This is my first story, so feel free to criticise.

I'm a fan of Naruto, and I really like his character. I watched the watched the tamer generation of digimon on t.v many years ago, but it isn't where my interest in digimon lies. I really like the ideas and designs behind the digimon movie, mainly the "our war game" portion. I found all of keramon's forms so cool, but when searching fanfiction I honestly didn't see much of him. I stumbled upon Naruto: Digital Kitsune by Silver Frostwolf. I really liked the story, and it got me inspired to write my own. i took some quotes from the first chapter, and will probably grab a few from the second (i dwon't wanna write about the sovereigns) My story ill be different from that point on, i swear!

Oh yeah, and I dont own any of this, meaning naruto and digimon.


"demon/god/anything with a deep scary voice"


'demon/god/anything with a deep scary voice thinking'


The sound of laboured breathing could be heard across the barren, war-torn landscape. The area could be described as a rocky wasteland, littered with craters and other sign indicating a great battle was fought at this location.

The source of the panting is the figure known as Naruto Uzumaki. He never felt so tired before. Why, might you ask that Naruto is tired? It's because he had just fought and defeated not only the immortal undead Madara Uchiha, and his crazed apprentice Obito Uchiha, but his once best friend Sasuke Uchiha.

As the corners of Naruto's vision began to turn black, Naruto reflected on all of the death and pain that had been caused by this crazy war. His teacher had been struck down in front of his own eyes, and through the clones he sent to each battlefield he saw countless more die, some of his close friends among them.

It wasn't worth it.

And now here he was, propped up against some rubble as he slowly bled out from the grievous wounds he received during the fight. The nine-tailed fox sealed into his gut by the fourth Hokage, his father, had long since run out of energy and couldn't heal him. As his vision continued to darken, Naruto calmly accepted his fate and allowed his eyes to close for what he believed to be the last time.

But it seemed that fate had other plans for Naruto.

"Your time's not over yet Naruto." A voiced echoed through his mind as his vision was suddenly engulfed in a flash of white light. When it finally faded, Naruto opened his eyes to find himself floating in the same featureless twilight expanse that he met his parents in. There was a women floating in front of him, with brown hair and delicate features, wearing a simple white kimono.

"Tell me, Naruto Uzumaki. Do you want to live? Do you want a second chance? Another chance to relive a life the way you want to?" The woman asked, her eyes staring into his own.

"Yes." Naruto replied with conviction. He had always wanted to see how his life could have gone for him if he had wizened up as a child.

"I want to give you a better life in another world Naruto-kun. For someone who had a tough life that no one should ever deserve. I decided to send you to a world where it more peaceful than here. In this world like you're only there's no ninjas and more peaceful. The world has a franchise of video & card games called Digimon. They were created by them in the form of data, but to a few others they actually living beings."

"So they are sentient beings that are living breathing creatures?" Naruto question and the woman nods her head.

"First things first…" The woman spoke as she snapped her fingers. Instantly the nine-tailed fox appears, in all its massive size and glory.

"Nice to see you again, Kami-chan." The fox spoke as soon as it took notice of who he was standing beside. The fox turned its head to Naruto and spoke "Hope your new life works out for you kit. If anyone deserves a second chance, it's you."

And with that, Naruto Uzumaki was sent to the world of digimon, where a new adventure lay waiting for him.