This is AU (Alternate Universe) & I was nicely asked to write this by soccerfan21. It's a great idea so I'm running with it.

Prologue: First Steps in Vengeance

She sat uneasily in a chair in her hotel room. She was twirling stray curls with her finger, afraid that her husband's plan had gone wrong. She was against his plan, against him wanting to avenge the terrible wrong that had happened to her and the tragic early death of their nearly 11 year old son, she had told him that too. She closed her worrisome eyes and let her mind drift back to when her husband had announced his plan.

After hearing what he was going to do, whether she decided to come along or not, she told him "This isn't right, it's no way to live and to honor our son's memory. You can't just hunt down all of these men, it's impossible. Honey, please, let's just forget this had ever happened; we can start up the farm again and we can have more children."

His reaction was exactly what she expected from that stubborn mule of a man, she knew he wouldn't budge. Not on this. His stormy eyes lighten and melted into her while he took a deep breath before explaining, "Darlin', I have to do this. I can't let them get away with this. They murdered our boy, raped and beat you, ran off the workers, destroyed our home, took our livestock, burnt our crops and the barn, they ruined everything we had!"

She shook her head, knowing the gentle, kind, caring, man she had known, loved, and married was being replaced with a war-damaged, tragedy-hardened, calloused shell of a man. She loved him and she knew that fighting him would get her nowhere. He was determined to do exact his plan of revenge just like he had been determined to fight for his homeland in that damned war.

She heard the creak of the door opening up and she looked over at it only to see her husband, dressed in a dark suit with a dark cloak, walk into the room with a gun on his hip. "Cullen, you do what you came here to do?"

"Yes," Cullen told his wife as he shut the door behind him, "we have to move soon."

"You got the Corporal, maybe you should stop now before you get caught and get taken from me." Mary told her husband as she looked into her eyes as he started to pack their bags.

Cullen stopped packing the bags and walked over to where his wife was sitting. He gently cupped her face with a hand and said softly, "Darlin', I won't get caught and you will never lose me, just trust me and my plan."

"Cullen, all you're going to do is kill people in reaction to what they did to me and to Mitchel but it won't change anything or bring him back." Mary just sighed and shook her head.

Cullen dropped his hand from her face and tucked a piece of her dark curls behind her ear. "Justice has to be done and the Yanks sure as hell won't do it to their own, I need to make them pay."

Mary nodded her head in agreement as he husband sweetly kissed her on the forehead before leaving her side and returning to their bags. "Fine, where are we going to now and when?" She asked, a bit nerved that they would be traveling in order for him to kill some more evil Northern officers.

"Maryland, next train in the hour." Cullen simply said as he placed the remaining garments of theirs from the wardrobe into the large bag they were using for storage.

Maryland was where a private and a lieutenant would be meeting their untimely and vengeful deaths…