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It was an ordinary day for Mirajane Strauss, the She-Devil of Fairy Tail, as she worked at organising books in the archives of the famous guild. She only started about twenty minutes ago, and there were a lot of books to examine and see if they were in alphabetical order or not. Sometimes she felt lonely, but Guild Master Makarov would drop by every once in a while. And she wouldn't stay in here all day too often; some of the members wanted to talk to her when she was serving drinks to them.

Yes, it was an ordinary day for Mira, and she was wondering how everyone else was doing as she stood in front of the bookshelf nearest to the ladder to the top floor (otherwise known as the 'A' shelf).

"You seem to be hard at work," said a female's voice.

Mirajane looked up to see Erza Scarlet standing on top of the balcony of the library. She wasn't wearing her armour today; instead wearing everything else underneath it, like the frilly white shirt and the blue tie. "Oh! Hi Erza!" Mirajane responded cheerfully, smiling brightly like the morning sun. "What brings you here today?"

"Master Makarov has asked me if I wanted to help you organise the archives. I told him I was happy to." Erza jumped down to the bottom floor and walked up to Mirajane. "What would you like me to do?"

Mirajane was flattered that Erza wanted to help her out, so she smiled again and replied, "Thanks Erza! First things first, I want you to start organising all of the books in the 'B' section. I'm working on the 'A' section right now."

"I see; a simultaneous attack." Erza got fired up, clenching her fist in excitement. "Alright then, let's do this!"

Mirajane sweat-dropped as she chuckled weakly.

After about thirty minutes, the She-Devil and Titania were now working on the 'C' and 'D' section respectively. Erza was up on the ladder, and Mirajane was down on the ground, now carrying a pile of books that were in the way. Nothing eventful happened so far.

"I'm glad you volunteered to help out, Erza."

"Not at all; it's my pleasure," said the scarlet-haired woman as she pulled out one book and placed it somewhere else.

"I wonder if we can-!"

Suddenly, Mira ran her foot into the ladder's leg and caused it to fall.

"LOOK OUT!" cried Erza as she fell. Mira dropped the books and tried to catch her-


When Mirajane opened her eyes, she noticed that something was on top of her. Her vision cleared, and she saw Erza's head rise up from the She-Devil's chest. Erza seemed fine, to say the least.

"Are you okay, Mirajane?" Erza asked calmly.

Mirajane, out of the blue, felt her cheeks turn red.

Her wrists were trapped by Erza's hands, she felt Titania's right leg in between her thighs, and her eyes glanced down and saw Erza's large and curvy breasts near her own. She looked back up to Erza, and their eyes were locked as they remained in that position for what felt like hours.

Mirajane was definitely confused at this ordeal. She was pretty sure she liked men up until now. But when she stared at Erza this way… What was overcoming her?

Erza felt her cheeks go red as well.

She realised her body was positioned in quite the sensual fashion, and when she stared back into Mirajane's crystal-blue eyes, she couldn't help but feel…attracted to her. Her face looked so smooth and soft, she wished she could feel it and-

Erza got up abruptly, still on her knees and still blushing. She stuttered, "I-I…should go…check up on everyone else…and see if…they're at the guild…"

Mirajane sat up, leaning on her elbows. "O-Okay…"

They stayed like this awkwardly for a couple of minutes before Erza got up and left the room.

Mirajane raised her left hand on top of her chest, in front of her heart, and noticed that it was beating rapidly. She was quite surprised by this. She had never seen or even thought of Erza in such a way before, but she felt…strangely okay with it, she guessed. She wasn't entirely sure.

She got up onto her feet, and tried her best to rearrange the books as best as she could before deciding to just head home with her thoughts.

Things were going to get pretty awkward at the guild tomorrow…

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