Alright, so here is my poem for The Hunger Games. I originally made it as a makeup project for something I did, or rather failed to do, in my Popular Literature class. Just like all my short stories, I decided it was worth posting on here. My teacher said I did a great job, and that she wished I could have shared it with the class, but alas, it was done late as make-up work for a project I "did" with a friend which I failed to put much effort into. I must admit, I was bummed that I hadn't thought of doing this instead of making a video with me and her as reporters interviewing the tributes. XD Yeah, I am embarrassed to say it, but I just didn't show up for the recording, so the only part I really played was a little bit of the planning. Thus, this poem was born. I am particularly fond of the last 16 lines, but not so fond of the rest. Even so, I hope you enjoy it! And yes, once again I decided to go with my most proficient style: rhymes.

A Lottery of Names

I live in a land called Panem.

Of twelve districts it is made,

Each with its own cultures,

Each with its own trade.

They follow a tradition.

It's called the Hunger Games.

It starts out with a lottery,

A lottery of names.

The names are those of children

Between ages eighteen and twelve.

Yes, it is cruel, the depths to which

The Capital's willing to delve.

Two children are called per district,

A boy and a girl from each.

The names are chosen at random.

Will it be David, Rose, or Peach?

I stand there at the Reaping

As I try to act my best.

I hope they don't call Primrose,

Because that I would detest.

Alas, they do just that.

Without thought, I volunteer.

I walk onto the stage

As I try to hide my fear,

But to my great astonishment,

There's silence throughout the crowd.

Even those who often clap

Refuse to make things loud.

Then they bring me much surprise

By giving a salute.

They hold three fingers out to me,

And Haymitch gives a hoot.

My sacrifice was not in vain;

My sister I did save.

But now I would be victim to

The violence others crave.

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