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'I'm not Anti social' Danny though.

"Now. We are having a science fair this month. The teams are, Ava Ayala and Peter Parker, Lauren and Daniel Rand,Harry Osborn and Samuel Alexander, And Luke Cage and Miles Morales (He made a cameo in "I am Spider-Man") " Colson said peering from behind a beaker

"Grrr. Why can't I be paired with Peter or Miles" Harry said

"I'm happy with my team-up thank you very much" Peter said

"Ditto" Miles said

"FINE I'll pair up with Sam. But I'll be doing most of the work just to warn you" Harry complained

"Do not complain, I like Sam." Lauren said as Danny raised his hand

"I will answer you question after class Danny" Colson said

"RING RING" went the school bell

"Finally" Harry said making sure he was the first one out. After everyone else left, Danny began talking to Colson

"Agent Colson, why did you pair me up with a villain" Danny asked

"Villain?" Colson asked

"Her bracelet says something. I don't want to say what it said because of what happened on the field trip to the museum" Danny answered showing Colson the piece of paper with the symbols on Lauren's bracelet on it.

"I will search them on the S.H.I.E.L.D database just try to get along with her in the meantime" Colson said walking out

With Ava and Peter

"Ok so it's a stake out" Ava said to Peter through her wrist com

"Yes isn't that clear" Peter replied

"Not really in that plan you made" Ava whispered as Harry open his locker. Harry picked up a vile of green chemicals (I don't know that much about the Green Goblin so I'm using the Spectacular Spider-Man origin) and drank it.

"Peter did you catch that" Ava said to Peter

"Yeah I did. We have to tell Colson" Peter replied sneaking away from the lockers after Harry walked away

Principles Office

Currently Agent Colson is searching up the symbols that Danny showed him in class.

"Ah ha. Asgardian." Colson cried before translating it. "Oh no" he whispered

"AGENT COLSON" Ava and Peter yelled while coming in. Since the door closed quickly, no secrets were exposed.

"What now" Colson said and they started talking at the same time "Woah woah. Talk one at a time you two. It sounds like gibberish when you talk at the same time" Colson said interrupting the two

"Harry has a vile of green chemicals in his locker." Ava began

"It may be what's making him act like a total jerk" Peter finished.

"I already have one matter on my hands so just bring me the chemicals and I'll analyze them." Colson said with a sigh. He has three paranoid students that just happen to be S.H.I.E.L.D trainees. One was actually right about the new girl and two he isn't sure about.

With Danny and Lauren

"So what is our project again" Lauren asked sitting on the table of the science lab while Danny was working on the project.

"It's a mirror that shows your secrets. It's almost done so you will be the test subject" Danny said finishing up the glass part of the mirror. With his training in S.H.I.E.L.D, the chemicals were familiar to him.

"You do know that the science fair is like a month away. Right" Lauren said hanging upside down and then slipping onto her hands and then flipping back to her feet.

"Wow he's a smart one. He hasn't looked at me since he saw my bracelet. Wait. He must be Iron Fist. Oh no. He's the most powerful of the team. Sure it was easy to possess Nova but Iron Fist has a strong mind" Lauren thought. Luckily not whispering it out loud.

"'s...done!" Danny said finishing the mirror and quickly stepping away "Now the question is, Does it Work? Let's see."

"Um. Ok" Lauren said nervously. She walked in front of the mirror. We see a beautiful 18 year old girl in a dress with the top part being yellow and the bottom being black. Her body, skin, eyes, and mouth being the same as Lauren.

"So it works. That's all I needed to know" Danny said walking out of the room with a picture on his phone.

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