A/N: This is sort of where I think Season 3 would head off to. Hope you enjoy.

Summary: This is where I think Season 3 would head off to. The Alpha pack has arrived, but Derek is more preoccupied on restoring his own pack before fighting another. He needs help from everyone in order to be victorious in the Battle For Beacon Hills. Slow Burn Sterek, Erica/Boyd, Isaac/OC, Scott/Allison and Jackson/Lydia.

Chapter One: Meet

The Beacon Hills woods were filled with the melody of the night, a ghastly silence that echoed off of the trees in the wilderness. The autumn leaves on the floor, which seemed to cover almost every inch of ground there is, swayed with the oncoming brush of wind. Beyond the silence of the night, two running teenagers decided to break it. Boyd and Erica, who were once part of Derek Hale's pack, were running from multiple attackers. They held each others' hand the entire time, only separating when they weaved through the large tree trunks, or to duck under lower tree branches.

"Erica, don't look back. Move forward, don't worry about what's behind you, we're gonna make it!" Boyd called out, squeezing her hand tighter. She simply looked at him, nodded then continued to run. The two were running for what seemed like three hours. They're original plan was to leave Derek's pack, and find a new one that they heard in the woods one night, but fate took a twisted turn, as they were now being stalked that very pack themselves. Erica let out a small laugh, while Boyd looked at her incredulously.

"Funny .." she began, while trying to keep pace with Boyd. Her breath becoming short as she spoke, "Derek's last words to us were, 'If you're not in a pack, you'll be running. You'll always be running.' And what are we doing now? Exactly that, we're running. God, why does that gloomy guy always right?"

Boyd stifled a small laugh, before stopping abruptly. He and Erica needed a break, and from the looks of things, the other pack wasn't after them. They were nowhere to be found. Not a single scent, or trace from them whatsoever.

"Why are we stopping?" asked Erica frantically, "They'll catch up! We can't stay here, we just can't! They'll find us, and who knows what they'll do with us? Oh my god, no. No, no, no, no, NO! Come on! We have to keep moving!" Erica was having a panic attack, something she used to have in her human life. Boyd grabbed her by the shoulders roughly, shaking her to catch her attention.

"Erica! STOP!" he boomed, hoping the other pack couldn't hear, "We. Will. Get through this. Trust me, the other pack isn't here, or else they would've attacked already. We need a place to rest, we're werewolves, not machines. We can't keep running forever."

"But Derek said –" Erica began, before being cut off. Boyd put his hand over her mouth, and backed her into a tree.

"Don't even think about saying anything about Derek. Erica, he's NOT our Alpha anymore! We're not part of his pack anymore, we're NOT in Beacon Hills anymore. We disbanded from him, and that wretched place we called home. Us? Me, and You? We're our own pack. We're Omegas now, so stop thinking about what Derek said or didn't say! He's not a priority. Survival? That's our main priority, so if you wanna stay alive, I suggest you use what little bit of what Derek taught us, and your own primal instinct." He said.

Erica looked at Boyd with surprise. Nobody's ever cared enough about her to lecture her, or even consider her important enough for protection. With all the stress in her life, she never found time to let anything out, I mean sure she had Isaac, but he never felt the same pain as she did. She was an outcast at school, nobody knew her as Erica. They just knew her as 'The Freaky Seizure Girl' that passed out, and peed on herself. After the bite, she thought she could manipulate and bully others the same as they did her, but in reality, she finally realized she was no better, if not worse, then those who tortured her. As Boyd let go of her slowly, she sunk to the ground and the tears naturally began flowing. She brought her palms up to cover her face, as she sobbed and sobbed. A wave of unexpressed emotions.

"Erica, I'm sorry .. I-" Boyd began, he knelt down next to her and put one arm around her, embracing her. He never truly cared for anyone more than he did for Erica. She was like the best friend he never had. Boyd was always so alone, so captive in his own little world to not notice that others aren't what they seem on the outside as they are in the inside. Sure, after the bite he wasn't fond of Erica due to her attitude, but he rarely got glimpse of her soft, yet natural, almost to say human side of her that was chained up inside. She cut him off by hugging him back, letting the tears flow through before releasing him, and looking him in the eye.

"Boyd, you're the only person to ever care for me. To worry about me. I was too much of a bitch to notice that you did. Everyone thinks I'm this plastic Barbie bitch but they don't notice the real me like you do. The way you just lectured me, it showed that I mean more to you than some harlot. Thank you." She told him, before kissing his cheek softly.

"Erica." Boyd said, before taking hold of her face gently, "I want you to know that if anything happens .. I .. I .. I" he said, stammering. Erica was confused, Boyd never got nervous, or stuttered for that matter? Did he?

"What's wrong Boyd? You what?" she said, holding his hands so that hers were over his, palms gracefully molding the form of her cheeks. She had a feeling where Boyd was going with this, so she saved him the embarrassing rambling, and planted a soft, loving kiss on his lips, "I love you too Boyd."

Boyd smiled, and planted another kiss on Erica's soft, pink lips. His movements more passionate than lustful. His fingers interlocked with her hair, forming soft blonde curls and stroking her cheek gently as he broke the kiss. They smiled at each other, and they finally realized that they didn't need Derek, Scott, Allison, Stiles, or anyone else to survive. They had each other. But their lovely moment ended quickly, as a soft chuckle was heard.

"Aw, how adorable! The two love-wolves were having a little moment!" said a female voice. Boyd jumped into defensive position in front of his mate. His fangs and claws both bared. Erica was at his side, almost instantly.

"Who are you? What do you want?" asked Boyd, his eyes glowing a dark yellow color. His patience was growing thin, and this girl was just laughing.

"I'm Elena, and this ..," she waved around her hands, as others started to show themselves, "Is my pack. And this, is our new home. We've come for a very, very important reason. I'm sure you two can give me the information I seek, hm?" She inched closer, and Erica snarled, earning a laugh from the rest of the pack. The pack was filled with gorgeous looking members. A pair of twin boys, a burly man, a gothic girl, this Elena woman, a young model looking boy, and another girl, who seemed shy and hidden from the rest. But the striking part was, they all had red eyes. This couldn't be a pack of .. Alphas? Is this even possible? Thought Erika.

"If you want information, I suggest you look for it from me." Said an all-too familiar voice from the foggy distance. Another pair of bright red eyes glowed in the distance, followed by a number of other silhouettes behind them. Derek Hale walked over to Boyd and Erika, giving them a head gesture to join the others behind him. "I'm Derek Hale, and this .." he waved behind him, "Is my pack, and MY HOME." Behind him, Stiles, Jackson, Scott, Erika, Boyd and Isaac were staring at the 'Alpha' pack with stern eyes, amber eyes.

"Ah, the famous Derek Hale," Elena began, "Who's family died in a fire due to his … negligence."

Derek flashed his bright red eyes, and let out a terrifying and deadly roar that frightened Elena to her very core. She stumbled back, and let out an equally terrifying roar that pierced the night sky. It was hard to see all of their faces in the dark, but Derek knew that if looks could kill, they'd both be dead in an instant. Elena backed away, and then signaled for her pack to get moving. In a flash, both Elena and her pack were gone.

Derek walked back to his pack, and then towards Erica and Boyd. "Are you two alright? Did they harm you in any way?" he said, checking them for slashes, bites or any other form of injury.

"We're fine, thanks." Said Boyd, before grabbing Erica's hand and walking away. Derek's eyes went red for what seemed like the seventh time that night, and leaped in front of them.

"Just WHERE did you think you two are going?" he spat, anger and fury firing him inside him like lava waiting to be spewed from a deathly volcano.

"Look Derek, we appreciate the help and all, but we're still on our own here. We were fine before you butted in, thanks but no thanks. We're not going back to joining your pack." Boyd said as calmly as he could. This time, Stiles was the one who interjected.

"Are you guys freaking serious?" he began, throwing his hands up in the air, "We come all this way out here, spent days trying to find you both, not to mention Derek's been worried sick about you, we save you from a pack of freaking Alphas and you have the NEEERRRRVVVVEEE to WALK AWAY? Did either of you even THINK of the possibilities of what would of become of you two if Derek would've never jumped in? You'd be dead! DEAD! D-E-A-D. DEAD. And then what? All that running? All that 'survival' bull that was in your minds was for nothing! Yes, you guys are crazy, abusive, conceited, and not to mention stubborn, Werewolves, but you guys are obviously still the same thick-headed teenagers you always were."

Erica and Boyd were taken aback. Stiles has never, ever scolded anyone before. If anything, he was the one being scolded, and having bodily harm received. The way his voice sounded, as if he was their .. their pack mother. Boyd stepped forward and shoved Stiles.

"I don't think I ever asked for your input Stilinski, and don't think just because you're human, that you're anymore screwed up than the rest of us. You're a pathetic excuse of life, and you really should think twice before stepping to a Wolf." He said sharply. He was suddenly thrown back, and Derek was in front of Stiles at an instant. Claws and Fangs outstretched.

"You should be the last person to be talking about pathetic. If I remember correctly, before the bite, you were a nobody. A helpless weakling who just looked upon everyone else like some sick Gorophobe. At least Stiles cares enough about you to point out the obvious truth. Secondly, him being human? At least he doesn't need any supernatural abilities to hold his own, he's one of the strongest humans I know, so think twice before insulting a pack member or you will regret it." He hissed.

Stiles was shocked. Never in the history of ever, has Derek Hale defended him. Not only was Stiles shocked, but everyone else was staring wide-eyed at Derek's outburst. Scott stood in front of Derek, and tried to back him away.

"Derek, come on. Don't do this." Said Scott. Derek huffed, and walked back towards Stiles. He helped Stiles up, and then walked away, but before he could, Stiles let out a small "thank you" before receiving a "don't get used to it" by Derek.

Derek knew that this Alpha pack was here, but to know what they want was the question at hand, and now that he got one of their names, he can do some further research. He needed the pack together, he needed their full cooperation. He knew this was gonna be tough, but he had to try. He had to keep them safe, he had to keep his town safe. But he needed everyone. From Scott to Lydia, he needed their help in aiding him in this battle for his home.

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