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This story is just one story from a collection of ideas I have that all revolve around Link and Zelda's childhood before the events of Skyward Sword. They are all based of songs that inspire me or that I feel fit into something that Zelda or Link would do. I encourage you to listen to the song as well but I can't very well force you to listen to it. Feel free to if you wish!

I always have an age at the beginning of the story but the stories don't go in any order of age. The next one-shot may be as a teen or pre-teen or toddler or so on. They are completely random.

One word of caution, these one-shots will be updated really randomly. Sometimes I just sit down and write for a while but most times I just slowly add to one story. I warn you that I will not update on any certain day but I can assure you that I have some stories completed so I won't abandon this right away. After I feel like I can't write any more for this I will put it under 'completed' but until then this will be open.

I am always open to story ideas or song suggestions!


Munich - The Fray

Step to the edge
You and I
And we fall below
Take a breath
Hold my hand
And now you're not alone

Age: 9

"Zelda, are you alright?" Link's kind voice asked me as I faced the edge of the platform.

I closed my eyes tightly and shook my head repeatedly.

"It's fine, there's nothing to be afraid of."

I shook my head again and backed away, I was horribly terrified of just jumping off into the abyss of clouds below. After all, I was just nine years old and I had just gotten my Loftwing. And now I was expected to just leap off of the platform to land on it? I was only a nine-year old!

A hand was placed on my shoulder and I looked up to see my father standing there. "You know, Link is right. Your Loftwing will catch you no matter what."

"But what if she doesn't?" My voice came out pitifully.

My father chuckled but it wasn't him who answered me.

"I'll be there to catch you." I turned to see Link's completely serious face. He wasn't joking at all.

I gave a shaky smile and peered over the edge again. My father was helping some of the other kids with their Loftwings and wouldn't be here to see it. Maybe that would be a good thing. He wouldn't see me fail.

My heart thudded loudly in my chest as I prepared to jump. I looked back at Link and saw his reassuring smile.

I can do this. I told myself. There's nothing to be afraid of.

I took a deep breath and ran.

I was going to do it!

I was going to do it.

What am I doing?

I skidded to a stop and wavered at the end of the cut-off bridge. My arms flailed as I tried to catch my balance and I felt myself fall. A hand grasped my arm and I was pulled back by Link. I collapsed onto the ground and wrapped my arms around my knees. Tears fell from my eyes as I curled in on myself. I almost died.

"It's alright Zelda." Link said softly as I leaned into him.

I looked up at Link's face. "I can't do it." I said hopelessly.

"Yes you can." He replied with determination. "I'll help you."

"How will you do that?" I said with a sniffle.

He got to his feet and helped me up off the ground. I took a look around and noticed the other children were already flying on their Loftwings. My father was watching Link and me at a distance, a curious expression on his face.

Link led me to the edge once more and I almost yanked away from him. I just couldn't do it.

"Hold my hand." He said softly.

I slipped my hand in his.

"Take a breath."

I breathed softly a few times before looking back at him.

"When I say so, jump."

I clenched my teeth but nodded. I trusted Link.

"Ready?" He asked and replied with a nod. "Jump!"

We leaped off of the edge and fell speedily. I felt my heart stop and I clutched Link's hand tightly. I heard Link whistle with his other hand but I couldn't get myself to do the same.

I shut my eyes tightly and I realized with dread that my Loftwing wouldn't come. Link's hand slipped from mine and suddenly I knew I was going to die. I was going to fall to my death.

I heard a swoosh of wings and then suddenly I felt feathers beneath me. My eyes shot open and I recognized Link's crimson Loftwing carrying me. Link was in front of me, directing the Loftwing carefully. I wrapped my arms around him and clutched for dear life.

Link laughed as he swooped his Loftwing around with ease. It seemed so natural for him to be flying, despite it being only his second time. It wasn't long before I eased up my grip around Link and began to enjoy the feeling of freedom.

I chanced a glance beneath us and prepared myself for the terrified feeling I got when I was high up but then realized I never got it. I felt...happy. There was not fear, just joy and wonder at the magical flight I shared with him.

Around us other children and their Loftwings wooshed through the air. They laughed as they sped past each other and swerved around us. It seemed like fun.

"Zel?" Link asked with a glance back at me.

"Yes, Link?" I responded with a smile.

"Want to go on your own Loftwing?"

With a start I realized my blue Loftwing was flying right beside us, her eyes focused on me. It looked as though she was giving me a smile.

My Loftwing positioned herself beneath us and I nodded to Link. I let go of him and dropped perfectly onto my Loftwing. Controlling her was so easy and simple, I barely had to do anything because it seemed she knew where I wanted to go.

I laughed with joy as I urged her past Link and raced him around. I felt nothing but happiness and a love for the sky.

My time in the air was short-lived as I heard my father whistle loudly to all of us and we returned swiftly.

Landing wasn't my strong suit and I tumbled my Loftwing onto the ground. She didn't seem hurt but I whispered a soft 'sorry' to her and patted her neck as Link gave a little laugh behind me. I gave him a glare as I returned to my father who had been watching me a little ways away.

The children began to return to their homes for the rest of the day and I felt sad as my Loftwing, along with the rest, returned to the sky.

"How was it?" My father asked.

I stole a glance at Link as he walked back towards the academy and smiled.