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"Inu speech"

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"Focus, Inuyasha."

"On what?" the little hanyou whined, stomping his feet and letting his head drop back to look at the sky. At least, he would have if his eyes had been open.

The two brothers had been traveling around the country side by themselves for the past few weeks now, and Sesshomaru was begging to loose his patience. Well, not beginning. He was just plain loosing it. The little whelp was almost unbearable: running around, chasing things and making a mess of everything that Sesshomaru did. And now the hanyou couldn't even understand the simple concept of grabbing hold of his demonic powers and attack the log that had been set before him. Oh the agony of maintaining such a strict composure!

"On the power inside you," he murmured into the paw that was working its way down his face in his frustration.

"I don't understand.," the pup grumbled, grabbing hold of his elbows with his hands, hidden by the volumes of red sleeves to his haori. Growling deeply at the pup, Sesshomaru let his own poisonous powers envelope his hand, hitting the damned log with as much frustration as he could in a single demonstration. When he finished, he pulled the poison away from the surface of his skin. He looked down to the pup, and with hidden satisfaction from the shocked expression he received, he waited for the realization or understanding to show in Inuyasha's face.

Jerk. He's such a show off, Inuyasha thought, grumbling as he closed his eyes and thought long and hard about what his Aniki had said. The power he spoke of and displayed was something that the pup had wondered about for a while now. Since their first night away from Sobo-ue's palace in fact. They had been attacked by a large ogre that wished to claim Sesshomaru as his next victory and Inuyasha as his next meal. Needless to say, that didn't happen.

"I still don't get it," he cried out, throwing his arms up in the air and shaking them with his frustration, pushing his breath out of his chest from the anger his Aniki had riled within him. He wanted to just flop down on the ground and not think about it. Maybe the answer would come to him while he slept, like things usually did.

But, his next thoughts were of agony. Pain exploded in the back of his skull, eyes flashed red to electric azure and the sun was suddenly too bright. Tears filled those amber eyes and his little hands reached up and grabbed the knot that was forming on the top of his head. He wanted the pain to go away and, he knew that crying wouldn't help. So, he rubbed the hard knot and looked up to see what had hit him.

"What the hell did you do that for?" he screamed, furiously glaring at his Aniki, realizing it had been his fist struck him. Sesshomaru glared down at the pup, claws clenched tight, ready to hit the hanyou again. His own frustration was seeping through his icy mask and he was struggling not to repeat his impulsive attack on his Otouto.

"Do not curse, Inuyasha. You are better than that."

"But you do it!" he cried out again, too angry to really think about what he had just said. So, he shouldn't have been as surprised as he was when his brother hit him on the head again.

"Stop hitting me, you jack- jerk," he grumbled, catching himself. The pins and needles in his skull had faded to a dull throbbing behind his eyes now, but he still knew better and watched his tongue.

"I will, when you do as I tell you. Now focus, hanyou," he growled, finishing his warning in their native tongue, raising his fist, threateningly. With an exasperated and angry cry, Inuyasha lashed out blindly.

But, his brother was not there when Inuyasha's hand ought to have made contact with the Inu's thigh. Growling with frustration he attacked once more, his Aniki remaining out of his reach. Over and over again, the pup's anger only intensified when he continued to miss and he began to strike out faster and faster.

Suddenly though, his hand made contact with something. Opening his unknowingly clenched eyes, Inuyasha saw that the log his brother had set in front of him to attack, was now split into five very uneven and ragged pieces.

"Very good, Otouto," Sesshomaru muttered. He smirked behind his mask, his plan having worked like a charm.

At first, the daiyoukai had been angry with the hanyou. How dare he strike at his older brother, especially after being taken in by him. But, as he had been about to hit the stupid whelp for his offensive and childish attempts at revenge, he had felt it the hanyou's aura had begin to surge. Filling his body with the power of his blood. So, with some quick thinking and some skilled maneuvering, Sesshomaru had directed the pup into hitting the wooden pole. Now, the damned thing sat in a heap of pieces and splinters. As he stood before the pile, he watched the shock of the pup quickly turn into pride and understanding, illuminating his face.

Inuyasha smirked at his hands. Now they were useful. Now they were claws, just like his Aniki's. Well, almost. He had only been able to shatter it, not melt or create smooth sections of wood. Maybe that was something that only his Aniki could do, like flying. Looking up, he saw the faint smile on his brother's face. Strange as it was to see it on Sesshomaru's face, Inuyasha's smirk broadened into a full blown and triumphant smile in response to it. A smile that made the small one of his Aniki's vanish. But, the pup knew he had seen it this time.

Quickly, Sesshomaru squashed the feelings of pride that had unwillingly swelled in his chest and broke through his mask.

Stupid hanyou. The twerp actually made me smile. That will not happen again, he thought, berating himself for his carelessness.

"I did it, Aniki!"

"Indeed, Otouto," he muttered. Obviously the hanyou had done it. What else could it have been? But Sesshomaru didn't let himself dwell on his brother's jubilation for long; he needed him to know exactly what had happened.

"Inuyasha, come here," he voiced slowly to the little dog. He was unsure of what do to, so he held his paws out for the pup's.

"Now, listen to this Sesshomaru. Close your eyes and take a deep breath." Inuyasha gave the Inu a skeptical look, but did as he was told. It definitely was not the best idea to have his Aniki angry with him. Who knew if the next time Sesshomaru got frustrated, there would be no log between Inuyasha and those poisonous claws. So, he closed his big eyes and breathed deeply through his nose before releasing all the sweet air back to the world. Sesshomaru felt himself smirk while his paws wrapped around the tiny one's of his Otouto.

"Good, Otouto. Now, think about what you just did. What did you feel right before hitting the log?"

Cracking a single eye open for a brief second, Inuyasha looked at his Aniki. Why did he ask such a silly question? He was mad. He had wanted to hurt his guardian for hurting him. He had wanted revenge. Which is what he breathed to the larger Inu before him.

"Good. Remember that anger, Inuyasha. Remember how it felt. Feel it again. Bring it back to the surface, feel the rage boil beneath your skin and tell me what else you feel," he murmured, letting a taunting tone fill his voice so the pup would want to feel the anger again. It worked. Inuyasha could feel his anger towards his brother again. Though, without really meaning too, he felt anger for more than just his Aniki fill him. He could feel the deep pain and hurt from his past that he tried to hide from himself.

But, something else was growing in his chest when he thought about his past. Something feral and dangerous. He liked it; liked the power it had. And, he liked the feeling it gave him. It was pride and it was anger. Conflicting and melding inside him, he knew it was what his brother wanted him to feel. But, it was weakening, and he couldn't hold onto it. So, it slipped through his grasp and receded back into him.

"I felt it. But, I couldn't keep it, Aniki. What do I do now?" Inuyasha asked, looking up to Sesshomaru. The big and familiar eyes of his Aniki enveloped his own, giving him the confidence he had always sought and making him warm with security. Without a word spoken, those eyes could tell him anything, everything. Biting his lip, he waited. He searched. He wanted the answer. He needed it.

"Look again, Otouto. You will find it in your past."

"But," He was skeptical, and he didn't know what the older Inu meant.

My past? All that's there is pain and Okaachan. But, she's gone. Is that what he meant? No, if it was, I would have felt that power a long time ago. Frustrated with himself, his clenched his hands around the only two of his Aniki's large claws that they could wrap around. He didn't understand why she had to leave him and he wanted her to return. The sniff he made resulted in his Aniki tightening his grasp. Inuyasha looked up to those bright amber eyes. They were mocking him!

What a jerk! He's making fun of me. But, why? I thought he was trying to help me. I guess I'll show him that I can figure this out. I have to prove that jack ass wrong! Prove everyone wrong about hanyous.

The anger was beginning to bubble up in him again as he thought about how much he hated the look in his Aniki's eyes. It was so similar to the ones the Inus in Sobo-ue's palace had given him; the ones his mother's family had sent his way. He could feel their hands on him again, the pain from that last beating. From all the ones before. He didn't want to see that look in those amber eyes. It was unbecoming of them to be that cruel. The anger he felt was raging in his limbs, the pride was blooming from deep in his chest. They contradicted. The anger dulled his senses, the pride sharpened them. The heat of his body flushed through his hands and his heart began beating faster, harder. His body was hot and tingly, but cold and numb. The air in his lungs was relief, the acid in his stomach had long turned sour.

It felt good. The power that was racing through him. He had a hold of it now, and he wasn't gonna let it go. He was gonna knock that stupid and smug expression from those eyes. He was gonna let his Aniki know how much that look hurt him. He wanted to make his brother feel that pain.

Little did the hanyou know just how much Sesshomaru understood. The Inu could feel the pain through the pup's aura. See it in his countenance; the way those slouched shoulders straightened and his head rose to a previously unreachable height for the pup. The power in his blood was flooding his hands, making his claws sharper and more menacing. The Inu felt something inside his own chest. Intermingled within the pride and concern for his Otouto.

It was regret. The pup's eyes were ablaze with his anger, his pain. The amber was brighter than anything Sesshomaru had seen in those rich pools before, the same golden color as the aura that was surging through the claws in his grasp.

That look was so ferocious and full of determination, he knew that he needed to show the pup that this was all part of his lesson. And, that he had achieved the goal perfectly. He needed to show Inuyasha that he was not an enemy. It would not be wise for him to anger his mother by loosing his temper and killing the hanyou.

At least, that's the rationale he used to quell the regret and pain chocking him. He softened his expression, allowing his mask to melt. Sightly. Only the pup would be shown this side of him. Just this once.

Tears began to well up in Inuyasha's eyes when realized that his brother was no longer showing him an icy demeanor. It had been a lesson and wasn't real. The anger inside him then changed. It wasn't towards his Aniki for hurting him anymore; it was for hurting his Aniki. Because the pain in his brother's eyes was so foreign, Inuyasha wasn't sure it was real.

"Aniki," he whimpered, pulling his paws free and wrapping his arms around the neck of his brother. This isn't what he had wanted. Well, not really.

"Inuyasha," Sesshomaru whispered. He wrapped his own arms around his brother and allowed the pup to cry into his shoulder. "Forgive this Sesshomaru for causing you such pain. It was a necessary evil that he had to commit towards you. He trusts that you understand now, though."

"Yes, Aniki." By now, Sesshomaru had pulled away from the pup's embrace, his stoic bearing returned. But, his voice still held his true feelings of regret. It carried the pain he had wished to hide from the pup. Whom of which, stared up at him. Those big, wet eyes and the sniffling continued to express everything that the hanyou had felt. Had he been a full demon, the pup would not be allowing such feelings to control him, for long. But, his human blood made the regret and pain amplify and the compassion he felt for his Aniki was as clear in those similar little eyes as any writing on a scroll.

"I understand, Aniki. Thank you for trying to help me, and I know you didn't mean for it to hurt. Please don't be sad."

Sad? Who does this hanyou think he is speaking to? I do not get sad. Stupid hanyou, he thought. His expression incredulous, his frustration was drowning out all that he had previously felt.

"You have caused this Sesshomaru no pain, hanyou. You have completed the lesson he placed before you. Now go and find yourself something to eat. You will not be treated like a baby and have everything placed before you," he grumbled, releasing the pup and standing. With a wave of his hand, the Inu turned his back to the giggling pup and sat down. His mind was reeling with what had just transpired, and he didn't want the laughing hanyou around while he contemplated on it.

Inuyasha was having a hard time of trying to keep his amusement from being too noticeable. He still felt so terrible for wanting to hurt his brother, but it was just too hard to ignore the frustration of said Inu. So, without a fuss, he went off to look for something to eat. He too needed to think about what had just happened.

Damned hanyou! He really made this Sesshomaru feel regret? He will pay for this. Though, he did do what I asked him to do. And, quite flawlessly as well. With a great sigh, the Inu looked up to the sky and watched the orange clouds and purple sky.

"What the hell have I gotten myself into?"

Inuyasha looked up, a belly full of yummy berries and ice cold water. The clouds were orange and the sky was growing into an ever deeper shade of indigo. He didn't know why, but it made him happy to know that something like the sun slept too. That must make Sesshomaru more powerful than the sun, since he rarely slept. The thought made him giggle.

He had thought about what had happened to great length. Or, as great a length as a five year old could achieve. So, he had forgiven his brother for the pain he had caused him within an hour or so. He had been trying to help Inuyasha, so the pain was unintentional, right?

Well, even if it wasn't, he decided not to dwell on it. He didn't know the inner workings of his Aniki's mind. He was a full blood after all. And they were all so weird. And, Sesshomaru was the weirdest.

I should probably get back to Aniki. But, what if he's still mad? he deliberated, hesitating in his resolve of returning to his brother. He knew it was foolish to worry about it, but he didn't want to end up like that log. With a sigh, though, he turned and walked towards the spot he had left his Aniki.


Sesshomaru sighed, eyes closed. His peace was over, and he was soon to be thrown back into the turmoil of emotions were a part of his guardianship for the little pup. Slowly, he opened his eyes and looked to where the tiny voice had drifted over to him on the breeze. There, stood the blue lipped and disheveled form of his brother.

"What have you been eating, Otouto?" he asked. There was no need to ask. He could smell the sweet tang of the berries the hanyou had stuffed himself with, but he wished for the pup to answer him. Inuyasha's eyes widened, and he hurriedly wiped his mouth with his kimono sleeve.

"Um," he muttered, looking everywhere but his Aniki's condescending eyes. He awkwardly began shifting his weight from one foot to the other, his hands clasped behind the small of his back.

"Come, Inuyasha," Sesshomaru muttered. He really didn't care about what the pup had eaten. Only that he had eaten. He patted the ground beside him, watching the hesitant pup's movements as he sat beside the massive form of his Aniki.

"Are you still mad at me, Aniki?" the tiny red and silver bundle mumbled from beside him. Sesshomaru had long since closed his eyes again, so he didn't see the tiny glimmer of fear in his Otouto's eyes. He did, however, smell that fear. He cracked a single eye open a sliver, seeing the pup rocking back and forth on his heels, arms wrapped around his knees.

With a sigh, Sesshomaru opened both eyes fully, pulled the little thing into his arms and let the hanyou inhale his scent. It was comforting to the pup, since it was so strong and radiated nothing but confidence. His aura was like that too, and Inuyasha often wondered if their Chichi had been like that.

"No, Otouto. This Sesshomaru was never angry with you," he muttered. The low rumble of their native tongue calmed the pup and he relaxed into the Inu's shoulder.

"Good," he muttered, nuzzling his nose into Sesshomaru's tail.

"Go to sleep, Inuyasha."

"Yes, Aniki," the pup muttered, promptly falling asleep curled up in a red ball.

Damn hanyou, Sesshomaru muttered, staring up at the stars. Oh how he wished he didn't have this pup with him, and the feelings the stupid thing evoke from deep inside him.

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