CHAPTER 11- PERCY- Tomato juice and sandwhiches

Picnics are supposed to be on sunny days, in a park, with friends, playing games, and lots of food and juice. Well, keep the food and juice part, imagine having the same thing, sitting on rocks, in the underworld. Surrounded by dark rocks that looked like a monsters mouth, with stalactite and stalacmite razor sharp teeth. I sat there eating my turkey sandwhitch and drinkin blue coke while I remembered what had happened.

About 12 hours ago Annabeth had been getting dragged into the pit of tartarus. I, followed her and tried to save her, and also got dragged in. We basically fell for like 10 minutes or something on a what looked like brown fluffy pillows. Remember that minotaur guy? Well, he came back, and now he has KIDS! Yay! And if things don't get any better, which of course they didn't they were REALLY angry that we had fallen on them during nap time. So here we are, annabeth not being able to walk, and me, pretty much defenseless. Annabeth and I would have been yack meat if it hadn't been for this lady. She appeared out of nowhere she had flowing brown hair, and calming brown eyes. Her dress was white and was made of flowy material. She summoned my sword (which was kind of odd) and she made Annabeth's ankle heal. Pretty soon we were fighting along side this lady that through these bolts of red at them.

It's actually quite hard you know, to fight monsters in Tartarus because that's their "homeland" where they are the strongest. Once we defeated the monsters we talked to that lady she kept on asking us questions, who we were, why were we here, and whether and how we were planning to get out. She nodded, I really don't know we were telling her this stuff but she put us to ease. After we finished talking we got attacked by pit scorpions. She put them at a trance making them easier to kill. Basically I knew we shouldn't get on her bad side. Once again we fought the pit scorpions, I deflected poison, Annabeth slashed and stabbed, and this lady was firing red bolts.

We had just destroyed them when she suggested that we should grab a bite to eat. She brought sandwiches, whatever you wanted was their, from PB&J to some Caviar fish egg thing. The drinks worked just like it did on camp half blood you wished what you wanted and you got. Annabeth stopped eating her sandwich and looked up she observed the lady. She asked,"Who are you?"

"A mother," she responded smiling as she sipped her tomato juice and finished her tomato sandwich.

"No really who are you," I said after I finished my sandwich.

"The mother, not mother Earth, a different one," she said putting down her juice.

"Wait, I get it now, the red business, the way we feel so relaxed?" Annabeth asked her eyebrow raised, "more importantly, why are you helping us?" her expression changed almost a little scared.
The lady just smiled.