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Freshmen Year

I glance over at Madge nervously, she offers me a small smile as we wait for the door to open.

I realize how glad I am I asked my new roommate to come with me tonight. I would have felt strange showing up here alone and I guess this is a good way for us to bond. Besides, it wasn't like either one of us really knew anyone else or had any other plans for the first weekend of our college career.

Gale finally opens the door, a beer in his hand.

"Catnip!" He exclaims, pulling me into his arms.

"Hey Gale," I return his hug before pulling away. "This is my roommate, Madge," I tell him and I can't help noticing the way Madge blushes when she shakes his hand.

"Ahh fresh meat, just like Katniss," Gale says, inspecting the blonde girl and still not letting go of her hand. "Well, it's lucky you guys know us. Most freshmen are going to that lame on-campus social. You two are going to experience your first college party."

I roll my eyes at Gale's attempts to show off. Gale is a junior and he lives off campus with three other guys in a house that's walking distance from our dorms.

"Come on, I want you to meet the guys," He tells us,and we follow him into the living room.

The room is made up of an old, tattered couch, a futon and several cushioned chairs arranged around a coffee table. On the wall opposite the couch is a huge flat screen TV that is mounted to the wall. There are three boys seated around the room, each with a drink in hand.

"Hey guys," Gale announces to the room.

"This is Katniss, the girl I grew up with who is basically like my little sister and if any of you assholes gets any ideas I'll will punch you in the dick...hard."

"Gale!" I admonish him, rolling my eyes at his overprotective, overbearing ways.

"And this is her roommate, Madge," Gale adds like he never even heard me.

We wave to the guys as we move towards the couch and chairs to take a seat.

"This is Finnick," Gale says, indicating a bronze haired boy that is intimidatingly good looking. "This is Thresh," He continues pointing out a dark skin boy who nods his head in my direction. "And this is Peeta," He finishes, motioning to the blonde hair, blue eyed boy.

When he looks at me I feel myself blush and immediately stare at my hands folded in my lap.

Slowly people start showing up at the house until there are about 20 or 30 bodies spread throughout the living room and kitchen. I feel a little overwhelmed. Gale has ditched me to talk to some of his friends and there are so many upperclassmen here, I feel like a fish out of water. Madge sits beside me, neither one of us having moved from our original spot where we first sat down.

She keeps glancing over at Gale.

I look across the room by the stereo system that Finnick and Peeta are gathered around. Peeta catches my eyes across the room and smiles. I feel my stomach do flips.

He waves me over to him.

I hesitate for a moment.

"Umm, I'll be right back," I tell Madge who is still staring at Gale.

"Uh yah, sure," she responds, but I'm not sure she really heard me.

I make my way through the crowd and get to Peeta. "Hey," I smile nervously, tucking my hair behind my ears.

"You want a drink?" He asks, taking a sip from his own red plastic cup.

"Uh sure," I reply. I've never drank before. Mainly because I was always focused on making sure Prim was taken care of in high school that the idea of partying and getting drunk every weekend seemed ridiculous to me. Now that I'm in college though I figure it can't hurt to let loose for a change.

"Come on, follow me," he says.

He makes me a rum and coke and I don't even finish half of it before I realize I'm drunk. I meander through the house dumbly, a stupid grin on my face. I find Madge and throw my arms around her. "I'm soooo glad you came tonight!" I exclaim.

"Oh my god, me too!" Madge returns, holding her own red plastic cup. "Thank you for inviting me."

"I'm soooo happy you're my roommate," I add. I abandon my drink in the kitchen, the small, still sane part of me realizing I'm already at my limit.

Later Gale sees me almost trip and fall head first into the carpet and shouts across the room. "God damn it, which one you assholes got Katniss drunk?" He demands.

"Calm down, Gale!" I protest. "It's not the end of the world. I'm allowed to get drunk."

"Yeah, she's allowed to get drunk," Finnick shows his support.

"You're funny," I tell him, pushing my finger against his chest.

"You're cute," he returns and I blush and shake my head.

After my millionth trip to the bathroom I find myself in a long, narrow hallway in the back of the house alone with Peeta.

"How are you doing?" He laughs when he sees me stumble a little.

"I'm great!" I giggle, glad that no one is around and that it's just us. I look behind him at the closed door he's standing in front of. I push pass him to reach it, trying to turn the knob.

"That would be my room," he explains. "And I like to keep it locked when we have parties like this. You know, so my shit doesn't get stolen."

I laugh probably a little too loudly at that.

"Can I see?" I plead with him, pouting and using my best puppy dog eyes.

I can see him internally debating it in his head. "Alright," he finally concedes, opening the door and letting me in.

I walk into the room and inspect his set up. I notice that for a boy's room it's pretty neat and organized.

He's still standing by the doorway, holding the door open. He keeps glancing behind him nervously. When I approach him I realize how bold I'm feeling. I grab his hand and pull him into the room. Then I shut the door behind him.

He swallows thickly. "What are you doing?"

I shrug my shoulders, not really sure what to say to that.

I take his hand and pull him over to the edge of his bed. We sit side by side for a moment and I realize he hasn't let go of my hand.

When I look up at him we lock eyes and I feel a spark between us. His eyes dart to my lips and I feel myself inching closer. Finally, he breaks the spell and looks away.

"Katniss..." he warns, and I don't really know why he's fighting this, whatever this is, but suddenly I need to lie down.

I flop back onto the bed.

"Talk to me," I say.

And so he does. He starts talking about his major and how he met Gale and what he wants to do after he graduates. He tells me about where he grew up and how his family owns a bakery and how his mom is a total bitch.

It's amazing really, how easily we connect. I feel like I've known him my whole life. I've never been able to talk to someone like this. I tell him stuff that I would never dream of telling just anybody, let alone a complete stranger. I realize some of it might be the alcohol, but seeing as how I stopped drinking a while ago and it has been slowly starting to fade, I think it's more than that.

It's at some point later in the night when we're both laughing hysterically at something I can barely remember that he leans his body over me, his face inches from mine. He looks down at me, as our mirth dies away.

"Kiss me," I ask as his hand cups my face.

"It's not that I don't want to..." he trails off.

It takes me a moment to realize what he's saying. "Gale..." I conclude.

"He's one of my best friends," Peeta shrugs. "I just wouldn't feel right doing that to him."

I sigh, rolling my eyes and not bothering to try and hide my annoyance.

"I'm a big girl, Peeta." I tell him. "I can make my own choices."

"I know, I'm sorry," he says, but he still doesn't make any attempt to take things further.

And so every time I come over to their house or we meet up at a party it's always like this. I want him and he wants me, but nothing ever happens. We remain in this weird holding pattern of constantly flirting with each other without ever acting on it because Gale is overprotective and Peeta is a loyal friend.

Sophomore Year

The club is packed. It's hot and the music is pounding and bodies are pushed up against each other on the dance floor.

Finally, Madge and I make it through the crowd and spot the boys.

My whole body starts to hum with nervous energy, just like it does every time I see Peeta. After a year of getting nowhere you would think I would have just moved on by now. He's clearly never going to break his stupid little oath of loyalty to Gale.

He is Saint Peeta. And it frustrates me to no end.

But when he smiles at me like that when I walk up beside him it makes me forget everything except how attracted I am to him and how nice and sweet and charming and caring he is.

Maybe I'll just have this endless infatuation with him for the rest of time and I'll go to my death bed before anything ever comes from it.

He throws an arm around me and walks me over to the bar.

I want to scream, 'look Gale doesn't give a shit about us, he's hitting on Madge!', but instead I bite my tongue.

He buys me a drink and his eyes never leave my face as we talk, even when several girls that are scandalously dress saunter by him, clearly trying to get his attention. He listens with rapt attention as I complain about my classes and share the stories about the new roommate Madge and I have this year, how she walks around naked like it's no big deal.

Somewhere around my second or third drink the club seems to be getting even more packed, so we're pushed closer together among the crowd of bodies.

I look up at him, biting my lip and raising my eyebrows suggestively as barely a few inches separate us now. His hand goes to my hip and he pulls me closer.

"You wanna dance?" I ask, throwing one arm around his shoulder.

"With you? Yes."

I grin, taking his hand and leading him out to the dance floor.

I navigate my way to the middle of the dance floor, holding Peeta's hand tightly so we don't get separated. I don't stop until we are completely surrounded by a mass of bodies that are moving in rhythm to the pounding music. As we get lost in the crowd I turn around and face him, throwing my arm over his shoulder again. He puts two hands on my hips and pulls me flush against him.

We share stupid smiles and I realize he's drunk enough not to care about pretending he doesn't want me as bad as I want him. And I'm just drunk enough to go along with it, relishing in the feel of him finally being open about what how he really feels, even if deep down I know he's just stringing me along, being a complete and total tease, because he'll never take that final step and make the first move. He'll never let go of this idea that getting involved with me would somehow be the most treacherous sin he could ever commit against the boy who was his first real friend at college.

It's a combination of a lot of things, the alcohol, the music, the people grinding against each other around us, and the fact we're completely blocked from view of anyone we actually know in this club, that kind of sets us off.

I find myself turned around, my backside flush against his front, my ass pressed tightly into his crotch. His hands are on my hips, pulling me against him as he grinds himself into my behind, making sure I feel every inch of him.

The feel of his hardness pressing into me makes me so wet I actually moan.

I reach back, my hand cupping the side of his face and then running through his hair that has started to curl slightly from the humidity of the club.

His head drops to my shoulder, his nose trailing along my exposed skin. His lips never make contact though and I try and push away the surge of anger I feel at him at the reminder that he's constantly holding himself back when it comes to the two of us together.

I make sure to work him as hard as I can, moving my ass against his groin in the most suggestive way possible. He doesn't really hold back either, returning my thrusts with equal fervor.

At one point I feel the throbbing between my legs so intensely that I turn around, putting his right leg between the two of mine and moving up against him so I can rub clit against his thigh. The combination of the friction from my jeans and the feel of his leg pressing against that area feels so impossibly good I have to grip onto his shoulders, biting my lip to suppress the moans of pleasure that are coming out of me in response.

He doesn't hesitate to respond, grabbing me by my hips again and pressing himself into me. I can feel the bulge in his jeans pushing into my hip and at several points I have to mentally remind myself to calm down because I'm so worked up I'm about two seconds from bringing him to the bathroom and demanding he take me right this instant.

When the song finally ends we pause to take a breather but he holds me around the waist like he wants to keep me close. I try and take deep breaths and ignore the ache between my legs.

Someone he knows comes by and while they're sharing a quick word I take the opportunity to step away for a moment to cool myself down. I'm fanning myself and running my hands through my hair when a tall guy with dark hair and dark eyes comes over to me.

He's hot and he gives me a sweet smile.

I smile back at him politely. There's something endearing about him, the way he's kind of dancing like a nerd, that makes me think he's not like every other complete tool that you usually run into at these clubs.

"Wanna dance?" He asks, a goofy smile on his face as he looks at me expectantly.

I open my mouth to respond, but before I can even get a word out to politely tell him 'thanks, but no thanks', I feel two strong arms wrap around me.

"She's taken," Peeta answers for me.

The guy nods understandingly, raising his hands up to indicate he meant no harm.

When he turns away I look at Peeta, glaring at him.

"Sorry," he shrugs, and he at least has the decency to realize what he did wasn't okay or fair. "I just didn't want to let you go yet."

But I just nod quietly, not wanting to make a big deal out of it. The sad part is that neither did I. I push away the depressing thought that instead of dancing with a cute, nice guy who might actually be interested enough in me to make a move, I'm still standing here with Peeta, who I've never been able to get anywhere with.

I dance with him for the rest of the night, getting lost in the sexual tension between us that comes from wanting each other so badly and never doing anything about it.

Junior Year

I take another sip of my Cosmo, every angry, bitter, and depressing thought I've had for the past week hitting me all at once.

My feet hurt and I do not want to be at this party. I'm standing near the bar by myself.

After the boys all graduated Gale, Finnick and Peeta were all lucky enough to find jobs in the city so they decided to keep their house near campus and are still living it. Thresh moved back home, but they got a new roommate named Cato who kind of seems like a douche, but he's never really around anyways.

Gale got hired at some fancy company having to do with data analyst for military intelligence or something more complicated than that I don't really understand. They have an annual Christmas benefit at the Four Seasons every year and of course he demanded every one of his closest friends come since he could bring whoever he wanted and it was open bar and he bitches that everyone there is at least 15 years older than him.

I finish my Cosmo and then ask the bartender for another.

I feel him, before I actually see him.

"You okay there?"

I roll my eyes, not looking at him. "I'm great, why wouldn't I be okay?"

"I don't know," Peeta shrugs. "You just seem kind of mad."

"I'm not mad," I tell him, trying to keep my voice calm.

"Calm on, talk to me," he asks. "What's wrong?"

I sigh. He really doesn't get it. He thinks that I want to talk to him about this of all people. He thinks that the boy I have been in love with since I was a freshman is the appropriate person to hear about how fucked up my life is. He thinks it would make sense for me to tell him how I finally found the resolve to try and date people that weren't him because after 2 and a half years it finally got through my thick head that me and him aren't happening, that we will never happen.

Just the idea of telling Peeta about how I tried seeing this guy for a month, that I gave him my fucking virginity only to come to the agonizing conclusion after two horrible sessions of sex that I could never feel for him even a fraction of what I feel for Peeta, makes me cringe. I'm in love with someone who doesn't want me, who I'll never get to be with. So I'm drowning my sorrows in alcohol and keeping my mouth shut because he is the last person I want to share that story with.

I look across the room at Gale and Madge full on making out.

"That's what wrong," I tell him, indicating our friends sucking face.

He sees them and sort of just chuckles quietly to himself.

It only pisses me off more.

"It's not funny!" I snap. "It's not funny that he gets to hook up with my friends, but God forbid..." I trail off, realizing what I just said.


Now I feel like crying because I fucking hate that he knows how much I still care about him despite how many times he's said it's not happening.

"Katniss..." He begins with what sounds like pity in his voice.

"No, just don't okay..." I stop him before he can start. "I'm sick of having this conversation all the time. I get it. I'm not worth it."

Actually saying the words out loud makes my voice crack. It makes me want to cry, the reality of the situation, the thoughts I have about why he really doesn't want to take things further between us. I'm nothing more than some girl he finds hot and he doesn't want to hook up with me because that would be breaking some kind of honor code with Gale.

It means I'm not good enough for something more. It means that he doesn't actually want to date me because if he did he would go to Gale and tell him how he felt and if Gale knew that it was about more than just hooking up he wouldn't have a problem with it - he couldn't, right?

"It's not like that," he replies, seemingly reading my thoughts.

"I care about you, I do."

"Just not enough though, right?" I respond sadly.

And in that moment I see the sorrow on his face and I think maybe this is just as hard for him as it is for me. But right now I could care less because I can only focus on my own pain. I turn and leave, getting away before he can stop me or say anything else.

Senior Year

I let myself into their house after I get out of class one afternoon. I know where they keep the spare key and I've been coming here so often the past 4 years I have no problem letting myself in.

"Hello?" I call out from the foyer, only to be greeted with silence.

I know Gale must be working, but who knows where the rest of them are.

I wander into the kitchen and place the bag of alcohol on the counter. My repayment for last weekend when I brought a couple of friends over who drank everything in their fridge.

I make my way into the living room, looking around the empty house that holds my most fondest memories of college. It's still hard for me to believe that I'll be graduating this year, that it's all over.

Inexplicably I find myself walking towards the back of the house, where Peeta's room is.

As I get closer, walking down the long, narrow hallway I notice that his door is not closed all the way, cracked open just an inch. I also notice that there is noise coming from his room. I'm just about to call out again, wanting to see if someone is indeed home, when I hear my name.


I frown, momentarily confused. Then I pick up the sounds of grunts and groans and labored breathing. I freeze, realizing what I'm listening to. "Oh...fuck...Katnisss..." I hear Peeta whimper again. Every instinct in my body tells me to turn around immediately and leave before he realizes I'm here but something prevents me from doing that. Instead I do the exact opposite of that. I creep closer to his door, being careful to remain absolutely silent.

When I reach the door I get as close as physically possible to it, peeking through the small crack of the open door.

Peeta is lying in his bed, back against the headboard, wearing nothing but a t-shirt. His hand is wrapped around his impressive length and he is stroking himself up and down, his eyes shut as he continues to pant and groan in response to his movements.

My heart is pounding out of my chest. I know I should go, turn and flee and pretend I never saw anything, but...I just can't. The longer I stand here watching him the wetter my underwear becomes. I ache to touch him. Seeing him like this for the first time, in all his glory, is making the fire I've always felt for him roar to life.

In an instant I make the decision to do something I've been wanting to do for 4 years.

I make the decision to just go for it.

It's rash and I don't take the time to really think it through but the throbbing between my legs could not make me care less.

I push open the door and step inside his room.

"Can I help you with that?" I joke, trying to lighten the mood.

Peeta's eyes fly open and he looks at me in complete shock, his mouth slightly ajar. His hand falls away from his length and he sits up more fully in bed, grabbing a nearby pillow to cover up his arousal.

I can't help giggling at the way his face flushes beet red and he starts to stammer out a response.

"Um...what? Um no, it's okay...thanks."

I laugh, turning to shut and lock the door behind me. I drop my purse on his desk and move closer to his side of the bed.

He's still holding the pillow to cover himself and he won't meet my eyes.

"Why not? I really want to help. And I know you want me to," I argue with him.

He looks up at me. "Katniss..." he begins, that same tone he's always taken with me, like he's about to explain again why things between us can't happen. Like he's about to explain about Gale and how as much as he wants it, he could never do that to him.

I don't let him finish though because I'm tired of hearing that excuse, I'm tired of him fighting us so much. I want him and I want him now.

"Peeta, stop," I command him. "I am so sick and tired of this. I'm so sick and tired of you fighting this, fighting us. Stop pretending you don't want me as bad as I want you."

He sighs and I think he expects me to turn and leave, but instead I reach up under my denim skirt and pull my now soaked underwear down my legs and kick them off my feet. I notice how he looks up at me in disbelief, swallowing thickly. Then I strip my t-shirt off and toss it to the side. I stand there with my hands on my hips, wearing nothing but my bra and skirt.

I lower myself to the bed, sitting beside him. I reach out and trace the blonde stubble on his jaw. He looks at me like he's in shock for a moment. Then I lean forward and press my lips to his. The slight moan that escapes his lips is all the encouragement I need. After 4 years of dancing around it, he can no longer deny this thing between us. I push my tongue into his mouth, tasting him, savoring the feel of something I've dreamt about for so long

When we finally break away Peeta's next words come through ragged breaths. "Oh fuck it...I need you."

I grin and move to pull the pillow off his lap, exposing his still hard length. I groan at the sight of it. "Were you thinking about me to get off?" I whisper, moving to straddle his lap.

"I always think about you," he responds.

He pushes my skirt up my waist so it hangs around my middle. His rock hard cock pushes against my stomach. I reach around and undo the clasp of my bra before tossing it to the side.

"Touch me," I plead.

Peeta grunts his approval and immediately moves his hands to cup my breasts. "You're so fucking perfect," he whispers, trailing his thumbs over my nipples, tugging on them gently. I run my hands through his hair and he leans down to take my breast in his mouth, alternating his attention between each one.

I'm breathing so hard, practically trembling, because my body feels like it's on fire. I can't believe that after all this time, after all the nights I spent touching myself thinking about Peeta, that this is finally, actually happening.

"Oh my god," I whimper, feeling the wetness between my legs grow.

When he pulls away I push him back a little and situate myself so I can rub my clit against his length. When I grind into him we both cry out and I grip onto his shoulders.

"Fuck Katniss," he exclaims gripping my hips and guiding my movements. "I've wanted this for so long."

"I want you inside me," I pant, tugging on his hair.

He looks up at me and when we lock eyes we share a look of understanding, that despite how fast this is all happening, it has been 4 years in the making. It has been 4 years in the making and there is no doubt in either of our minds how much we want it and how much we care about each other, have always cared about each other.

He shifts me off his lap and moves to stand up off the bed. For a brief moment I'm terrified that he's changing his mind and he's going to go back to being Saint Peeta. But then he stands at the edge of the bed and grabs my legs, pulling me over to him. He strips off his shirt and then brings me over so I'm right at the edge of the bed, my legs dangling off. I prop myself up on my elbows and he grabs each of my legs and wraps them around his waist.

"This is going to be fast and hard," he explains, leaning down to kiss me. "You don't know the effect you have on me, Katniss. I've wanted you like this since that first night you came over here as a Freshman. I don't think I can last too long...at least not the first time."

My eyes light up at the mention of 'the first time', hoping that means they're going to be several more times after this.

I pull him towards me, sharing a long kiss before moving my lips to his ear. "Fuck me as hard as you need," I whisper before biting down on his ear lobe. I realize the shock and thrill of being with Peeta is bringing out this completely different side of me, this side that has no inhibitions sexually. The thought excites me and makes me look forward to our future escapades.

He growls in response to my words and then places his hands on my hips, pulling me towards him. He slides in slowly, just the tip at first. My folds are dripping wet from the anticipation and the buildup and the realization this is finally, actually happening.

"Oh my god, Peeta!" I whimper.

"Oh fuck," Peeta groans, pulling himself out slowly and slamming back into me.

I give up trying to keep myself propped up on my elbows and fall back on the bed, glancing up at the image of my legs wrapped around Peeta's waist as he starts to pound into me at a faster pace. I grip onto the bedsheets, trying to hold on, as I feel my build up already coming on.

"Oh yes...yes...fuck yes," I shout, my entire body shaking from the force of Peeta's thrusts, urging him on. "Harder..." I pant.

He starts going faster and his grunts are getting louder and more out of control. His breathing is ragged and he is working furiously to get us to that point together.

When I come I cry out so loudly and my body shakes so much, I'm sure that Peeta has literally just fucked my brains out. My insides clench around him and not two seconds after I finish he finds his own releases, calling out my name and going still, pleasantly throbbing inside me.

He collapses on the bed on top of me and then rolls to his back, bringing me with him. He's still inside me and I rest my head against his chest and try and calm my breathing, coming back down to earth.

Finally, I attempt to speak. "That was..."

"Amazing, mind blowing, perfect," Peeta finishes my sentence. "I can't believe we waited 4 years to do that."

"We only waited because of you," I tell him, trailing my fingers over his chest lazily. He kisses the top of my head.

"Yeah...I don't know what the hell I was thinking," Peeta explains.

I giggle and lift my head to look up at him. "Yeah so you have 4 years of orgasms to make up to me," I tell him cheekily.

"Is that all you want me for?" Peeta protests, pretending to pout.

"No, that's just an added bonus. I want all of you Peeta. I always have."

"So have I," He responds and my heart contracts from the look in his eyes, the sincerity and passion I see there.

He kisses me and then rolls me onto my back. He slides out of me and then sinks to his knees at the edge of the bed, his head finding it's way between my legs.

"Guess I'll start on making it up to you right away," he says before his tongue licks my folds. My eyes roll to the back of my head when he starts to suck on my clit and I lose track of how many times he makes me come before I pass out from sheer exhaustion.

When I wake up several hours later it takes me a moment to realize I'm asleep in Peeta's bed, cuddled up with him completely naked. The memories of our first time and his talented tongue working it's magic instantly brings a smile to my face. I glance over at his bedside table and see that it's 1 in the morning. My throat is sore and dry from screaming so much and I desperately need a glass of water.

I kiss him on the cheek and then quietly slip out of bed, throwing on one of his white button down shirts he wears to work.

I tip toe out of his room and across the living room to the kitchen.

I quietly grab a glass from the cupboards and pour myself some water from the filter in the fridge. I pace around the kitchen, sipping on the cool drink as I inspect the pictures on the fridge and the food stocked in the cabinets, seeing if there is anything good to eat.

I hear footsteps coming into the kitchen, but before I can even turn around I feel two strong arms wrap around my waist.

Peeta kisses the curve of my neck and pulls me against him, wearing nothing but his boxers.

"I wait 4 years to wake up in bed with you naked in my arms and you can't even give me that," he complains, his lips kissing up my neck, sucking on my skin.

"Sorry," I apologize, reaching up behind me to run my hand through his hair. "Someone made me come so hard and so many times my throat was raw from screaming."

"Mhmm..." Peeta breaths, his hand slipping down my front as he realizes I'm not wearing any underwear. "I do like hearing you scream my name," he says, his fingers finding their way between my legs, brushing against my clit and running along my folds.

"You're already so wet," he pants into my hear.

He slips a finger inside me and I push against his hand and moan my satisfaction.

We're completely lost in our need for each other.

So lost that we never hear the person making their way towards the kitchen. We don't even notice him standing a few feet away, staring at us in shock, until it's too late and it's impossible to pretend we were doing something else.

"Catnip?" Gale says incredulously.

Before I can think of anything to say he charges at Peeta, fists raised.