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"Person Talking"

'Person Thinking"

"Demon/Summon Talking"

'Demon thinking/Jutsu Name'

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How did it come to this?

I stood in the Valley of the End. With statues of the Shodaime and the Uchiha founder in combat and the beauty of the flowing waterfall in the background, I enjoyed the experience.

Aside from the fact that my best friend was trying to kill me, of course.

Sasuke used the Cursed Seal, given to him by Orochimaru, to increase the power of his already deadly attacks. Naturally, I responded by tapping into the Kyuubi's chakra.

Tapping into the Kyuubi's power was dangerous, yet invigorating. Almost addicting. But I always knew when to stop.

I wish the same could be said for Sasuke and the seal.

Sasuke he had transform into what he called his "Curse Seal 2" form. His hair turned grey, he got a cross shaped black mark on his face, wings (I think), and . . . blue lipstick? Seriously?

He charged up his strongest attack. One taught to him by our Sensei. I heard what sounded like a thousand birds chirping at the same time.

Like I said, tapping into the Kyuubi's chakra is dangerous. For example, my left arm wasn't working at the moment, giving me only one technique available for use.

"Chidori!" he shouted.

"Rasengan!" I screamed in reply.

The two energy attacks collided, surrounding our battlefield in a large black dome of energy.

When the smoke cleared, Sasuke had reverted to his standard appearance and left for Otogakure, leaving me for dead. He left me his headband; not that I wanted the thing.

I woke up in a sewer. My mind to be exact. It did make sense though. My mind smelled like my life was; crap. And if I was here then Kyuubi-

"Gaki! Get over here."

That would be him.

I walked through the sewer eventually meeting the giant structure that was the Kyuubi's cage.

"What the hell did you think you were doing? My power obliterated your chakra coils! " he practically yelled.

"What do you think I was doing? Trying to prevent my best friend from leaving! And what do you mean by that!" I shouted back.

"You have lost ALL ability to use your chakra!"


"This can't get any worse…"

"Did I mention that your body is now dying?"


"This is all your fault, you damn fox! If you hadn't given me your power…..what's that?"

"What's what?"

"That light. What is it?"

"That…that is a gateway. If you walk towards it…"

"I won't come back will I?"


"It's growing…I guess that's a bad thing,"


"When I die… You'll be freed right?"


"Then why aren't you, you know, celebrating?"

"I…do not know,"

'Looks like this is it…'

The light continues to grow. The cold fingers of death start to grasp at his soul.

'I'm sorry everybody… Looks like I won't become Hokage after all…'



"If you had a second chance…what would you do?"

"Are you kidding, if I had a second chance, I would prevent all this from happening!"

"That's the spirit kid."


"Don't give up. Don't give in. And most importantly…don't die."

"What are you talking abou-"

'Give 'em hell kid.'

"Ninpou: Taimu Toraberu no Jutsu!"

The light grew and grew, and eventually engulfed him in its grasp.

I had not heard what Kyuubi said, but I had bigger problems. I awoke floating in midair. There was no pain, no feeling, and no nothing. Normally I would be surprised, but noticing my dead body under me, I didn't really care. Kinda' hard to when the God of Death is standing right in front of you.

"Greetings mortal,"

"Where are we?"

"We are in the place between heaven and hell. This is the place of judgment. Limbo. This is where-"

He was cut off when a massive amount of swirling red chakra surrounded them.

"Wh-what is this?"

I was about to ask the same thing when I felt it. Pain. Unimaginable, excruciating pain. My eyesight slowly began to fade.

And I felt my very soul leaving my body, but I then realized what Kyuubi had said.

"Ninja Art: Time Travel Technique!"

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