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"Demon Talking"

'Demon Thinking'

Chapter 1: The Light Dragon Slayer

A young blond pre-teen with six whisker marks on his face, giving him a fox look to him, was running through a dense forest. He was wearing black boots, black cargo pants, a plain white shirt, and a heavy black trench coat which went down to his ankles, all were dirty and slightly torn.

"Naruto hurry I see it right behind us," a small voice said from around his neck. Around his neck was a small fox. It had orange fur with black around its eyes.

"Dang it," Naruto said under his breath as he took a quick look behind him. Fallowing him was a figure in a black suit, except for the fact that he didn't have a face. A pure white circle appeared in front of him and shot towards the faceless creature as he took off at as quick as he could until he was behind a giant tree. The blond panted hard and relaxed a little. He had been running from the faceless creature for about five hours now and nothing he did would work against it, not even his dragon slayer magic only his illusion magic seemed to be able to slow it down but even then it wasn't long.

"Do you think we lost it," the fox asked looking around.

"I don't know Yoko, I honestly do not know," Naruto asked between pants. His head snapped in the direction he had just heard twigs cracking. From the shadows appeared the same thing that had been chasing him a while ago come walking out from the shadows. Naruto quickly jumped to his feet and looked at the thing that had found him yet again. Our hero began to gather magic to cast another illusion to slow it down so he could escape. The mysteries thing quickly shot out one of its arms and grabbed the one that Naruto was using to cast the spell stopping it and sucking the magic from it.

Naruto looked at his hand mystified that his magic was stolen. Taking the chance the creature used its arms to wrap around his whole torso. It then drew him in closer as the area around then started to warp.

"Naruto do something!" Yoko yelled at him wrapping tighter around his neck. Naruto quickly woke out of his daze and tried to draw on his magic but it was all quickly drawn into the creature. Naruto thrashed around widely trying to escape from the hold as the creature drew him closer. Naruto soon found he was face to no face with the thing as he soon blanked out as the world turned around and twisted.

-Time skip-

Naruto soon woke up lying on the ground in a dense forest. "Yoko you there?" he asked getting up.

"Yeah I'm here," She said unwrapping around his neck. "Do you know where we are?"

"No clue," he responded walking off in a random before spotting something lying on the ground. It was a huge scroll that was pure white, picking it up he noticed that it was really light weight so he decided to take it and read it later. "Hey Yoko you mind holding on to this for me," Naruto asked holding it up to her. She grabbed it and put it into her storage space for later use.

As he left he almost didn't notice the figure that had no face on it.

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