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Now, onto my ideas for Keramon and his many long-legged forms.

First idea(most likely) is that he can inhabit can inhabit machines in order to stay out of sight(playing into the whole data eating thing) and when he's out he's kinda crazy. He will digivolve to Chrysalimon and Infermon normally. In the future when Leomon goes and bites the dust, Keramon will lose it and warp digivolve to Armageddemon in anger. After a rampage, Naruto and Keramon will biomerge to Diaboromon(who while not as strong as Armageddemon, is still a boss). Got this idea from Diaboromon's rather human face and orange/blond hair.

The other idea is that due to the rather large influx of power from Naruto into Keramon, his standard form becomes Chrysalimon. In this idea, Chrysalimon would chill in Naruto's large backpack during the day, with his cables wrapped around Naruto through his backpack straps. In this idea keramon would only show up occasionally, and be the equivalent of an in-training from. In this idea, Armageddemon would be the biomerge form.

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"demon/god/anything with a deep scary voice"


'demon/god/anything with a deep scary voice thinking'


*in-between worlds*

Naruto wakes up to find himself once again floating in the featureless area where he had spoken to Kami. The only difference being that instead of a plainly dressed woman there was a golden dragon. The large golden dragon had many sharp, bronze colored scales along the length of its body. Eight glowing orange eyes presented itself on the dragon's face also producing a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. Six large bronze spikes rose up from this second dragon body, somewhere where the rib cage would be.

"Greetings young one. I am known as Fanglongmon, the dragon of the east and one of the five digital sovereigns. I know you are bursting with questions child, but please hold your tongue for the moment." The dragon now identified as Fanglongmon said cutting off Naruto's question. He chose wisely to remain silent.

"Thank you. Now, Kami has requested that I provide you with the information you need in order to survive in this world. I have decided to oblige to her request, and I have a task for you myself." Spokethe dragon. "There is an important digimon named Calumon that is currently in the human world, and needs to be protected. While acting quite childish, Calumon possesses immense power that cannot fall into the wrong hands." Naruto nodded at this. He understood the concept quite well, being the former container of a demon.

"Now, chakra doesn't exist in this world, so it'd be impossible to use. So in order for you to defend Calumon, I will grant you a digimon to be your partner. I will take your Chakra and use it for two purposes. The first purpose is to construct you a human body to inhabit, as we couldn't bring your old one from one world to another. The second purpose is to rid your partner of his dangerous qualities. You see, your digimon was infected by a virus very early on in his life, and became part virus. He went on to attempt to harm very many people. We can use your chakra to make your digimon friendly."

Thinking on the proposition, Naruto saw no real reason not to accept. "I accept this offer Fanglongmon. Is there anything else I should know?" Naruto asked the digimon in front of him.

"Yes, you will not be alone on this quest. There are three other humans with digimon companions in the area near Calumon. For them, they can use special cards together with a machine called a D-ark in order to make their digimon stronger, but because your partner is part virus, you can't. Though, your digimon will be much stronger than theirs, along with the fact that you will be able to digivolve your digimon all the way to champion level right from the start."

Naruto's brain was trying to process this information, but he didn't understand much of what had been said. Noticing the lost look on the child's face, Fanglongmon just sighed. "This will all make sense when you make it to the human world, I will send you all of the information you need, along with somewhere to live and have you enrolled in a school." Fanglongmon said, ending with a smirk on his face as he saw Naruto pale at the concept of going to school again.

"Well, good luck Naruto! And be warned, your digimon could be described by some as…eccentric." Fanglongmon said as he reached forward with one of his claws and rested the tip on the blonde's forehead, before his body faded out of existence, making its way towards his waiting body and new partner. 'Naruto Uzumaki. I wonder what you will accomplish.' Thought the great dragon as it rested his head on the no-existent ground.

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