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Whistling as he walked down the hall, Mr. Anthony Li looked forward to another school day. He had spent the majority of the weekend grading the final family history papers. He was quite pleased with the effort the students had shown. Most came from more normal backgrounds, others had royalty or some claim to fame in theirs. And others, well their lives were a sob story waiting to happen. He never would have guessed it consider how adjusted and happy his students were. Especially one in particular. To have had both your parents taken from you and to have never had known them, well that just had to be difficult.

He pushed open the door to his classroom and moved over to his desk. He was shocked to see a note a stack of papers there. Curious, he placed his briefcase down and picked the note up and read.

Dear Mr. Li,

I know our Family History papers were already due, but after these past few weeks, I felt that my paper was adequate at best. If you don't mind, I would like to add these pages as well to my paper. While the content has very little to do with my history, I still felt compelled to share this new knowledge in my paper. After all, it isn't everyday that a person learns what the true meaning of family really is.

Yugi Motou

Subconsciously, Anthony sat down reaching for the added pages. He folded back the title page, which simple said "My New Family." And even before he began to read, he knew this was something that would forever change his life.

My New Family

When I was younger, my brother Yami asked me what I thought the word family meant. I quoted him the definition from Webster's Dictionary. "Children and their parents as a group." Yami didn't comment at first, but after several awkward moments, he asked me if I thought that was an accurate explanation. At that time, I replied yes. How could be a definition be wrong? I explained to my brother that a family were parents, children, aunts, uncles, and cousins who were all related by blood or marriage. Yami nodded in agreement, but then asked me a question that would haunt me for quite some time.

"We as a society Yugi try to explain every phenomenon that happens in our lives. Come up with the perfect reason and in this case the perfect definition for every scenario that we could possible face. But nothing is perfect Yugi. There is always some tiny flaw. So let me ask you this, What is the flaw in the word family?"

I was barely fourteen when Yami had asked me that question. And until two weeks ago, I never had the answer. And like every other great revelation, I stumbled on the answer accidentally. If you told me that my life was going to change drastically over a month ago, I would have laughed. But then, she entered all of our lives and never again were any of lives the same. Who is this "she" that threw my whole perspective of the world out the window? Who is this figure that helped teach me the true meaning of family? Raya Walker, singer, artist, teacher, and best of all, adopted sister.

I was blessed with coming from a loving environment. Some of my best friends can not even say that. What Raya taught me though, wasn't about what families she and our friends actually had, but about what families she really had. I was confused at Raya meant. If she had an actual family, how can she have another one? She never elaborated on what she meant, rather let it up to me to learn, just as she had.

I spent many hours considering what my brother and Raya had told me. Maybe there was more to the word family than just what the definition said. That the definition was nothing more than a basic description that allows the reader to interpret what he and she feels. And after all my friends, Yami, and myself wound ourselves in the hospital from the beatings we had sustained, I finally discovered my answer. Sure our family is ninety percent of who were are related too, but that other ten percent consists of so much more.

Within these past few weeks, I have seen more hardships, acts of kindness, forgiveness, desperation, and love to last me a lifetime. And through it all, my Grandfather, my brother, and all my friends were there to support and guide me through it. Without them, I would have been a totally different person. And it was then that I realized who my family was.

Families are not just people you are related too. They are also you're closest friends who would give up their own lives to make sure you were safe from harm. Who would gladly risk anything and everything to ensure a future that seems so far off. And that is when I finally found the flaw in the word of family. It was missing one very big concept. Friends. I am lucky, I have the greatest group of friends in the word. Tea, Joey, Tristan, Bakura, Seto, Mokuba, and Raya, who is now my adopted sister. Life couldn't get much better than it already is.

So now I have my answers to the two greatest questions ever posed to me. What the word family really is and who my family really was. And the funny thing about it, both answers are the same. And even more amazing, it can be summed into one word. Friends.

So, now that I know the meaning of the word family, I thought it would be best to give that definition to everyone so that they too can understand what I have been blessed to know.

A family isn't just people who are related to one another, but a group of individuals, related or not, who are will go the extra mile to protect the people they love.

The paper ended there. But as Mr. Li placed the paper back done on his desk, smiling. It wasn't everyday that the student surpassed the teacher, and Yugi had certain done that. And at that moment, he only had one thought going through his mind about Yugi's addition.

That was all,
But that was everything.

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