Ok, first Ultimate Spider-Man story minus my upcoming crossover

New Girl


"My beautiful Lauren, you are now prepared to find the S.H.I.E.L.D trainees in Midgard" Lauren's father said (I'm gonna give you clues on who her father is)

"I will surely bring you the smartest one. The glue that holds them together. The one that figures out my mission first" Lauren said. Lauren has pink eyes (not a disease), black hair, and glowing bronze skin. She wears a golden and black catsuit under her skin tight gold tank top and black rubber look skirt. She wears black boots with sais in them. Her voice has a light Russian accent

"Now go to Colson and tell him you are a new student" We see her dads green eyes as he spoke

Midtown High

"So when will Colson figure out you glued him to the chair Sam" Ava Ayala (White Tiger) said rolling her eyes

"Maybe when the new girl walks into his office which is right about..." Daniel Rand (Iron Fist) said

"SAMUEL ALEXANDER" Colson yelled over the PA system

"Now" Danny finished

"How'd you know that" Samuel Alexander (Nova) cried attempting to run away but Danny caught him by his shirt collar

"Don't run, you'll get in more trouble, and to answer your question, I have super hearing, remember" Danny said letting Sam go and Sam fell on his face

"Ow" Sam muttered


"Bye" Sam spoke nervously

"Good luck Bucket Head JINX" Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Ava said at the same time.

"When will he ever figure out" Danny thought rolling his eyes

Colson's Office

"Y-yes Colson" Sam said timidly

"So you must be Sam" Lauren said

"Hot. I-I mean hi" Sam said and Lauren giggled

"So you won't get expelled, you have to give the new girl a tour of the school" Colson snapped "And will someone get glue remover"

"Here" Lauren said applying the glue remover to the chair

"Thank you" Colson said

"No problem. I knew carrying a bucket of glue remover around would come in handy" Lauren said and then Sam's phone buzzed

'Be careful. This girl is not what she seems' The text read

'U coulda just use abv. Danny' Sam texted back

'I prefer using full words' Danny replied

"Sorry. Just one of those irritating texts. So lets go" Sam said offering his hand to the young girl in front of him

Science Class

"Grrrrr. I am not irritating" Danny said. They were waiting for Colson to come in to start class

"Well you kinda are" Ava said "I might want to shut up now" she finished after Danny's fist glowed.

"Sorry class. I was stuck in a sticky situation" Colson said after storming into the class

"Sorry I'm late. My dad kept yelling at me and then he got lost in his lab and then I had to walk" Harry said taking a deep breath before starting again "So I was late and then it took forev..." Then Danny interrupted him

"Can you please get to the point" Danny said

"FINE. I was late ok." Harry snapped "jerk" he continued under his breath

"Am not" Danny said

"Are too" Harry argued

"Look I don't want to get in an argument with you (someone will wind up with a missing an arm afterwards anyway) so just sit down" Danny said

"FINE" Harry yelled before going to the back of the class and siting down

"Whoa. This is odd. Harry isn't this angry. Something's up. After class, remind me to follow Harry around" Peter said breaking the fourth wall. Only Ava heard him.

"OK I will" Ava whispered to Peter


"And this is our last stop. Science class" Sam said opening the door for Lauren.

"Thank you Sam" Lauren said

"Hm" Danny said looking at her bracelet (Oh no. Here we go again) 'It has similar inscriptions as the rock in the museum. Let me see. "Asgard shall be under control by the god of mischief?" What the LOKI!' Danny thought (Now we know Lauren's father.) as Lauren sat down next to him.

"I'm Lauren. I'm new here." Lauren said, eyes glowing bright pink

"Danny. Maybe you want to sit next to Sam" Danny said not looking away from the front of the room

"Anti-Social I see" Lauren said moving over to sit next to Sam. We zoom into Sam's eyes, and they were encased with a pink aura.