It started out as a normal spring day. School had just gotten out for the weekend. Normally I'd get a ride home with Paul, but today he had detention duty. Rachel had kindly offered to give me a lift in one of her dad's limos. We were halfway to the parking lot when she stopped suddenly.

"Percy…" Rachel half whispered, grabbing my arm. "I don't know if you can see them, but there are some of those giants over there."

"You mean Laistrygonians?" I asked as I followed her gaze. At first I couldn't see anything. But after focusing I managed to spot them through the mist. There were three of them, each about twelve feet tall and heavily armed. They appeared to be deep in conversation with each other. As usual, the mortals around them didn't notice anything out of the ordinary. One man in a business suit was talking on his cell phone, standing dangerously close to the blade of one giant's battle axe.

"Stay here," I told Rachel, "I'll take care of them" I figured they were probably looking for me, like most of the monsters I meet. I slowly walked over to the giants, weaving my way through the mortal pedestrians. I pulled out Riptide, but didn't unsheathe it yet. I figured it would be better to maintain the element of surprise. Suddenly, all three of them looked up and sniffed the air.

"Something smells fishy" one said.

"You don't think it's that son of Poseidon, do you?" another asked.

"I don't know," The first responded. "But just to be safe, let's continue this discussion back at camp. With that the three turned away and started jogging south. I began to pursue them when I heard Rachel shouting.

"Look out he has a sword!" I was about to ask what she was talking about when I was sent sprawling. I looked up to see the man who had been talking on his phone smiling down at me. He had deliberately tripped me.

"Sorry Percy," He said. "But I couldn't let you take out my marks."

"What…" I asked as Rachel ran over to help me up. "How do you know my name? Who are you?" The man looked puzzled for a moment, then smiled and slapped his forehead.

"Oh sorry, I sometimes forget I'm wearing it." Suddenly he transformed from a tall man in a business suit to a teenage boy in a mask, maybe a little older than me. He was about my height, with dirty blonde hair. He was wearing a backpack and a camp necklace with two big claws on it. The cell phone had turned into a saber with what looked like a smiley face on the hilt.