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Chapter 2: Go Teens! Part 1

Two years later

Inside a space ship, on the outskirts of space, two Gordanian guards were trying to secure a metal door, something or someone was screaming, a fight could be heard. Suddenly, another Gordanian run to the guards.

"What's happening?!" The newcomer demanded.

"The prisoner is trying to escape!" One of the guards answered, trying to hold the doors.

"Well then, stop her!"

"Were trying!" Said the other guard, looking panic.

Suddenly, the door was blown apart, the two guards were caught on the impact. The third guard looked at their prisoner. The prisoner was a beautiful, tanned-skinned girl, with long, orange hair and glowing, green eyes. She was wearing a black top and black skirt, a gray, metal-looking outfit was under her clothes. She was also wearing a strange looking tiara and some kind of handcuffs that covered her hands.

She started to say something, but it didn't make any sense, but she sounded very angry. She then attacked her guards.

No One's POV

He was standing on the edge of a building, looking at his new home.

"Get ready, Jump City," he said to himself, smiling. "Here comes Danny Phantom!"

He was glad that his mentor agreed to send him on his own. Don't get him wrong, he enjoyed working with the Dark Knight, scaring crooks, beating super villains and making fun of the Joker. But ever since his mentor joined the Justice League, he felt like he wasn't improving. He did loved working alongside those others heroes when they visited Gotham, but he felt weak when he saw Batman work so well with other heroes. So he decided to go solo and anew. Unsurprisingly, Batman agreed. He knew Danny felt useless when there was trouble, so he sent Danny to Jump City so he could go solo.

Danny suddenly noticed a piece of glass on his foot and saw his reflection. He smiled when he saw how much he changed in over two years. He became taller and leaner, his muscles could be seen under his newly-improved outfit. He was still wearing the old HAZMAT suit, but it changed, turning into a black and white suit, much like his evil future-self, but more cool-looking. He was wearing black gloves with a round, smooth green gem on each glove. His white boots has steel on the tip and under it. A black and white cape was flowing behind him, a green orb was holding it to his costume and he was wearing a white domino mask. He didn't use the mask to hide his secret identity, since his human form looks different from his Ghost form, but to hide the pain and fear in his eyes from his enemies. And his favorite part of the outfit was a silver utility belt he got from Batman. His belt was filled with Ecto-rangs, Ecto-powered Bo-staffs, Ectoplasmic disc grenades and a Fenton Thermos, incased he saw a ghost. The belt also prevents him from morphing into human if he fainted.

I've become stronger, he thought, which is true. Ever since Batman trained him, his Ghost powers became stronger and more controllable. I'm no longer weak.

He suddenly spotted trouble in an alley. A fat crook was threatening a blond girl wearing a school uniform with a gun. He smiled, looking at his first job in Jump City. He turned invisible and stealthily flew down to the alley.

When he got close enough he heard the crook say, " if you don't want to get hurt, give me all the money you have!"

"Dude. If your trying to mug somebody, don't do it where someone can see." Danny said, still invisible.

The crook looked behind him and nobody there. Suddenly, a small, metal, silver and green boomerang was thrown at him, hitting his hand that was carrying the gun. Naturally, he dropped it.

He looked around, his eyes were wide open. "Whoever you are, I don't want any trouble!"

"Well gee, maybe you should of thought of that before you threatened a civilian," he said, turning visible in front of the girl. The crook and the girl looked at him in surprise.

"Hey! You aren't supposed to be here!" Said the crook. "Shouldn't you be in Gotham with Batman?"

"I just moved here, Fatso," he answered. "And this time, I work alone."

He charged at the crook and kick him on the chin, sending him backwards. The crook stumbled a few feet then he stood up straight, growling. He pulled out a hand knife from his pocket.

"Oh no! A knife! My one and only weakness!" Danny said, sounding sarcastic. The crook attacked him, but Danny dodge every strike.

He slashed. "Whoops!"

He lunged. "So close."

He stabbed. "Almost there."

The crook finally hit him in the stomach. He grinned when Danny started groaning. But his expression changed to horror when Danny smiled and took the knife away from his hands and melted it with his glowing fist.

"W-what a-are y-y-y-you?" He asked, scared out of his wits.

Danny's hands started to glow. "I'm the kid with Ghost powers."

He fired at the crook's hand. He was sent flying to the wall, the energy turning solid.

"WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!" He shouted, looking at the glowing goo in disgust.

"That-," Danny fired and the crooks feet, "is called-," he fired at the other hand, " Ecto-goo," he finished, firing at the body.

"THIS STUFF IS DISGUSTING!" He shouted. Danny started to smile evilly.

"You want disgusting?" Danny suddenly covered his hands and sneezed, sending some Ecto-goo on the crooks face, filing his mouth with the stuff and nose. The crook gagged, tears were forming on his eyes.

"Don't worry. It's not snot. I think," Danny said, smirking. He went back to the girl, who was looking like she was in shock. Danny picked up her bag that she dropped.

"Here you go," he said gently. The girl snapped out of it and looked at her bag. She took the bag.

"Thank yo-," she said, looking at her savior, but he suddenly vanished. "Where'd he go?" She said, looking around in surprise.

Danny, who was invisible, flew towards the Pizza Place. He smiled at himself, thinking he did a job well done. He was thinking if he should get a bite to eat, when he suddenly saw something falling from the sky. The falling object landed to the place near to where he was going.

What is that?! He thought. I better check it out.

He flew towards the place where it landed. When he was there, he saw a girl about his age emerging from the crater where the civilians were gathered around. She approached the civilians, shouting at them with words Danny doesn't understand, showing them her handcuffs. In fear, a civilian accidently snapped his camera at her. The flash angered her. She attacked the civilian using her handcuffs. The people started to run in panic while the alien girl was destroying the cars and the road. She then noticed the pillar at the Pizza Place, then she charged.

"Oh no you don't," Danny said, flying down. He threw an Ecto-rang at her hands, causing her to look at him. "Hey!" Danny shouted. The girl looked at him in surprise. "If you're trying to ask for directions, I don't think smashing things will help you." The girl growled at him then she attacked, making Danny jumped sideways, avoiding those heavy-looking handcuffs. He threw some disc grenades at her. The grenades hit her, exploding all over her. Danny looked at the smoking figure, thinking it was over. His eyes widen when he saw the girl completely fine. His eyes widen again when the girl used her foot to lift up a car and send it towards him. Danny turned intangible and stared at the wrecked car.

"Wow. She must be working out," he said turning his attention back to the girl, a little late. The girl managed to hit his head, causing him to fly ten feet backwards. He landed with a heavy grunt. Danny rubbed his head, then quickly dodged when the girl attacked again. Danny growled then pulled out a Bo staff. He hit her on the head, making her stumble back. Danny was about to strike again, when his staff had suddenly broke into pieces.

"Ooookay…. Was not expecting that…," he said, looking at his shattered weapon. The girl cracked her neck . "Souta…," she said before jumping at the boy, intending to smash him. Danny was about to turn intangible when a….Green ram slammed at her, causing her to slam to a bus. The green ram quickly turned into a green-skinned kid wearing a very goofy mask.

He saluted and said "Ex-Doom Patrol member, Beastboy sir! How may I help... ," he suddenly noticed who he was talking to. "Wowzers! Your Invisobill aren't you sir?!"

Danny's eye twitched. It's already been two years and someone still think his Invisobill?! "Well first of all, it's Danny Phantom. And second, stop calling me sir."

"Well, let me just say that it's a real honor to-," Beastboy started to said.

"Um..Beastboy, was it?" Danny interrupted him.

"Yes sir?"

Danny pointed at the girl, who somehow threw the bus she landed on. Beastboy jumped back and Danny started to turn intangible, when a buff teen wearing a gray sweatshirt with the hood up, black pants, black gloves and black boots jumped in front of him and caught the bus. He managed to stop it and put it beside him.

"YO! WHO'S HERE MESSIN UP MY NEIGHBOR HOOD?" He asked in a loud voice. Under his hoodie, you could see a glowing, red light.

The green changeling pointed at the girl. " She started it."

The girl was starting to get annoyed. She slammed her handcuffs on the ground, causing them to break and fell off. Danny always wondered why she was wearing those handcuffs until she fired green energy blast at them. The three boys ran behind the bus for cover.

Danny was looking at her, surprise was all over his face. Is she a ghost? He thought. No. Those blasts feel different and my Ghost Sense didn't respond.

Danny's hand started to glow. "Stay here," he said to the others. Before they started to complain, Danny turned intangible and invisible, then flew towards the girl, blasting her with his Ghost Ray. He fired at her until she started to breathe heavily. The girl looked around her surroundings to make sure no one was around, then she fell to her knees.

"She's obviously tired," Danny said, turning visible behind Beastboy and the big guy, surprising them.

"Gah! Man, don't do that!" Said the big guy. He looked around him then at the girl. "Girl's gonna wreck the whole City if we this keeps up," he said.

"I'm not gonna let her do that! I just moved here!" Danny said. Smacking a fist to his palm, he said "This is one fight I'm not gonna lose."

The three boys nodded to each other before charging at the girl, but they suddenly stopped when a black, glowing, raven-shaped wall appeared in front of them.

"Maybe…fighting isn't the answer," someone said behind them. They turned around to see a gray-skinned girl covered with a dark blue cloak with a hood, which covered her head and thus covered half of her face. The cloak was held up by a red jewel set in a gold plate. Underneath the cloak was a dark blue, almost black, leotard that had long sleeves with blue cuffs at her wrists with matching ankle boots.

Danny thought about her words, then she looked at the girl, who was still breathing heavily.

"Stand down," he said to them.

"What? You think you're the Boss or something?" The big guy demanded.

"Just give me a chance to do something," Danny explained. He walked towards the girl. The girl noticed him. She started to talk in her strange language, pointing her glowing arms at him. Danny raised his hands at her, showing her that he isn't going to hurt her.

"Um…It's alright," he said, trying to look brave. He turned his hand intangible and touched the handcuffs. The handcuffs phased through her hands, making a crater on the ground. The girl was looking at him, rubbing her arms. Danny smiled at her.

"Now that's over with, maybe we coul-," he suddenly stopped when the girl grabbed his chest then… kissed him?! Danny's eyes were wider than a plate. The girl suddenly pushed him, making him fall on the ground and started to say, "if you wish not to be destroy, then you will leave me alone." She started to fly away from them, her hair hiding the smile on her face.

The group all stared at her in shock. Nobody did or said anything, until,

"Sooo….I'm Beastboy. Who are you?"

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