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Chapter 1: Under the Bat's Wing

Danny's POV

There he was, looking at a giant painting of his family and friends, sitting on a comfy armchair near the fireplace in the middle of the night. He was grateful to Alfred for putting this picture for him. He was also grateful to his godfather, who he didn't knew he had until 3 weeks ago. He smiled when he remembered what happened at the hospital…


He was on a bed, crying that he failed to save the people he cared about. He felt a warm hand on his shoulder. He looked up and saw Bruce Wayne looking at him with understanding eyes.

"It's okay, Danny," he said, putting on a comforting smile. "Everything will be okay."

Danny looked at his eyes and stopped crying. For some reason, he felt that Mr. Wayne understands what he's going through. He wiped his eyes and tried to smile, but his lips were petrified.

"Thank you, Mr. Wayne," Danny said, sniffing. Now that he stopped crying, his sadness was replaced by fear. Now that Danny's an orphan, he has no choice but to move in with Vlad, and if he does that, He will exist.

His fears were brought to life when the door opened. Vlad walked in, his face a mixture of triumph and sadness, but mostly triumph. Behind him was someone that looked like a lawyer and a doctor.

No! He thought, feeling a sense of dread. This can't be happening! I don't want to go with him! I have to do something, quick!

"Mr. Fenton," said the lawyer, his voice filled with sadness. "I'm sorry for your lost. You have my condolence. But right now, I'm here on official business." His tone suddenly changed. He took out a bunch of important looking papers out of his suitcase and started reading one of them.

"According to the law, since your parents have died and you don't have any relatives, you will be placed in the care of your parents' closest frie-." He was about to point at Vlad, whose face was filled with victory.

"No!" Danny suddenly shouted, getting off the bed and staring at them in horror. The doctor tried to put him back in bed, but he ignored him and continued shouting. "No! I don't want to go with him! Please,anywhere but him!"

The lawyer, doctor and Mr. Wayne was looking at him in shock. Only Vlad looked unsurprised. He glared at Danny. Then he quickly changed his expression before anyone noticed.

"The boy is obviously deluded," he said, his tone was mocking Danny. "He clearly isn't thinking straight."

"I know what I'm talking about!" He shouted angrily. "And there is no way I'm coming with you, you Fruitloop!"

"Well you don't have a choice!" Vlad sputtered angrily, surprising the doctor and the lawyer.

"Actually, he does," said Mr. Wayne, looking very angry. Danny almost forgot about him. Vlad looked at him in surprise.

"Bruce! What are you doing here?" He asked, his face smiling, though it looked painful.

"I was here to do some business with Jack and Maddie. Before the…accident of course."

"Oh yes, the accident was of course sad," by the tone of his voice, he was half-sad and half-glad about it. "But what do you mean by Daniel's choice? I'm the only the only suitable choice fo-."

"Actually, you're not," Mr. Wayne interrupted him. "You are not the only close friend the Fentons' had. I'm also a suitable guardian."


"I am also his godfather," he said, ignoring Vlad. Everybody looked at him in surprised, including Danny.

The lawyer snap out of it. "Well. If that's true, then you are the most suitable person to be Daniel's guardian, Mr. Wayne."

"WHAT!" Vlad indignantly shouted, surprising everyone inside and outside the room.

His lawyer looked at him, his eyes wide. "You must understand, Mr. Masters. It's in the law."

"I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE LAW! THE BOY SHOULD BE MINE! YOU'RE MY LAWYER!" He shouted, looking insane, well more insane than usual.

"I-I k-know, b-but-" he sputtered.

Mr. Wayne cut in. "It's Danny's choice, of course. He should choose who to go with."

Danny looked surprise. His godfather was Bruce Wayne? He suddenly snapped out of it.

"I want to go with Mr. Wayne," he said quickly. If I went with him instead of Vlad, I could avoid Him. This was a golden opportunity for him.

Mr. Wayne smiled. "There. I believe you got your answers, Vlad," he said, looking at the outraged cheese-head.

Vlad looked outrage. Before he could start shouting, the doctor stopped him and threatened to call security if he doesn't leave immediately. He glared at Mr. Wayne then he shifted his gaze at Danny, who was looking relieved. He stomped out of the room, slamming the door.

The atmosphere was uncomfortable. Then the lawyer coughed.

"Well, Mr. Wayne, if you will adopt Daniel, you have to sign this first," he gave him the paper he was reading before. Mr. Wayne took it, pulled out a pen in his pocket and signed it.

He read the paper before putting it in his case. "Well then, I will take my leave. Thank you for your help, Mr. Wayne," the lawyer shook his hands. He then looked at Danny, " and good luck, Mr. Fenton."

He left the room. The doctor asked if Danny was okay, then after checking his condition, he left, leaving Danny and Mr. Wayne.

Danny looked at his godfather." Mr. Wayne-."

"Call me Bruce, Danny," he said gently.

" Um. Okay," he said "Bruce. Thank you, for adopting me and everything."

"It's alright. I don't mind at all," he assured.

Danny looked sad again. "I just can't believe that they're gone."

Bruce put a comforting hand on his shoulder. "It's alright Danny. It wasn't your fault. "

Danny wanted to shout that it was his fault. It was his fault that they died. But he managed not to.

He looked gratefully at Bruce, knowing he just saved him from a terrible future.

Flashback end

A week after that, Bruce paid the funeral. He gave them a nice burial and even a statue for them, the same statue Danny saw in the future, except Mr. Lancer's statue was nicer. Danny thanked him for doing that but he said it was no trouble. After that, he packed his belongings and gave Bruce his parents' inventions then they went to Gotham. He was surprise to see Wayne Manor, it was awesome, and Alfred, the butler was nice. Even though Bruce was away all the time, he was able to talk with him.

Suddenly he heard something behind him. He looked behind him, heading on the chair, and saw the Grandfather clocked rising, revealing Alfred in a secret passage way. He then pulled one of the pendulum and the clock went back to normal. His eyes were wide with surprise. He quickly pulled his head down and waited for Alfred to left. Once he was sure that Alfred left, he went to the clock and pulled the pendulum. He went inside the door then it suddenly became dark. Then he felt like he was in an elevator. Once it stopped, he looked around in awe. He was inside a cave filled with computers. There a black motorcycle, a black jet and other cool stuff. On top of him were bats, flying around the cave, screeching. On the screen on the biggest computer, was the logo of the Batman.

"The Batcave," he said in awe. He heard stories about the Batman, Gotham's Hero. He look up to him, always wanted to be like him. He suddenly heard screeching wheels. He looked at one of the smaller caves and saw a black car. The car stopped and one of the doors opened, revealing the Dark Knight himself. Danny quickly hid behind a pillar. He was so shocked that he forgot that he had Ghost Powers that he could use to turn invisible or escape. Batman went up to one of the computers, while Danny was thinking of a way get back to the Manor. When Danny took a look where Batman was, he was gone. He suddenly felt a shadow behind him. He turned his head and saw the Dark Knight looking at him.

Danny stared at him with wide eyes, then he suddenly said something unexpected.

"A-are y-you Bruce Wayne?"

Batman only looked at him, then after what felt like an eternity, he pulled of his cowl, revealing his godfather's face.

Danny gasped.

After he finally found his voice, he started talking. "Bruce?! You're the Batman?! That's so cool!"

Bruce sighed, which made Danny to stop talking.

"I was hoping you wouldn't find out," he said. "I should of guessed that you would saw the entrance behind the grandfather clock."

"Sorry," Danny said, looking down.

"It's alright. I guess now you know why I don't stay home every often."

Suddenly Danny got a crazy idea.

"Bruce, could you train me?" He asked.

Bruce looked at him in surprise, then he said, "absolutely not."

"But why?" Danny asked.

"Because it's dangerous," he answered, scowling at him.

Danny was not going to lose this, so he kept on pestering him to train.

"Why do you want me to train you so badly?" Bruce asked.

"Because I don't want other people to go through what I've been through," he answered. "I also don't want to rely on my powers to much," he added without thinking.

"Powers?" Bruce asked, looking serious.

Oh uh, he thought. He looked at Bruce giving him a nervous smile.

"Did I say powers? I meant…Um…Flowers! Yup, I meant flowers. Hehe," he said, rubbing the back of his neck nervously, hoping that his godfather bought the lie. But by the look on Bruce's face, he didn't.

Danny sighed. He started explaining about his accident in his parents' Ghost Portal that gave him Ghost Powers and about his alter ego; Danny Phantom. He then transformed in front him to show that he wasn't lying.

He watch nervously as his godfather absorbed this crazy piece of information. He was waiting for him to start throwing those battarangs at him, but instead he did something Danny least expected him to do.

"You start training tomorrow night," he said, sounding more like the Batman instead of Bruce Wayne. "Until then, get some rest."

Danny was shocked, then his expression changed to excitement. He went back to his room, and looked out the window. He saw the bats from the cave flying on the black sky, the full moon shining brightly.

I will become stronger, he thought, looking at the sky with a determined expression remembering his family and friends. I will become the greatest hero there is. I promise!

Unknown to him, Clockwork was watching him from one of his screens. A smile was on the Time Ghost's face, happy that Danny made the right choice.

"In time Danny, you will," he said, changing into his baby form.

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