(The target is hit by a weak telekinetic force. It may also leave the target confused)

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Sparks and smoke danced throughout the air of the Viridian Gym. Two of the gym leader's creatures collided in the middle of the building as a large spotlight shined on the both of them, their roars bouncing off the walls of the metal building causing the building to shake in their glory. Flames that could melt the strongest material erupted through the glistening teeth of one of the large beasts and the hot substance aimed towards a large blast of electricity that could probably power-up a skyscraper in an instant.

As the elements met, the room lit up with a large explosion, causing the windows to shatter and nearly blowing the door completely off the building. Along with the boom of the explosion, more roars came from the two beasts who caused it: a large violet colored bipedal monster, with two long poisonous fangs escaping its mouth and a green dinosaur-like creature which stood on two spiked legs, its mouth filled with ominous fangs as well.

As the smoke floated away, a sigh which sounded rather annoyed echoed throughout the room as Gym Leader Blue emerged from some of the debris. "Maybe Gramps will be nice enough to pay for the damages again." He said as he scratched his ear with his pinkie finger. Blue never took the gym leading seriously anymore.

He got bored often so he would either train his own Pokemon in the gym, which usually caused a few damages within the place, or he wouldn't even show up at all.

It had been a while since he had gotten a good challenge and he felt as if he was there for nothing, as the only reason why he took over the Viridian Gym was because he wanted intense training so he could defeat the one who took the Champion title away from him...Red.

The thought of the name made him scoff and shake his head as he approached his Pokemon. He was slightly disappointed that he was not getting the training he wanted. All who challenged him were way out of his league. Most of them either had an ego which drove them to challenge Blue, but they would turn out to be very inexperienced battler.

Once in awhile, he would get a very good battle with the trainers who have been training at the gym for months, but eventually, he was able to predict all of their moves and his Pokemon did not profit from it. Blue finally came to conclusion that he was starting to miss traveling and training outside of the gym.

"Ugh man." He mumbled as he leaned against one of his Pokemon, which was his Tyranitar. His other poison-typed beast stood close by awaiting more orders from its trainer. "Let's go home. No one's comin'. I'll call up Gramps in the morning about your accident." He said with a smirk as he returned both of his creatures to their pokeballs. He could have sworn that they both gave him glares about his last comment.

He shrugged and proceeded to walk to the corner of the gym where he keeps his bag of food, magazines, and his pokegear/cell. He always attempted to stuff his bag with pointless things to help his boredom. He made sure that all of his Pokeballs that contained his faithful team were around his belt and easy to reach. He knelt down and threw every item back within the bag, not caring if it was neat or not.

He pulled the string to tighten it back up, and put it over his shoulder as he got back to his feet. With a sigh, he closed his eyes and headed for the exit, daydreaming about what he was going to eat that night.

"Hm?" He opened his eyes whenever he heard footsteps approaching him. Four men walked into gym wearing uniforms, all with the same badge pinned to their shirts. One of them looked really familiar but the gym leader's memory was slightly rusty. Blue looked at them with a confused expression and noticed that they were all armed with weapons.

They were also being followed by a Machoke, but it appeared to have a strange metal band around his neck and its leg had been branded with the same symbol which was pinned on the men's uniforms. He could not tell if these men were the police or the military so he decided that he would hear them out."Sup?" The gym leader mumbled to the men.

"Gym Leader Blue, We have come to ask for your cooperation and loyalty for the sake of this country. You must leave your gym and service the world for the greater good." The man standing in front of the group said sternly.

"Eh..Sorry. I'm not really interested." The younger man said as he made his way through the uniformed officials. Before the gym leader could get too far, the Machoke swiftly grabbed his arm, causing Blue to feel threatened and more aggravated."Hey! What are you doing?" He narrowed his eyes as he looked at the men hatefully, knowing that these people were not who he thought they were. "Who are you? Why should I work for you people?!"

"I'm afraid you really dont have much choice Mr. Blue." Another man within the group approached Blue slowly and handed him a piece of paper which contained many cursive signatures on the bottom.. The annoyed young man snatched the paper from his hand and began to read it. His angry expression quickly turned into shock as he continued to read every word carefully, but there was one section that stood out the most.

"...all Gyms and the Elite Four Championships will be shut down..."

As he read that line, he squeezed the paper, not even finishing the sentence and looked back up at the uniformed men. "What?" He mumbled, almost growling. "You can't take away my gym! How the hell do you think you can just shut down everything that people live for?!" He winced when the Machoke tightened its grip on his arm.

"Pokemon are dangerous creatures and not everyone is responsible enough to have such a beasts at their command-like Team Rocket for an example."

Blue looked back at the wrinkled paper and continue to read in disbelief. "What does Team Rocket have to do with my gym? They are long gone!"

Ignoring his question, the man spoke again. "Mr. Blue, surrender to us, or you will lose your own Pokemon and you will go to prison. It is the law. Gym Leaders must work for us."

"The..law?" The gym leader's brown hair covered his eyes as he dropped the paper and it floated down to the ground slowly. Right has the paper hit the ground, Blue quickly grabbed a pokeball from his belt and threw it at the Machoke's face.

"Psybeam now!" An Alakazam materialized from the red light that emerged from the ball, then seconds later, a beam which gave off many colors was fired at the Machoke's body. The fighting type Pokemon released Blue's arm as it cried out from the attack. The trainer took this opportunity to sprint away from the stunned Pokemon and the uniformed men.

He grabbed yet another pokeball from his belt and threw it above him. The pokeball made its signature loud pop noise as a large bird emerged from the light and screeched loudly as it stretched its wings, casting a massive shadow as it flew in front of the sun.

The familiar uniformed man who was apparently the leader of the group threw a pokeball of his own. "Use thunderbolt, Raichu!"

The electric pokemon began to charge up for the attack, electricity sparking from its yellow cheeks. Blue's large bird pokemon elegantly flew down to the ground and flew parallel to the fleeing gym leader. "Alakazam! Confusion!" Blue screamed as he continued to run.

The Alakazam's eyes began to glow as well as the spoons it was holding and sent a pulse of energy at the men and their Pokemon. The Raichu shot a bolt of electricity from its body and towards the Alakazam, but the attack was only hurled back. It hit the Raichu and the Machoke, though the fighting type Pokemon felt more of the impact from the electric attack.

The Alakazam created another pulse, using Confusion once again. The men and their Pokemon's bodies began to glow the same color as the Psychic pokemon's narrowed eyes and they all hurled over in pain, holding their heads tightly. The Raichu charged up for another electric attack, but to their dismay, it electrocuted the Machoke, giving Blue even more time to escape. Blue jumped unto the flying creature's back and grabbed its long colorful head feathers, now controlling the direction of the bird. Blue and his Pokemon swiftly turned around and headed back to the scene of the action.

"Pidgeot, use Razor Wind!" The bird shrieked in response as it began flapping its large wings powerfully towards the distracted men. Sharp blade-like pieces of energy formed in the wind as well as loose dirt and quickly made their way to Blue's enemies. The Alakazam was returned to its pokeball and was put back on the gym leader's belt as the Razor Wind attack made contact with the men.

The force of the wind knocked the people off their feet, some being blown back, hitting the door of the gym. The Machoke was able to use its body to shield the humans from the blade-like energy. When the dust had cleared, Gym Leader Blue had fled into the clouds, feeling accomplished that he did not give into the ridiculousness of having his freedom taken away from him.

The men helped each other up and looked into the sky, their expressions really have not changed much as one of the men approached the leader. "Lieutenant Surge, What do we do, now?"

The taller uniformed man returned his Raichu to its pokeball, not taking his eyes off of the sky. "Report that Blue Oak of Pallet Town, Gym Leader of Viridian City, has escaped and caused an act of treason. He must be found and punished." He began to walk away from the gym, leaving the other three men behind. "As for the gym, destroy it."