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Faye was sitting at a coffee shop waiting on her breakfast to arrive. She looked around at all the people inside sitting with their friends, family or loved ones and felt lonely. She missed that. She missed the mornings she came by to have breakfast with Melissa at a place like this back in Chance Harbor.

That wasn't all she missed, she even missed Diana's bossing around, Cassie's "innocence", Jake's flirting and Adam's whining. They were all gone. Well, the last time Faye was in Chance Harbor, the witch hunters had attacked them at the abandoned house. Jake and Melissa had died. It was hard to leave but they had to before they struck again. Diana, Cassie, Adam and Faye had relocated a town over but again, the witch hunters found them. This time, Adam and Cassie died leaving Faye and Diana to defend themselves but they'd gotten separated after Charles had decided to leave town with Diana and Faye had left with her mom.

She wondered if Diana and her dad were still alive. They had no way of finding out since their phone numbers had been disconnected in case the witch hunters had figured out a way to tap into their phone lines. These days Faye went by a different name, she'd even dyed her hair blond just in case. As her breakfast arrived, Faye heard the front door bust open. It was a group of three men who held guns with them.

"All right, everyone stay put. We don't want to have to hurt anyone...except witches of course."

Faye crawled down to the floor and quietly tried to crawl to the back hoping to get to the exit without being noticed. The witch hunters had a device that helped them sense any supernatural element around.

"There's a witch in here. Why don't you make it easy for us and just come on out? It'll be quick."

Faye tried not to panic and just kept quietly crawling until she reached the exit and carefully opened the door not too wide for them to notice. She closed the door behind her slowly and as soon as she was sure she was safe, she stood up and started running to her car. Once she reached it, she got in and quickly started the engine.

The witch hunters must've heard a car turn on and came outside. They saw Faye as soon as she was backing out and quickly got into their vehicle. Faye knew they were going to chase after her so she hit the gas and tried to make her way out of there as fast as she could.

The witch hunters were hot on her trail shouting at her to pull over but Faye kept going. She knew she'd have to call her mom and tell her they would need to relocate. That is if she even made it out alive after this.


Diana was in her bedroom looking over an old photo album. She stared into a picture the circle. Adam, Cassie, Faye, Jake, Melissa, Nick and her. She missed the days where she had nothing to worry about and just had her friends around. They were all gone. She didn't understand why they were being hunted like animals. They did nothing wrong. They used their magic for good but the witch hunters had no mercy.

She wished time could go backwards and she could spend time with all her friends again. She missed them. There was a loud knock downstairs.

"Who could that be?"

She decided to go check but as she got to the top of the stairs, she saw her father had answered the door.

"Oh my god."

That was all she could say as she saw her father on the floor bleeding. It was witch hunters who'd stopped by. They noticed Diana.

"Get the girl."

Two men proceeded to run up the stairs.


Diana always used her magic for good but since they'd gone into hiding, they had to give it up so they would go unnoticed by the witch hunters so she was a little rusty on it. She used her magic to throw the men down onto the floor.

"Don't be foolish little girl. You are messing with a force much more powerful than your magic. Get down here and join your father."

"Never." Diana said as she attempted to use her magic to throw stuff at the man. He used magic to repel the objects. Diana was in shock that this man who hunted witches was also a witch.

"You have magic."

"Dark magic."

"But you're still a witch. Why are you killing us if you're one of us?"

"I am not like you. I am much more powerful."

"But you're-"


He used his magic to cause Diana to faint and pass out.

"Grab the girl and let's go."

"Yes, sir Blackwell."


Faye was still being chased by the witch hunters. She'd led them down a path through the woods hoping to get them as far as she could from the town. They'd started shooting at her car and Faye had had enough.

"Skies above, rain down on me. Bring lighting upon those three."

Soon the sky darkened and rain started pouring. White lighting brightened up the darkness. A bolt struck behind her hitting a tree and causing it to fall over onto the hood of the witch hunters cars stopping them in their tracks.

"Now that's more like it."

She kept driving heading back to town and back home. Her mom was home luckily. Faye went inside and found her in the kitchen.

"Mom, there were some witch hunters in town today. I almost got caught."

"Oh, not again. We're going to have to move. Start packing your things. We'll leave tonight."

"I'm getting really tired of moving, mom."

"I know, Faye. Me too. But what can we do? They won't stop until we're all dead and we'll just have to keep running."

"I'm tired of running. Why can't we fight back?"

"And get ourselves killed? We're outnumbered, Faye. You know how strong they are. They killed your father and my friends. Now you've lost all your friends and I'm not going to risk losing you too. So pack up your things and we'll leave tonight."


Diana woke up on a bed she didn't recognize. She sat up and found herself in a small cell.

"Where am I?"

She heard a chuckle and turned in the direction of the sound. It was the man from earlier who had killed her father.

"You're in a prison cell. We're in a prison where we keep witches like you before we execute them."

"You're disgusting. How can you kill your own kind?"

"But I'm not like you. I have a much more different, more powerful type of magic."

"You're still a witch."

"I'm not like your kind."

"Why are you even doing this? We've done nothing wrong."

"I'm getting rid of the weaker magic and collecting it to make room for an even powerful breed of witches to be born."

"So you're trying to take over all witches?"

"Not just witches, the world. No one will be able to stop our dark magic."

"Why didn't you just kill me back home with my father instead of bringing me here to listen to your crazy ideas? I would've rather died by his side than see a world run by you."

"Because I need you."


"Yes. Years before we started the war against your kind, we had been watching and observing circles around. Gathering information and names of each member. We knew all about your secret circle, all of your names and where you lived. The last time we met was a year ago where two of your members were killed. We knew there were two left and we knew you both had run off somewhere. And we found you. Both of you."

"Faye's alive?"

"Yes and we're going to use you to bring her over here and finish off what should've been done last year."