Title: Last of Our Kind (2/?)

Pairing: Faye/Diana (Fayana)

Fandom: The Secret Circle

Written by: shemakesthesunrise

Disclaimer: The characters Faye Chamberlain and Diana Meade are not mine. I do not own, nor have any official association with The Secret Circle, The CW or any other profit making entity. No infringement is intended.

Summary: AU where witches have been forced to go into hiding after numerous witch hunters started attacking circles wiping out every witch they could find. Faye and Diana are the only survivors left from their circle but they both live in separate parts of the country after being forced to hide their magic and pretend to be "normal" after a huge war against the witch hunters left them to run off and be on their own. A year later during a witch hunting spree, Diana is discovered and held captive to lure the other last remaining witch in the circle Faye out of hiding. Faye learns of this and of course runs head on to save her instead of thinking things through.

A/N: Found inspiration through Segal's "Last of My Kind" A sad but beautiful classical song.

A/N: Reviews are very much appreciated!

Faye and Dawn were packing up their belongings. They were planning to leave town overnight and get as far away as they could until they reached a motel to stay at until they found a new home in a new city.

"Do you really need to pack your entire room, Faye?"

"Mom, I'm not leaving anything behind. Everything has a meaning behind it."

"Like these old stuffed animals? You're not a kid anymore."

"Melissa gave me those when we were eight.."

"Oh...I'm sorry. I just really want to leave already. I'm worried they'll find us."

"They won't. I'm almost done, okay?"


"I'll get started on loading up the car."

Faye picked up a box and headed out of the room. She went outside to take it into the car with the rest of their belongings.

"There. Just a few more and we're done."

The sound of rustling leaves and footsteps made their presence nearby. Faye quickly turned in the direction of the sound and looked around trying to figure out what was hiding.

"Who's there?"

Her heart started beating faster but she wouldn't let her fear show. After a few seconds of no answer and no more sounds, she closed the hood of the car quickly before walking back to the house. When she reached the front door, her cell phone started ringing. It was an unknown private caller ID but Faye picked it up.


"Faye, it's Diana. I'm alive and I need your help."

"What? Diana? How did you find me?"

"I used my magic to find you. My father was killed by witch hunters and they've captured me. I don't know how long I have until they decide to get rid of me too. I stole one of the guards' cell phones and I don't know the exact location of where I'm at but they're keeping me in some sort of prison cell. My dad and I stayed in Washington after we left Chance Harbor if that helps. Maybe you can use your magic to sense mine."

"Diana, I'm not even in-"

"Faye, I have to go. Please hurry."

The line went dead. Faye stared at the phone's screen not believing what she just heard. Diana was alive and needed her help. She had to save her.


Meanwhile back at the prison Diana was being held captive in, John Blackwell put away his cell phone and smiled at Diana.

"I didn't think you would do it but I'm glad you did."

"You were going to kill them if I didn't." Diana said as she looked at the surveillance monitor showing live footage of Dawn in her kitchen and Faye outside. Blackwell had some of his hunters staked out near Faye's house ready to kill them if Diana didn't do what he said.

"I'm sure Faye and her mom will find their way here. Then we could finish getting rid of you three."

He left the room with a grin on his face. Diana was scared. She wish she could warn Faye not to come somehow. It was a trap. She couldn't use her magic since Blackwell had the guards put iron sulfate in the cell.


Faye knew if she told her mom that Diana had been captured and needed help, she'd forbid her from going. So she decided to not tell her...at least not yet. They were in the car. They'd been on the road for hours and had crossed state lines finding their way into Oregon.

Dawn had decided they'd gone far enough and stopped at a motel.

"I'm going to go get us a room. Don't unpack everything out of the car. Just take out the basic stuff we'll need for a few days until I find us a new home here."

"Okay. Mom, wait."


"Can I have the keys so I can turn the alarm on after I'm done?"

"Yeah, here."

Dawn hands Faye the keys then leaves to go inside the motel's office. Faye quickly takes out her mom's luggage and places it on the ground. Then she took out a letter she'd wrote for her and placed it on top of the luggage before getting into the car.

Faye was going to leave and find Diana. She explained it all in the letter. She turned on the car's engine and started driving.


After driving for nearly six hours, Faye was back in Chance Harbor. Though Diana said she'd moved away from there, Faye needed somewhere to stay while she tried to figure out where they were keeping Diana. She got to the abandoned house and almost instantly the memories started fluttering back to her.

All those times the circle would meet up and practice magic. Everything she remembered was just a reminder of how bad the war had gotten with the witch hunters. They were hunted like animals. Faye went inside and looked around noticing everything was left in place like it had been the last time she was here.

As she was looking through drawers for any items left over to be used in a spell, she came across a photograph of the circle. Everyone was smiling including Jake. Faye tried not to cry but she couldn't help it. She missed her friends as much as she always acted like she didn't care about them, she did. She put the picture in her pocket.

As Faye went back to searching the drawers, she found a necklace and instantly recognized it. It was Diana's. She always wore it so Faye wondered how it got left behind.

"I can't be the only one left. I have to save her."

She held the necklace tightly in her palm. She never really got along with Diana but knowing they were the only one's left, made Faye feel the need to help her survive.

She found some candles she could use for a tracking spell. She placed them along the floor on a cardinal point over a map of Washington and placed the necklace in the middle. She could use it as it had been worn by the Diana and probably still had some of her energy in it.

"Keeper of what disappears,

Hear me now — open your ears.

Find for me what I now seek,

By Moon, Sun, Earth, Air, Fire and Sea."*

Faye chanted the spell three times with her eyes closed while thinking of Diana. After she finished chanting, the necklace pendant pointed and circled on the map the location of where Diana was. She was about an hour away near the coast. Faye gathered supplies and prepared for an overnight drive.


Diana was laying in bed inside the cell. It was late at night and she couldn't sleep. How could she when she was scared Faye would show up any minute and get killed?

"I should've just said no but they would've killed them. How can I stop her from coming over here? Faye's going to die and it's all my fault."

Tears started streaming down her face. If anything were to happen to Faye, it would all be on her. Diana couldn't stand it any longer. She got up and started rattling the cell door.

"Hey! let me out!"

She kept banging on the metal trying to catch someone's attention. One of the guards came over.

"Cut it out. You know we're not going to let you out. Now go to bed. You wouldn't want to disturb Blackwell."

"No, I need to go. You don't understand. I shouldn't be here. I haven't done anything wrong."

"You're existance is wrong."

"Is that what he's brainwashed you to believe? He's one of us you know. He's a witch just like us."

"Enough. Keep it down or we'll make you."


"That's it."

He unlocks the gate and grabs Diana.

"Let me go!"

She kept struggling to get free until his grip loosened and Diana started running.

"Get back here!"

He chased after her. Diana didn't know where she was going but she tried to find an exit before he caught up to her. She found a door and pushed through it not knowing that it would trigger an alarm. A siren started blaringthrough the hall she was running through. She found another door and opened it.

It led outside. It was dark and she could barely see but Diana kept running through what seemed like a forest.


Faye parked the car on the side of the road. Her cell phone started ringing again. It was her mother calling for the hundreth time but Faye wouldn't answer just yet. She got out of the car and looked at the map. The prison was close by but she'd have to continue the rest of the trail by foot so they wouldn't spot her.

The cold, crisp night air made Faye shiver but she just zipped up her jacket tighter. She wouldn't let herself get scared. Attempting this journey alone was risky but she had to do it. Diana was the only other member of the circle left. Fayecouldn't let her die.

She held Diana's necklace tightly in her hand before making her way down the hill towards the prison.

* Credit goes to nandasc on / donotpushmefaye on tumblr for helping me out with the spell!