Giggles and cries of joy filled the air as a giddy young woman spun her younger nephew around above her in a playful manner, holding him up under his arms. Her golden hair was being held up with a lace ribbon which was a beautiful shade of red and it streamed down her head, blending with her amber locks, however, the wind caused it to dance all around them..

Her hair was slightly uneven and messy, but she rarely thought about her appearance. Her skin was a little tanned due to her being outside all the time and a huge smile stretched across her face while she continued to play with her young family member.

A small Jolteon barked happily as she frolicked around the feet of the humans, her yellow fur glowing in the sun. "You ready for tomorrow, Jaden?" The girl asked the small boy as she put him on her shoulders.

Jaden stretched his arms out as if he were flying. "Yeah! It is going to be awesome, Scarlett! I can't wait!" The girl had forgotten how heavy he was. She should have known that a boy of ten would not feel like a bag full of feathers. "It is going to be a big day for you! Which one are you going to chose?" She asked as she strained to keep balance.

"I don't know." Jaden said in a more saddened tone. "They all seem so cool.."

Scarlett sunk to her knees to let her nephew get off of her shoulders. She sighed in relief and she playfully scratched his chocolate brown hair which appeared to have been cut recently. He was such an adorable kid.

His large jade eyes would make the toughest people want to hug him like a teddiursa doll. "Well, whichever one you choose, it will be perfect and I will help you train it." She said with a smile. "Well, I better go so I'll get to work on time.. I'll see you tomorrow! Happy 10th birthday, Jaden!" He hugged her tightly and thanked her, then ran across the fresh lawn back to his house.

She remembered when she first turned ten and began her journey. She was just as excited as he was. She was around the age nineteen now, but the memories were still freshly painted in her mind.

She inhaled as she reached for a Ultraball around her magnetic belt and gently pulled it off. She pressed the small button in the center of the ball, causing it to grow to its full size, and threw the ball in front of her. It opened with a loud snap noise as a bright white light snaked its way out of its prison. A massive beast covered in flowing brown fur materialized from the light and let out a majestic roar which echoed throughout the trees.

A three-pointed yellow crest was upon its forehead and white cape-like fur made wave motions in the breeze, resembling smoke. Its blade-like claws were hidden in its large paws which was bonded by black medal bands.

He was Scarlett's pride and joy which she spent years tracking down. Scarlett climbed unto her Pokemon's back, adjusted herself until she was comfortable, and gently grabbed the volcano Pokemon's thick mane. Her Jolteon jumped up as well, and made its way to Scarlett's lap.

They quickly darted off through the woods, dodging every tree, rock, and bush effortlessly. After a few minutes, they made it to the main area of the city in which they lived, Ecruteak City. It was a small city that was really spaced out, but so many memories had been made there in the few years that Scarlett had lived there. She was originally from Unova Region in Nimbasa Town, but moved to Johto because it was just too expensive to live there, but she wasn't complaining at all. Plus, she had family here.

She was perfectly happy in this new region, and she believed that she was more satisfied here anyway. They ran right through her beloved city,heading west, and with her Pokemon's brilliant speed, they had already made it to the border which separated Johto and Kanto. She had ran this route so many times that her Pokemon had memorized it perfectly. Finally, they made it to Fuchsia City, located in the Kanto Region.

They ran until they reached a fancy building which was painted with extremely bright colors. No one could not miss this place even if the sun never shined again. Scarlett and her Pokemon walked toward the door, a quiet bell sound could be heard as they entered and the automatic doors slowly closed behind them.

The place smelled of soap and perfume, and the sound of buzzing, splashing, and cries from Pokemon could be heard. Scarlett hopped off the back of the brown beast, and faced the large Pokemon with a smile. "Thank you again, Entei." She said as she petted its face. Entei lowered its head and nuzzled its trainer in response, then straightened up in a powerful stance. As soon as the jolteon jumped from its back, Scarlett returned her magnificent Pokemon back into the Ultraball.

The young trainer clocked in at a register and took the ribbons out of her hair, then secured her golden locks into a tight bun with the ribbons once more. The bell was heard again whenever an old couple walked in, followed by a Persian. "Hello. How may I help you, today?" Scarlett asked politely. "Just a bath and a little trim. The weather is getting pretty hot, and his fur is getting a little thick." The woman said as the Persian jumped onto the desk. "Okie dokie Ma'am. I will do my best." "Thank you, dear."

"Come on buddy." Scarlett said as she walked into another room. The cat Pokemon followed slowly, not really liking the idea of a bath but he was obedient anyway. Scarlett placed him in a raised tub, turned on some warm water, and began to wet his fur. She massaged the soap onto the Persian's body and said soothing words to it so the cat Pokemon would remain calm.

Jolteon sat on a table nearby and watched. Scarlett then turned her attention to the TV which was in the top center of the room. She tilted her head ever so slightly whenever she heard the message as she continued to lather the soap in the cat's fur.

"Rescue teams were able to recover the last missing individual who was trapped within the Celadon Game Corner's demolished building. They will proceed to clear out the debris in hope to find more clues as to what even caused the collapse." The news reporter said in a monotone voice.

Curiosity caused her to continue watching. She really wished that she had watched the news more often. What could have happened in Celadon City? Scarlett used to love the game corner because she would visit there once she got off work, plus she always prepared and groomed the prize pokemon that were given away. It was hard to believe that one of her favorite places to go was destroyed.

"Another accident has occurred in Viridian City which left the gym completely destroyed as well. Rubble and ash is the only thing that is left of the once proud gym." The news reporter said as a photo of the gym came on the screen. "The cause of the destruction is a mystery, but authorities are gathering as much information as they can. Also, due to the disaster that took place in the Celadon Game Corner, the people of Kanto must be on guard at all times for these attacks are unpredictable."

"The Celadon Game Corner, and now the Viridian Gym?" The young trainer mumbled to herself. She wondered if it was Team Rocket's actions that caused these disasters, but no one have even seen any activity from the famous crooks in years. Everyone just figured that they disbanded. It was mind-blowing to her that all of this happened in the span of only two weeks.

She was disappointed for more than one reason because of the loss of Viridian Gym. Scarlett would have gone to the Elite Four because she did defeat all of the Johto gyms, but she promised to help her mother's sister and son to live since they are not successful financially. It was her mother's dying wish.

She really wished that she could challenge all of the Kanto gym leaders, and her busy job did not hinder her from training her Pokemon everyday, but if these disasters keep occurring, she might not even get that chance. She pulled the water faucet over the Persian and began to wash the soup off the Pokemon. She had noticed that all the cities that contained a gym were operating differently..

A few gyms had also closed down and no one really knew what the cause was. Scarlett asked why the gym leaders just left but there was always a different excuse from the people over time.

"He just quit."

"He got ill, and had to leave."

"He went on a trip, but he will be back."

Even the gym leader within Ecruteak City was gone. Many trainers had been held up and most of them grew angry since they could not continue their journey. Scarlett sighed as she began to brush the Persians wet fur, the cat pokemon sat there patiently, actually enjoying the feeling of the bristles on its back. Scarlett listened to the purrs of the cat as she drifted into deep thought, wondering if how long it will be until Gym Leader Morty would return. Was he really on a trip or was something seriously wrong?

X~ The strong and cool wind comforted Blue as it covered his face, his hair dancing in the breeze. With Pidgeot's head feathers still tightly gripped in one of his hands, they began to drop in height. Both the gym leader and the bird Pokemon scanned the land, sky, and trees for any suspicious characters. He patted its feathers with his free hand while they looked, thanking it for helping him out back in Viridian.

When they knew it was safe, the bird lowered itself even closer to the ground. Its powerful wings caused the loose dirt to spiral elegantly around its feet as it hovered above the ground. Blue jumped off of his loyal bird and continued to eye the new area, wondering where they had flown to. He knew that they had passed Cerulean City, but this place was new to him, considering that he only visited the routes that was on his town map when he went on his first journey.

The sun was slowly disappearing into the horizon and the loss of light was making it harder to see. Blue returned his Pidgeot and reached for another Pokeball from his belt, holding it a few inches from his chest.

The ball snapped open and the familiar white light made its way to the ground, materializing a black fox Pokemon. It was quite a beautiful creature that had large ruby eyes and its dark fur had the luster of the midnight sky. Glowing gold rings were on its forehead, and above its legs, emitting light a few feet from where it stood.

"Thanks bud." Blue said with a smile as he approached the glowing fox. He knelt in front of it and scratched its head as a small reward for lighting up the area. "Kay Umbreon, let's go find some firewood. Lead the way."

The Umbreon barked in response and began to walk in the west direction. There were trees all around them that they could cut down, but he knew that those men probably have not forgotten about what happened earlier this morning and were most likely following him. Making too much noise might be a very bad idea. He thought it would be fun to camp outside again like the good old days anyway.

"...all Gyms and the Elite Four Championships will be shut down ..."

He thought back at what he had read, trying to process it. He almost laughed when he remembered what one of the men said to him:

'"Mr. Blue, surrender to us, or you will lose your own Pokemon and you will go to prison. It is the law.'

"Yeah, barge in my own gym and arrest me? The authority has obviously forgotten who I am." He said as he kicked a rock which almost hit his umbreon. The dark fox growled at him but continued to walk, picking up a few small sticks with its mouth.

Blue picked up a few dead limbs and twigs that were scattered on the ground as he continued to ponder about everything that had just happened. He wished that he would have read the entire piece of paper so most of his unanswered questions would not be a mystery to him.

Once they got a decent amount of wood, Blue looked around for a comfortable spot to set camp. He then found himself yawning. He was surprised that he was so tired when it was so early in the night. "Oh well." He said as threw all of the sticks and limbs all in a pile in front of him, not even caring anymore. "Good enough." He mumbled while he began to dig through his bag, searching for a lighter.

The umbreon tilted its head but obeyed its trainer, dropping the sticks it collected in the pile of wood. After the gym leader found the lighter, he started the fire, then laid down a few feet away from it, enjoying the warmth of the flame. The ground was not really comfortable, but he had slept on a bare floor before. He gave his umbreon a gentle scratches on its back when the dark fox curled up into his chest and closed his eyes, attempting to get some sleep.

"Ughh. Don't get all cuddly." He hummed, though his tiredness hindered him from pushing away his loyal pokemon.

Right as he was about to fall asleep, his Pokegear rang loudly in his pocket, slightly startling the sleepy gym leader. "Ughh. What now?" He mumbled as he pulled the piece of equipment out of his pocket. It said he had one new message on the screen so he naturally opened and read it, but it did not display a number or a name.

"She's lovely" Read the text message. Blue slightly chuckled at the message and figured it was just the wrong number so he simply put the Pokegear back in his pocket. Once he got comfortable again, it rang again. He growled as he dung it out of his pocket and read the message again, planning to text back saying that they had the wrong number.

"Picking Daisies. Sorry for your loss." Read the new message. This one spooked Blue so he decided to track where the message was coming from out of curiosity. He punched in a few numbers on the device and waited patiently until it was able to find the messenger. His heart skipped a beat when it revealed the location.

It came from Pallet Town at his old address. He gasped as he quickly got off the ground, grabbed his bag and summoned his Pidgeot once again, climbing unto its back. Umbreon jumped on as well and growled lowly, matching its trainer's expression perfectly.

Something was seriously wrong back at home.

"Daisy.." He whispered in distress as they instantly disappeared into the pitch black sky.