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I will stick to the plot of the original anime (haven't read the manga, but I assume their very similar) as much as possible, and there won't be a ridiculous overload of romance. I will add SOME things, mostly in the dialogue factor, because I don't remember exactly what was said and such as this, and for the sake of the story certain things must be prolonged. If I seem to stray too far from the natural personalities please leave an angry review.

Now. I know this pairing is really overdone, but I was arguing with myself and well, the natural fangirl in me won out. I know this is a weird pairing and that really REALLY doesn't fit into the anime. It could, but obviously they hate each other. L and Light, I mean. Matt and Mello work fine.

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Rated T for language (mostly, also pretty much all my stories ever written are under T)

I'm going to call L Ryuzaki.

And this is just after Aizawa returns to the Task Force. It might not quite line up, but Death Note is a complicated plot.

Title:…. When I publish this I will decide. Something like, "We're Supposed to Hate Each Other, You Know." IDK, that's kind of cliché.

DISCLAIMER: IF I owned Death Note, it would be incredibly mundane because, unlike the smart bastards that MADE it, I am not a genius. ALSO, there would be romance. Between L and Light. Yeah. And Matt and Mello.

Question: Am I a weird person?

Me: …yes. Obviously.

The fangirl within: NO! You're just romantical!

Me: That's not a word. My computer is underlining that in red.

Fangril within: Shut your face. Let me dream.

Okay, enough ranting. BRING FORTH the….. (Drumroll, people, drumroll) ….. STORY.

Light POV

I really resent being chained to Ryuzaki. And it's only been two weeks. (A/N: And I just have to say, don't all of the LxLight fanfics start like this? Yeesh. How creative of me.)

For one thing, there is the distinct lack of personal space. Yeah, yeah, it's not like we're showering together (I, of course, get supervised while Ryuzaki takes his turn. I can't believe I have to be baby-sat.), but there is a six-foot chain that connects us at all times, except when changing (so as to prevent shirts hanging of the chain), but other than that I am under constant surveillance, constantly being tugged around like a puppy.

Also, the lack of sleep. Last time I checked, sleep is a basic human need. So is blinking. Eventually, it happens involuntarily. Well I thought it did, but apparently Ryuzaki doesn't need sleep, nor does he seem to blink more than once every ten minuets. His blinking habits don't affect me, but his sleeping patterns sure do. Especially when he needs to get up for more coffee, or some other assortment of sweets. How this guy has all his teeth still amazes me.

Other than that, Ryuzaki (L, Ryuga, whatever his real name is) just annoys me in general with his creepy stare, his awkward habits, the fact that, when I'm not being annoyed by him we're probably fighting, but most of all his constant accusations.

I am not Kira. Most definitely not a mass murderer. Sure, I still don't quite recall my reasoning behind letting Misa be my girlfriend, and yeah I'll admit that some people need to be eliminated for this world to be a better place, but I would never, ever be Kira.

Ryuzaki is not convinced of this.

The only time I'm not being pissed off by Ryuzaki is when we manage to have a few seconds of conversation not about the Kira case. Ryuzaki is the one person I've ever met with an intelligence level that rivals my own, and I like that.

Not enough to ever, ever want his constant company, obviously.

"I don't understand!" Matsuda sighs, scanning over the report that Soichiro has put together. "The killings restarted, but we still have no leads as to who could possibly be Kira!"

Ryuzaki holds out his hand for the report, and Matsuda hands it to him. His eyes scan the paper. "Well, we know that the killings are centered around the weekends, between Friday and Saturday mostly."

"Another student?" Aizawa asks, looking up from his copy of the report.

"Hmmmm. Possibly, but we can't say for sure." I take the paper out of the panda-eyed detective's strange grasp and look it over.

"I guess we'll just have to work harder to catch Kira," I state, and the others nod in somewhat reluctant agreement.

"Come on, Light." I growl in irritation as Ryuzaki tugs me back towards the computers.

"Watch it!" I mutter before settling back into my chair. The chain clinks as Ryuzaki clambers into his typical position. He doesn't answer me, just glances at me with those creepy eyes before turning back to his work.

I scan my screen, looking hopefully for something that had gone unnoticed previously.

Nothing. Lovely.

"Lighhhhhht!" Dear God, Misa. I could never use a girl like Ryuzaki wants me to, but Misa is just so annoying I don't really understand what drove me to accept her as my girlfriend.

"It's Misa-Misa!" Matsuda announces cheerily, as if we didn't all know that.

"Shut up, Matsuda!" Aizawa growls, and I can practically feel the immature detective's gloom rolling off of him.

"Sorry, Aizawa." I turn my chair reluctantly, only to be smothered my perfume and black lace.

"Misa missed you so much!" she squeals, and I gently push her back a bit.

"Hi Misa. I thought you were at a shoot?"

"I was but it ended early!" she practically sings, peering over my shoulder to look at the computer. "Ohh, have you discovered anything new?"

"…No, not really."

"Hey Misa-Misa!" Matsuda says cheerily.

"Matsuda!" Aizawa snaps.

Misa sits in my lap and wraps her arms around my neck. "Hey Light, let's go on a date!"

Not this again. "Misa, I told you, we can't right now! We have to work on the case, and besides, I'm stuck to Ryuzaki. You know how well last time worked out." Misa winces, remembering the fight in her room.

"I've told you before, I don't mind," Ryuzaki says, but we ignore him. The other Task Force members have gotten to work on our new lead, leaving Matsuda standing behind us.

"Ryuzaki, what can I do to help?" he asks eagerly, and I notice that he gets an annoyed glare in return. Ryuzaki doesn't take Matsuda seriously at all.

"Hmm. You can be Miss. Amanae's new manager." I smirk as his face fell.

"Um, how is that helpful to the case?"

"Well, Misa is as much a part of this as Light is. You know that, Matsuda."

"It's okay, Matsuda! This'll be fun!" Misa squeals. She leaps off of my lap and tugs Matsuda towards the building entrance, chattering away.

I turn back to my work.

"Light?" I don't look at him, but I tilt my head to show him I'm listening.

"What compelled you to start going out with Misa?"

"This is only the, what, fifth time you've asked me?"

"I just want an answer, Light."

Obviously I'm not going to tell the person who suspects me as Kira that I honestly don't quite remember. Besides, he's already aware of the gaps in my memory, at least to some extent.

"As I've said, I felt sorry for her. She did loose her parents very recently. And she's a nice girl, she's just…"

"Obnoxious and clingy?" Now I do look at him, and he's smiling wryly. I smirk.

"Yeah, that about sums it up."

"It couldn't possibly be because Misa Amanae is the second Kira, and Light Yagami is the first, could it?"

I grit my teeth. "I'm not Kira, Ryuzaki! You may want me to be, but no amount of wishing will ever make that statement true." Silence. I'm glaring at him, watching him stir more sugar into his coffee thoughtfully.

"I do not believe that. See, both Kira and Light would only do something such as that if it was to their advantage."

I clench my fist. How can he keep accusing me? Can't he see I'm innocent? "I'm not Kira! Stop comparing me to him!"

"Oh, I'm quite sure that you are Kira, or at least were. I think that the power can pass to others when needed. I believe that you were Kira, or at least under his control, before you were imprisoned." That's it.

He's not expecting it, and he's in no position to defend himself without falling or dropping his coffee, so my fist successfully collides with his jaw. Of course, he falls along with his chair, spilling the coffee anyway.

The momentum tugs the chain, sending me flying after him. Damn it, I forgot about the chain. I end up landing hard on the floor, sending us both into the wall. Ryuzaki hits the wall a second before I collide with him, and we both sit there kind of dazed for a few seconds.

"Light! Ryuzaki! Stop this now!" Soichiro cries angrily, but neither of us heed his words. Instead, Ryuzaki pushes me off of him and sends a kick my way. I block him, but we end up back on the floor.

"Stop this at once!" Someone grabs my shoulders, and Dad steps between us. I glare behind me; it's Mogi restraining me.

"Let me go," I snarl. No response. Ryuzaki glowers at me, fuming.

"Will you two please quit fighting so much?" Aizawa snaps, and we both glare at him.

"I won't until-"

"Shut up, Light. Ryuzaki, it's unfair to constantly accuse Light like that. You're practically begging for a fight. And Light, none of us like it, but you are a suspect! I don't necessarily approve of Ryuzaki's methods, but we're going along with them. You agreed to this. Both of you need to grow up!" Every one is silent for a few moments after Aizawa's rant.

I sigh angrily. "Yeah, I did agree to this." Ryuzaki also seems to accept this as the truth.

"Fine." I wrench out of Mogi's grasp and rub my wrist where the chain has left an irritating red mark.

Ryuzaki clambers back into his chair, seemingly unconsciously rubbing his jaw.

I hope it hurts.