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Chapter 2: Southerner's Honor

She was sitting on the small bed, just knitting, as she bides her time waiting for her husband to come home to their tent. She was hoping that he was alright, that the captain hadn't noticed them together before they took off to rent a tent. She couldn't help but worry, they were in a lawless land full of very sketchy people. She lifted her gaze from her knitting to the tent flap opening, revealing her husband walking in.

"Pork from the butcher." He said as he awkwardly held up a package, hoping that his wife wouldn't ask him about his day.

Putting her knitting work down and getting up to take the meat from her husband she remarked, "I presume you got a job then?"

"Mhm, as an overseer." He grunted, disdain in his voice over his new position at the work camp.

"An overseer?" Mary asked with her brow furrowing.

"Yea, you know an overseer. I'm Southern, all I'm good for." Cullen snapped, angry that his new boss had felt that way about him.

"So you're in charge of a black crew then, is what you mean?"


"Ah, Cullen, honey, you're a good man and they'll be glad to have you in charge of them."

Cullen shook his head at his wife as he sat at their small table while telling her moodily, "Mary, just hush right now. I'm a Southerner, a former Confederate officer; they see me as the enemy not a friend."

Mary placed a hand on her husband's shoulder, "I'm sure that once they get to know you-"

Cullen just interrupted his wife, angry that she just wasn't closing her mouth to accept his prior answers, "Ain't happening; they don't want to work for me. One says it's just like being back on a plantation."

"I'll just cook this meat for dinner." Mary said trying to bring the conversation into a different direction.

"I'm going to the Starlight after dinner." Cullen abruptly told his wife, fully aware that she wouldn't be too keen on it.

"The Starlight?" Mary asked, hoping that he wasn't talking about that bar they had passed when they arrived in town.

"The saloon, Mary, for a few drinks and rounds of poker."


It was dark and the smoke in the dimly lit saloon made the place look misty-like in a hazy way. Men surrounded a round table, shot glasses and a bottle of Corn Likker on the table. Cullen was seated at the table with Captain Johnson and a few other men. They talked about the war mostly and life before the war. Then a question was asked that would make everyone's heads turn when answered.

Cullen removed his cigar and downed a shot of whiskey; then answered the question asked with, "I gave them their freedom year 'fore the war started."

Captain Johnson's face twisted as he asked, "Are you serious."

Cullen nodded his head and place his cigar back in his mouth. "I kept them on wages."

"You are an odd duck, Bohannon." Johnson chuckled as he refilled the men's shot glasses.

"I married a Northerner, she convinced me of the evils of slavery." Cullen explained as his cigar balanced on his lips, threatening to fall."

Then after this shocking information was revealed Captain Johnson wanted to know why Cullen had fought in the war and to that Cullen grimly said "Honor." While looking a bit spaced out.

Then Captain Johnson proceeded to tease Cullen about being a Southern man with honor before asking, "And where is your wife now?"

To this all Cullen had to say was, "She's safe."

Then it seemed that subject was dropped and another was picked up.

It was late, nearly midnight, and Mary was not pleased that her husband wasn't home yet. She lay in bed alone, worrying about her husband in the saloon. She knew that her husband had been a big boozer and bar room brawler before they had married and she had tamed him; turned him into a family man but now that their family was broken she feared that he was going back to his drinking and fighting ways of his younger days.