?" she asked, rubbing her head.

"You tell me," Red X replied, pointing at the exit. Raven tried to stand up, but she was a still a bit tired. Red X offered her hand and helped her up. Then he helped her walked towards the exit. Raven blushed a bit but it vanished when she saw where she was. The sky was green and swirly with floating doors and islands. Below them was a tower that resembled a giant clock tower.

"Do you know where we are?" Red X asked her as she stood up on her own.

"Maybe we'll find our answers over there," she pointed at the clock tower.

Meanwhile, Beastboy was fighting a girl with flaming blue hair in punk clothes holding an electric guitar.

"This'll teach you to make fun me, Green Bean!" Ember exclaimed, striking a note at Beastboy. The note turned into a giant fist. Beastboy morphed into bird and flew to dodge the fist.

"Can't you take a joke," Beastboy said in a joking tone. Ember growled angrily. "I'll take that as a no," he said, chuckling nervously.

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