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Chapter Ten: Round One – FIGHT.

It was the day. The day that would change their lives forever. The day that they fought for the place they called the home, the once boring, isolated home they repulsed, was now their battleground. Allison was readying her bow, which she folded and stuck inside her duffle bag along with her arrows. She looked in the mirror, and tied her hair into a swift ponytail, and donned a hooded, leather vest, tight black jeans, and combat boots. She told her father she'd be having a sleepover at Lydia's, and that the two would be watching movies, and baking all night to which her father happily agreed. Allison had to admit that she hated herself for lying, that she should've told her father the truth in case she didn't come home again, but she shook the feeling away, grabbed her duffle bag and car keys, and headed out to the Hale manor.

She stopped along the way to pick up Scott, who in turn was wearing a black jacket, a dressy shirt, and some nice jeans. "Scott, we're gonna fight not drink cocktails, what's the matter with you?"

"Well, if we're gonna kick some ass, we might as well look classy huh?" he winked, earning a small chuckle from Allison. He had to admit he was worried, but he had faith in his pack, in his family. He knew that they'd overcome everything. They always had.

"Should we go pick up Isaac and Natalie?" Allison asked, "Their street is right around the corner." She waited for Scott to nod in approval, and then turned the car, stopping in front of the Lahey home. Scott quickly got out his cell, and texted Isaac, and in a manner of moments, both he and Natalie were approaching the car. After they got in, Allison sped off, towards Derek's mansion.

"Are you guys sure you're ready for this?" Natalie asked, eyeing the other three warily. She just met them, and she loved them all. She really didn't want Elena to kill them, she wished that Elena never set her insights on Beacon Hills. Isaac grabbed her hand, and squeezed reassuringly.

"We're ready." He said quietly, turning away to look out of the window. He looked towards the streets, and pondered whether or not he'd see them again. He had found the companion to his heart just recently, and he wasn't trying to let her go so easily.

"Natalie," it was Allison who spoke, "I just wanted to say .. thank you. Thank you for joining our pack and helping us defeat them. I'm sorry that you have to fight your brother .. I know what it's like to fight family. My aunt is the woman responsible for killing Derek's entire family, and I had to go against her in order to save Scott." She said, smiling in Scott's direction.

"You're welcome Allison. Their main target is you, so you'll need to be careful throughout this whole ordeal. Stay hidden, and stay high up in the trees, where it'd be difficult to find you. I brought you some things .." replied Natalie, fishing through her duffle bag. Allison pulled over and parked, turning towards Natalie. Natalie handed her four boxes, each containing about twenty arrows inside. "I heard you're an amazing archer, and from what I saw during training, it confirmed it. These are arrows I've been working on for about a week now. The ones with the blue tips, are bomb-arrows, capable of creating a small explosion that deals enough damage to an enemy to weaken it. The ones with yellow tips, are flash-bomb arrows, capable of producing a bright light that can easily blind an enemy for a short time. The ones with the red tips, are flare-arrows, capable of engulfing an enemy in flames once it makes contact, and last but not least, the purple tips. These arrows are doused in Wolfsbane, enough to render an Alpha powerless, these I know, you'd put to good use."

Allison took the cases from Natalie, and a tear escaped her eye. She formed a smile, and thanked her, before putting the cases in her duffle bag and continuing to drive. She knew that tonight would be intense, she just hoped that they all make it out in one piece … or alive.

Jackson was at his house with Lydia, getting ready for the fight. Lydia sported an all black, leather jacket, with tight dark jeans, and black boots, whilst Jackson lifted heavy weights. She tied her hair into a pony tail, and readied her pistol and clips into her bag.

"Jackson, are you ready?" she asked, walking over to him, "It's time."

Jackson nodded, and led the way out towards his car. He could hear Lydia's heartbeat pounding heavily in her chest with every step she took. He frowned at the idea of losing his beloved girlfriend to a pack of ravenous, unforgiving werewolves. He started the car, and sped off into the night.

"How are you feeling?" asked Jackson, as he took the occasional glance at Lydia, keeping in tune with her heartbeat.

"I talked to Deaton yesterday. You know him and Ms. Morrell joined our pack?" she said, a smile forming on her mouth.

"Really?" asked Jackson, his eyebrow raising, "What made him join us? I mean, not that there's anything wrong with that .. but isn't he just a vet?"

"In case you haven't noticed Jackson, not everyone is who they say they are in this town. Derek asked Deaton to join, and Ms. Morrell decided to help too, although I don't know where she fits into this whole thing, but apparently she's good friends with the doctor. By the way, I have powers now." She said, sarcastically mocking a gleeful tone.

"What? You? Powers? What!?" he asked, halting the car to a stop, "What are you talking about Lydia? Since when did you have powers? What kind of powers?"

Lydia sighed, she knew she shouldn't have told him until after she told the others. "Relax Jackson. Deaton said I'm a … visionary. Someone who can see into the future." She stopped, noticing how Jackson was about to say something, but she quickly cut him off by holding one finger up, "But, what I see isn't always right, the future can always be changed or altered."

"How long have you had this … gift?" Jackson asked, intrigued by her newfound abilities. At least he knew she could save herself in a tight pinch.

"For a while, but I didn't know until Deaton told me yesterday. Derek's freaked out about this whole thing, I hope we're gonna be alright."

"We're going to be completely, and utterly fine Lydia. Have faith in the pack, will you? I know we all might bicker and argue here and there but it doesn't take away the bond we all share."

"I know that .. but I just can't help but think about the negatives too Jackson .. What if none of us ever even life to see the light of day ever again? What if one of us walks away permanently injured? Or worse … dead?"

"You think I don't worry about that every day?" said Jackson, sadness filling his once confident tone, "I will never let anything happen to you Lydia, ever. I'll protect you until the day your heart stops beating, because I love you that much. Nothing will ever change that."

Lydia shed a tear, before kissing Jackson on the cheek, "You're my wolf, and I'm your moon. Together, we're unstoppable."

Stiles was practicing his aim in his room, casually swinging the gun around swiftly so that he could move faster during the fight. He heard a knock on his door, and panicked. He threw the gun in his closet, and moved to open the door, letting his father enter.

"Stiles, can we talk for a minute?" the older Stilinski said, sitting down on the computer chair. He sighed, and motioned for Stiles to sit down on the bed.

"Sure Dad, what's going on?" he asked, sitting down. His eyebrows furrowed in worry, hoping there was nothing wrong at the moment. He couldn't take any more negative news.

"Stiles, do you trust me anymore?" the Sherriff asked suddenly. Stiles was taken aback, out of all the things his father could've asked, he had to ask the most painful question.

"Dad I –" he began, before being silenced by his father. He held up a hand to shush his son, and walked over to the window.

"I know I could never replace your mother Stiles .. But I've been trying to play both Mom and Dad for you, so you can open up to me more .. but it just doesn't seem to work .. I'm worried I'm losing the only thing I have left here. You're out all night, you haven't told me where you've been going or who you're with .. I don't want to lose my son. I already lost my wife .. I'm sorry about me working so much, I'm sorry about not spending enough time with you, but I'm just telling you that you can come to me for anything Stiles, don't ever think that you can't. You're my son, and I love you." He said, sighed.

Stiles was shocked, he was surprised that his dad was able to let out this type of emotion that he hasn't seen since the passing of his mother. "Dad, I'm sorry. I didn't know you felt that way. You really wanna know the truth? I'll tell you soon, but right now, Me, Scott, Allison and Lydia need to study for our Chemistry Exam on Monday, I'll be spending the night at Scott's most likely. Be safe Dad. I love you."

Stiles kissed his father on the cheek, and held him tight, for fear he'd never see him again, and walked out of the door. He got into his jeep, and stood there for a minute, letting the tears stroll down his cheeks, as he let out a scream of frustration. He punched the steering wheel with all of his might, and began punching the dashboard as well. He was scared beyond recognition, and furious with the fact that he was lying to his father left and right. He'd come clean, he'd come clean as soon as the fight was over, but for now he had a job to do. He put the key in the ignition, and the engine roared to life, speeding down towards the Hale manor. Lydia, Jackson, Scott, Allison, Isaac, and Natalie were gathered out front, along with Derek, Peter and … Dr. Deaton and Ms. Morrell? What the hell are they doing here, he thought.

He got out of the jeep, and walked over to the pack, "Dr. Deaton? Ms. Morrell? Why are you here? Not that there's anything wrong with you being here .. but why?"

"Long story Stiles. Just like I told you, when life is putting you through hell, keep on going. It's exactly what we're doing." Ms. Morrell said, cocking her pistol. Stiles shrugged, and walked over to Derek.

"Who are we waiting on now?" he asked, taking a seat on the wooden steps of the porch. The decaying wood creaked under his weight, and he shifted uncomfortably.

"Just Erica and Boyd. Lydia has something she needs to go over before we fight, and I have an idea, I just thought I'd run it by you first."

"Shoot." Replied Stiles.

"Ok, so. Deaton told me we should make a boundary out of Mountain Ash to keep the Alpha's in a certain area. He says we'd have a home field advantage, what do you think?" Derek asked, looking at the younger boy.

"I think that's a good idea, but who's gonna be able to spread the Mountain Ash that long without being able to be caught by one of the others?"

"Well, Deaton and Morrell are both going to do it, they're going to circle around, and trap them inside. Then they'll meet us on the battleground."

"Sound's good, hey Erica and Boyd are here." Said Stiles, as Derek shifted his attention to the arrival of the Betas. Now that they were all here, they could start the briefing. The pack gathered around Derek and Peter, as he began to brief them on the battle.

In the woods, another pack was beginning to prepare for the fight, as Julian scraped his nails on a large boulder, leaving several claw marks into it. He furiously punched the boulder, making it explode into a bunch of small pebbles.

"What's wrong Alpha boy?" teased Oktober, as she walked over towards Julian. She threw her arm around him, as he gave her a glare. She sensed the abnormality in his voice, and began to worry.

"It's Natalie. Do you really believe I could kill my own sister?" he asked Oktober, as he stared up into the half crescent moon in the sky. The forest was filled with the symphony of the night, crickets chirping and animals digging their way into the ground.

"Julian, if it was up to me .. I'd spare her. But you know Elena, and everything's she's done for us, not to mention everything she's trying to do for us. When was the last time we had a home to call our own huh? She's trying to help us live in the light, not some forest or cave like we're forced to." Replied Oktober.

"I understand, but she's family. Would you kill someone you loved for a home? I mean, what's the use of me getting a home if I don't have my sister with me? I promised my mom and dad I'd take care of her, and now look. She ran away, and now she's against me."

"Julian, you've never heard my story before have you?" she asked, as she pulled his arm and started walking into the woods, "Let's take a walk."

They began walking in the forest, earning a suspicious glare from Elena as they began to part away from the rest of the pack. "Ok, so what's your story?"

"Well, I got turned by my boyfriend about … two years ago. We were together since we were about fourteen, and I never loved anybody else but him. One night, on a date, he showed me his true form, which was the Alpha form and even throughout that, I still stood with him, until that one night .. He told me at first that we'd be a two-man pack, the Alpha and his 'mate', but then he started getting power hungry, and when I tried to tell him he was wrong, he tried to kill me for disobeying him. We got into this huge fight, and he almost killed me, but I ripped his heart out last minute, killing him and gaining the Alpha position for myself .. but I was healing at a slow rate, dying slowly, and that's when you guys found me." She explained, as she wiped a small tear from her eye.

"Wow, I never knew you had to go through all of that .. I'm sorry .." said Julian, as he embraced Oktober strongly.

"Sometimes, love betrays you, and you have no choice but to take action .. if Natalie wants to fight for this town, so be it. She's chosen her path, which means betraying you. You don't have to kill her, Elena will most likely decide to take her back. Just have faith Julian." She said, punching him on the shoulder lightly.

"If you two will, we need to move, now. It's time." Said Elena from behind them, as she motioned for them to follow. Oktober and Julian looked at each other and nodded, following Elena and the rest of the pack into the forest as they ran. They could smell the scent of the Hale pack, as they embraced themselves for battle.

Derek was running through the woods at super speed, with Scott and Jackson flanking his sides, and Natalie and Isaac covering the rear. Boyd and Erica weren't too far behind, and Stiles, Allison, and Lydia were already at the battlefield, hiding in the trees. Deaton and Morrell were spreading the Mountain Ash, and when they were done, they would meet the pack at the grounds. This was all too familiar from Derek's dream, and he was scared the elements would pay them a visit. Derek screeched to a halt, and held up a hand for the others to stop. Erica let out a whistle, and the humans from the tree tops sent their whistles back, letting them know they were safe.

"They're here!" Derek said, as he crouched into an offensive position. The others crouched down as well, as they saw the familiar scarlet eyes pierce the dark shadows of the night. The Alphas ran at them at full speed each jumping into the air and turning into large wolves. Julian was first to land, his dark brown fur shaking with anger, followed by Oktober, who's sandy colored form reflected against the moonlight. They both let out terrifying roars, but stood their ground, waiting for the Hales to make their first move. Ethan and Aiden were the next two to land, their grey forms shaking with fury, Elena shifted, then landed, her pearl-white wolf growling at Derek. Gabriel was last to land, as she transformed into a large dark wolf, black as night. A small ticking was heard, as Allison sent a flash-bomb arrow towards the front of the Alpha's which landed and exploded in a blinding light.

"ATTACK!" screamed Derek at the top of his lungs, as his pack charged towards the Alpha's, Erica pounced on top of Oktober, digging her claws deep into her skin, ripping apart her fur as she struggled to shake Erica off. Erica held on tightly, as she bit down on Oktober's skin, making her howl in pain. Oktober began shaking wildly, bucking back and forth like a bull to throw Erica off, but to no avail, Erica went to grab her by her wolf throat, and lost her balance, falling off of Oktober. She stumbled onto to the dirt floor, rolling around so Oktober won't catch hold of her, but it was too late, she grabbed Erica using her mouth, sinking her teeth into Erica's skin, and throwing her towards a tree. Erica doubled over in pain, but she could feel the wounds healing little by little. She rested against the tree for a minute, and saw that Boyd was struggling to fight Julian, who was knocking him down and biting at his legs.

Julian bit down on Boyd's thigh, causing Boyd to let out a shout of pain. He used his other free leg to kick Julian in his face, causing him to back away. Boyd grabbed him by his hind legs, and slammed him into a tree, knocking Julian out unconscious. He ran over to Erica, and saw her injuries.

"Boyd, I'm fine, help the others. Go, I'm healing, I feel it." She said, holding her waist in pain. She didn't want him to worry about her throughout the fight, so he went back to join the others. Scott was being attacked by both Ethan and Aiden at the same time, punching them left and right. He was completely defenseless against them, until Ethan and Aiden both howled out in pain. The fell to the floor, revealing several arrows penetrating their skin, Allison was standing behind them and rushed over to Scott.

"Are you okay!?" she yelled, checking the bite marks, and other scratches that Scott bore on his body, "I had to come down, I wasn't just gonna stand by and watch you get hurt!" she pulled Scott up from the ground, and pulled her behind a tree.

"Allison! You need to get to safety now! You're no match for the wolves right now, they're stronger than we thought!" he yelled.

"Like I said, I'm not watching you die. I can take care of myself Scott, I just saved you didn't I? Have faith in me!"

"I do Allison, I just don't want you getting hurt! Please, try and find some hidden boulder, and shoot some of the wolves to distract them." He said, she nodded and ran behind a secluded rock nearby. Stiles and Lydia watched as Jackson was pummeled to the ground by Elena, while she pinned him down, ready to bite down on his throat. Lydia jumped down from the tree, and fired an entire clip on Elena's side, causing her to run off in pain, leaving Jackson covered in mud.

"Jackson, are you alright!?" she screamed.

"I'm fine, get shelter, Go!" he screamed back, running off to help Scott fend off Ethan. Stiles jumped down from the tree as well, dragging Lydia away from the battle. They backed into something large and furry, as they realized Gabriel was staring back at them. They both raised their pistols, as Gabriel leapt to attack. Before he could hit, Peter smashed right into him, barraging his face with multiple swipes and punches. Stiles and Lydia began to run far away, as Aiden chased them into the woods, they jumped over a small hill and stood their ground, waiting for Aiden to pounce at them, but for some reason he stopped, unable to cross that small hill. They looked down and saw that a trail of Mountain Ash was spread around, Aiden furiously snapping at them from behind the boundary. A russet colored wolf pounced on Aiden, knocking him to the ground and biting at his neck. Isaac was also there, swiping at Aiden as he tried to get the both of them away from him. The russet colored wolf, who was Natalie in her Alpha form, stomped on Aiden's stomach, hearing him screech a howl of pain. Isaac and Natalie both looked at each other, and ran back to help the others.

Derek was dodging Elena's swipes as she lunged towards him, snapping at his throat. Two shots were fired into her side, as Deaton and Morrell ran out from behind the trees. They fired multiple shots at her, and then backed away, letting Derek handle the rest. He jumped on top of her, digging his claws into her stomach, and punching her in the snout. He was ripped off of her by Gabriel, who was now pinning Derek to the floor. Erica pounced on Gabriel's back causing enough of a distraction to kick Gabriel off of Derek. He nodded at her, and she ran to go help Jackson with Ethan.

"You know Elena .. You underestimated my pack, and now it's time to pay." Said Derk before throwing Elena into the field. She got up immediately, and ran at Stiles, who was too busy shooting Julian to notice. He turned around, and Elena sank her teeth into his stomach before throwing him to the ground, "STILES!"

At Derek's outburst, everything seemed to stop, as the Hale pack looked towards their fallen comrade. Stiles was convulsing on the floor, coughing up blood. "STILES! NO!" screamed Allison, as she ran to help her friend. Elena signaled for her pack to leave, and they ran, limping, but victorious.

"Stiles? Stiles! STILES! Oh my god, please, God NO!" Lydia shouted as she ran to check on him, she was followed by Erica, who was also panicking. Derek shoved past them, and leant down on top of Stiles, as he still coughed up blood. He was holding the wound, and trying hard not to cry.

"Stiles, please. Stay with us, don't leave us Stiles please!" Derek screamed, putting pressure onto the wound to stop it from bleeding. Allison was crying into Scott's shoulder, as he held her crying as well. Erica sank to the floor, while Isaac held Natalie. Lydia was being held by Jackson, who looked as if he was about to break in pieces.

"Derek, get him to my office now. The rest of you, go to my house, just on the outskirts of the woods! Morrell, please make sure they're home safe, stay with them, and don't let them out of your sight. I'll be there soon." Said Deaton, he looked towards Peter, and Peter nodded, knowing that Deaton wanted him to look after the pack as well, "Derek, we have to get him to the office now!"

Derek nodded, panic convulsing through him like volcanic magma. He and Deaton managed to hike it towards the Vet's office, whilst Stiles coughed up blood like no tomorrow. They set him down on the operating table, and Stiles began to go into shock. Derek held the shaking teen down, whilst Deaton patched up the wounds. Derek couldn't control himself any longer, he lifted Stiles' shirt, and bit down on the boy's side, letting the venom which turns you into a werewolf sink from his teeth and into Stiles' bloodstream. Stiles stopped shaking and Derek kept tune to his heartbeat, which got fainter, and fainter, until eventually, it grew silent.

"Deaton! Deaton he's not breathing, his hearts not beating!" yelled Derek, "I gave him the bite, but nothing's happening. Please! We have to save him!"

"Derek, it takes time for the venom to spread, he'll be fine … I think." Deaton said, looking through different types of herbs.

"You think? You think? Stiles is dying! We can't just –" Derek started, but stopped abruptly, as Derek heard the boy's heartbeat pick up a little. It began to get stronger and stronger, and it was then that Derek realized what he had done. He turned Stiles. Stiles never wanted the bite, but Derek gave it to him against his will, against what he wanted. Stiles would kill him, scratch that .. Stiles will kill him. He needed to leave, he needed to leave before Stiles woke up. Derek grabbed his jacket and proceeded to leave.

"Derek? Derek where are you going?" asked Deaton, but Derek just ignored him. He got into his black Camaro, and sped away, leaving his anchor back at the office.

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