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Chapter 15: A Bird's Choice

A screaming Beastboy was running for his life, avoiding the very angry ghost girl. He suddenly tripped and landed on his face. He tried to stand up, but Ember grabbed by the back of the shirt.

"Any last words, Green Boy?" Ember asked, her hair flaring up.

"Uh… I'm sorry?" Beastboy said hopefully, grinning nervously.

It didn't work. Ember threw Beastboy to the ground and raised her guitar. Before she could strike him, her guitar was suddenly yanked out of her hands. She looked behind her and suddenly found herself tied up by a bola.

"What the?!" Ember exclaimed, looking for the source.

"Long time no see, Ember," a voice said as Danny and Starfire appeared in front of her.

"You!" Ember shouted, struggling to get her restraints her. "What are you doing here, Dipstick?"

"Rescuing my friend who keeps getting into trouble whenever he's left alone," Danny replied, looking at Beastboy. "Seriously, how can you keep getting into trouble?"

"I don't keep getting into trouble!" Beastboy complained, crossing his arms. "Give one example that I keep getting into trouble."

"Remember that prank you did to Starfire?" Danny replied. "And you remember the time you nearly blew up my lab? And the time you had food poisoning? And the time-"

"Geez! I only said one!" Beastboy exclaimed, stopping Danny's endless list of reasons.

Danny grinned and helped the green changeling up.

"Friend Beastboy!" Starfire exclaimed, giving him her bone-crushing hugs. "You are unharmed!"

"Uh…Star?" Danny said, noticing Beastboy's face turning blue. "You're strangling him."

Starfire quickly let him go before he fainted. Beastboy quickly gasped for air as his face returned to its original color.

"Danny, how do you survive that?" He asked the teen ghost, who was smirking at him.

"You just get used to it, I guess," Danny replied, shrugging. "Now c'mon. We better get going before more of them shows up."

"But, where will we go, friend Danny?" Starfire asked, looking at the halfa.

"To an old friend of mine," Danny replied, looking at the far side of the area.

"You have friends here?" Beastboy asked.

"Hey, just cause every here wants my afterlife doesn't mean I don't have some friends," Danny replied. "Now, let's go!"

Meanwhile, Cyborg and Valerie had just managed defeat the giant snake monster.

"Man!" Cyborg exclaimed, wiping the sweat of his brow. "This fella sure packs a punch."

"Yeah," Valerie agreed, kneeling. She stood up and took a step forward and suddenly felt a sharp pain in her leg.

"Hey, you alright?" Cyborg asked, walking towards her.

"I'm fine," Valerie replied. She tried to stand up, but she quickly crumbled down from the pain.

"No, you're not," Cyborg said, kneeling down and looking at her leg. "Looks like you twisted your ankle."

"Stupid snake," Valerie muttered. She yelped in surprise when Cyborg suddenly carried her bridal style. "What are you doing?" She demanded.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Cyborg replied, looking a Valerie. "I'm carrying you."

"Why?" Valerie asked, looking confuse.

"What did you expected me to do?" Cyborg asked. "Let you walk on your own? Not with leg, you aren't."

"But…why?" Valerie asked, confused.

"Why what?" Cyborg asked back, looking at Valerie.

"Why are you helping me?" She asked. "I just tried to kill your friend an hour ago."

"Cause," Cyborg replied, looking at Valerie in the eyes. "I don't think you're all bad. Sure you tried to blast Danny into a million pieces, but you seem okay to me. And besides, you didn't expect a hero like me to leave a damsel in distress."

"I am not a damsel in distress!" Valerie exclaimed, a shade of pink forming across her face.

Before Cyborg could react, his arm started beeping. He activated the communicator in his arm and saw Danny.

"D-Danny to Cyb-b-borg," Danny said, his picture interrupted by static. "Can y-y-you he-ar m-me?"

"Danny!" Cyborg exclaimed with relief. "Where are you, man?"

"I r-r-eal-ly c-can't e-e-exp-lain," Danny replied. "I'm g-g-g-giv-v-ving yo-ou so-me co-ord-inate-s t-to f-f-fol-low. W-w-w-we'll m-m-me-et th-ther-e!"

After that, Danny was replace by static. Cyborg tried to contact him again, but to no avail. Luckily, he managed to get the coordinates.

"Well… at least we know where we're going," Cyborg said to Valerie. "We better get going."

Valerie just remained silent, feeling comfortable in the robotic teen's arms. Cyborg looked at the coordinates Danny gave him, then he started walking.

Meanwhile, Danny, Starfire and Beastboy were flying toward Clockwork's Tower. After he managed to contact Cyborg, Danny tried to contact Raven.

"Danny to Raven, can you hear me?" He asked, looking at his communicator. The only reply he had was static.

He sighed in frustration and put the communicator away.

"I can't contact Raven," he said to the others, looking worried. "Let's hope she's doing well."

"BEWARE!" A voice above them shouted.

"Oh come on!" Danny complained as Box Ghost appeared, intending to cause trouble for them.

Meanwhile, Raven and Red X managed to get inside the tower. Inside, the entire place looks like the inside of a clock; clock gears were moving and ticking and giant clocks were ticking inside the tower.

"Whoever lives here must like clocks very much," Red X commented, looking at the giant gears.

Raven looked around the room, feeling two beings; one so ancient and one filled with evil.

"We have to be careful here," she said, looking around the strange room. "There's something here… something…evil."

"Hey, look," Red X pointed at a slightly opened door, light going through the door. He went towards the room with Raven reluctantly following him. They quietly entered the room and saw a giant circular screen with spiraling green lights.

"What is this?" Red X asked, looking at the screen in awe. He touched the screen and it suddenly brightened.

When the light finally died down, the screen showed a 16 year-old boy with black hair and blue eyes standing on a trapeze platform. Red X eyes widen and he backed away from the screen.

"No…" he said, his voice shaking.

Raven watched as the boy watched a man and a woman performing a daring circus act. Just as the man was about to grab a woman, Raven saw a shadowy figure above the kid. Her eyes widen when the figure cut the rope with a pink ray, causing the acrobats to fell towards the ground.

Red X suddenly fell to his knees, shaking in grief. Raven watched in shock as she realizes that the boy was Red X. She walked towards the crying teenager and put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"It wasn't your fault," she whispered to Red X. "There was nothing you can do."

Red X didn't reply, he was still crying. He slowly looked at the screen and saw the figure above the crying boy in the screen.

"What is that thing?" He said, his voice still shaking.

"That is something you will soon find out, Richard Grayson," a voice behind them said. They turned around and found a cloaked figure floating behind them holding a staff with a clock on top. He had red eyes with a scar on the other and on his chest were gears behind a glass.

"Don't be alarmed, children," he said as Red X pulled out his weapons and Raven raised her hands. "I am not here to harm you."

"Who are you?" Raven asked, looking at the being.

"I think you should know, seeing as you have read about me during your spare time," the fugure replied, turning into a kid.

Raven's eyes widen when he did that. She had heard of him, the being who's as old as time.

"You're Clockwork," she said in awe.

Clockwork smiled, turning into an old man.

"Yes, I am Clockwork, Guardian of Time," he announced, turning into a middle age man. "I was expecting you to come, Raven, child of Trigon."

Raven gasped, backing away from the ghost.

"How do you know that?" She asked.

"I know everything, because I see everything," Clockwork replied. "I also know about the prophecy."

If Raven thought she couldn't be more surprise, she was wrong. Clockwork then turned his attention to Red X.

"As for you, Red X, the answers you seek will come in time," Clockwork said to Red X, who was still shocked. "But you must make an important choice."

"What choice?" Red X asked, getting over his shock.

"A choice that will happen in due time," Clockwork replied. "And the person who you will ask about that choice is coming right…now."

"Clockwork?" A familiar voice shouted, starling the two teens. They turned around and saw Danny, Starfire and Beastboy walking towards them.

"Friend Raven!" Starfire squealed in delight, flying towards Raven and hugged her to death. Red X eyes widen and stared at Danny and Danny stared at the Ghost of Time.

"Ah, Daniel," Clockwork said like he wasn't surprise. "I was expecting you. Before you ask, we are expecting someone else right about…now."

Cyborg suddenly walked in the room with Valerie in his arms. The Titans stared at him, the atmosphere feeling with awkwardness. Beastboy decided to break the silence.

"So…Since when did you two became so close?" He asked, looking at Cyborg's arms.

Both Cyborg and Valerie blushed.

"She twisted her ankle," Cybrog replied, glaring at Beastboy. He walked towards Raven and gently laid Valerie down. "Can you heal her?"

Raven nodded and started healing Valerie's leg with her magic.

"So, what happened?" Danny asked Cyborg, looking at the injured huntress.

While Cyborg told him about the giant snake, Beastboy suddenly notice something in the room; a silver thermos on a table. He walked towards it and saw that it was dented.

"What's this?" He asked, his hand about to reach the thermos.

"DON'T TOUCH THAT!" A voice exclaimed, surprising everyone, except Clockwork. They stared at Danny in shock. Beastboy quickly backed away from the table, afraid of what it might be. Suddenly, the thermos started shaking wildly. Beastboy quickly ran and hid behind Cyborg, who was still in shock.

Danny glared at the container in anger, his fists shaking violently. He turned around when he felt a hand on his shoulder and saw Clockwork. He took a deep breath to calm himself down.

"…Just don't touch that thermos," he repeated with a calm tone.

Danny then turned his attention to Clockwork and the two started talking quietly.

"What was that about?" Cyborg asked, looking at Danny then at the thermos, which stopped moving.

"Whatever it is, Danny was afraid of it," Raven said, looking at the thermos. She could feel the evil inside it, the same evil she felt a moment ago. It was so strong that Raven's insides were squirming with fear.

Then she turned her attention to Danny. She could still feel the fear lingering on him. She has never felt fear like that before. Whatever is inside that thing must be very powerful to scare Danny.

"Is Friend Danny alright?" Starfire asked Raven, looking very worried. "I have never seen him like that before."

"He's alright, Starfire," Raven replied, looking at the alien. Then she looked at Red X, who was still thinking about what Clockwork said.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, Raven finally managed to heal Valerie. She carefully stood up and tested her leg.

"Thanks," she said to Raven, who nodded back. "So, how do get out of this place?"

"Already taken care of," Danny said, walking towards them with Clockwork behind him. "Clockwork's gonna make two portals for us."

"Two?" Cyborg said, looking at the two ghosts. "Why do we need two?"

"One for us and one for them," Danny said, pointing at the Titans then at Valerie and Red X. "Better safe than sorry," he added, shrugging. He waited for a few minutes, looking at Valerie.

"What?" She asked, annoyed at the way he was looking at her, like he was expecting something.

"This is usually the part where you pull out your blaster and try to tore me to pieces," Danny replied, shrugging. "Did you have a change of heart?"

"Shut up, Phantom!" Valerie exclaimed. "I'm just tired, that's all. So don't get comfortable!"

Danny raised an eyebrow and looked at Cyborg then back at Valerie. Danny then grinned evilly.

"I see…" he said, chuckling evilly.

After another minute of awkward silence, they were ready to leave. Clockwork floated at them.

"Are you ready to leave?" He asked, looking particularly at Red X.

"No…" Red X suddenly said, knowing what to do. He walked towards Danny and looked at the ghost straight in the eyes.

"…You need something?" Danny asked, looking at the black clad thief.

Red X then did something unexpected; he took of his mask, revealing his blue eyes.

"I want to join the Titans," he said, throwing the mask away, surprising everyone in the room, except Clockwork.

"Say what?!" Cyborg exclaimed, looking at the unmasked teen, then at their leader.

"Why?" Danny asked, looking at Red X.

"Because…" Red X replied, looking at the team of super-powered teens. "I need to know what happened to me, and I know I can find it if I join you."

Danny stared at him again, looking straight at his eyes. Then he stared at his friends, at Valerie and then at Clockwork, who was giving a small smile.

"…Why not?" Danny finally said, shrugging his shoulders. "Welcome to the team."

Everyone stared at him in surprise, except Clockwork, who doesn't seem easily surprise.

Cyborg suddenly grabbed Danny by the neck and pulled him away from the others.

"Yo, man, what are you doing?" The mechanical teen whispered.

"Recruiting a new teammate, duh," Danny replied like it was obvious.

"How do you we could even we trust him?" Cyborg retorted.

"Trust me, Cy," Danny replied. "And besides, you trust Valerie really much."

He laughed when Cyborg started sputtering. The two walked back towards the Titans, wondering what they were talking about.

"Aren't you going to stop him?" Raven asked, looking at Valerie.

The Red Huntress just shrugged.

"It's his choice," she replied. "I just hope Mr. Masters doesn't take it to bad."

Then she waved at Cyborg and jumped in the portal.

"Thanks, Clockwork," Danny said as they entered the portal.

"We will see again, Daniel," Clockwork said. "Eternal luck to you."

Danny smirked and jumped in the portal.

"…You will need it, young Phantom," Clockwork said, looking at his screen.

Titan's Tower

The Titans, minus Danny and Cyborg, were lounging at the Living Room, waiting.

"Are you excited, Raven?" Beastboy teased.

"Keep talking and I'll put a leash on you and tie you outside the Tower," Raven threatened.

Beastboy scooted away from Raven and started whistling. Danny and Cybrog entered the room.

"You guys ready?" Danny asked, looking at his friends. They nodded. "You can come in now, Dick."

Dick quietly entered the room, wearing a new costume; he was wearing a red spandex shirt with a yellow R on the chest, green tight pants, black boots with metal tips, green gloves, an utility belt, a black and yellow cape and a black domino mask.

"Wow, that is one colorful costume, dude," Beastboy commented.

"You look great," Raven said, causing the new member to blush a bit.

"So…what are we calling you?" Cyborg asked, looking at Dick. "Should we still call you 'Red X?'"

"I was thinking more like…Robin," Dick said, looking at his new team.

"The bird?" Danny asked, looking at him.

"It's a family thing," Robin replied, grinning.

"Well, Robin," Danny said, sounding serious. "It's time to make it official."

He took out a yellow communicator and held it towards Robin. He slowly took it form the halfa, looking at it.

"Congratulations," Danny said as the rest of them smiled. "You are officially a Teen Titan."

"Really?" Robin asked.

"Well…not exactly," Cyborg replied, smiling evilly.

"There's an initiation to join us," Beastboy added.

"Oh no…" Robin said as Danny held a unicycle, Cyborg held a pink tutu, Beastboy held a pink wig, Raven held a camera and Starfire held a pie.

"Let's get started," Danny said, smiling with mischief.

Ghost Zone

Vlad floated at the place where a giant red snake was lying, unconscious. He floated past the reptile and looked around, searching for something. He finally found it and floated towards it, smiling victoriously.

"I may have lost a valuable pawn, thanks to those blundering idiots, but it was worth it," Vlad said as grabbed a green key with a skeleton on it from a glass container.

He held the key on his fist, laughing victoriously.

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