Thanks to everyone who review chapter 2 of my story! I have in fact read each one so far and your suggestions are great for getting the ideas moving in my head. I have decided on taking elements from some of the suggestions. This is how it's going to work:

I'm going with my first suggested idea as a base, so Keramon will be out and about. I'm going with an idea Fallen-Ryu sent me (thanks, it's a good idea) that Keramon will be able to compress himself in order to hide inside of a given piece of technology, which will usually be Naruto's digivice. I have decided that Naruto will have one of the digivices from the original series, but with a different colour scheme. I choose this because Keramon is from their timeline, and for the most part will digivolve like the digimon from that story I might as well make his digivice from that time period. When Keramon digivolves (with the exception of biomerge) it will be in the same manner that Wendigomon and Terriermon did in the third part of the digimon movie, Hurricane Touchdown (when they jump in the air and get surrounded in a ball of energy).

Again on Fallen-Ryu's suggestion, Keramon will go around consuming data and messing with people. He will be able to possess most machinery by going inside of it and taking control. This play's into Villan O'Doom's idea of Keramon gaining increased benefits for eating data from defeated digimon. Keramon will grow much stronger than the other digimon for absorbing data from not only fallen digimon, but also programs he consumes.

Now, I still haven't decided on what Keramon's mega/biomerge form will be. What I'm currently leaning towards is an idea I got from watching Palidramon and Imperialdramon. I think that Keramon's evolution track will look like this:


Keramon will hyper-warp digivolve past the mega level and go straight to super-mega level, and the rush of power will drive him into a rampage. Later, he will biomerge to get to Diaboromon and then digivolve again to get to Armageddemon, but with Naruto's mind to balance the insanity which comes with that level of power.

I don't own Naruto or digimon, still.

*Shinjuku Park*

The sound of sparks and static shocks could be heard disrupting a quiet and peaceful night. As a strong gust blew through the near-bye trees a children park could be seen, littered with small climbing structures. The sharp cracking noises were coming from an inconspicuous spot on the ground, which looked the same as any other. Well, apart from the fact that the occasional small bolt of blue electricity arcing off of it. Hovering in one of the trees surrounding the park was a figure, though their feature were hard to make out. Seeing the electricity begin to spark at a more frequent pace, the figure thought excitedly "He's finally here!" The pace at which the bolts appeared seemed to be increasing, until suddenly the park was bathed in white light.

Once the flash faded, a 12 year-old boy could be seen standing in the middle of the park. He was wearing loose black cargo pants, secured on his waist by a leather belt with a silver buckle. He was wearing a white t-shirt with a design along the bottom which was comprised of several vertical strips of black coloured binary code. Over the t-shit he wore an open grey hoodie, with orange stripes going down the arms.

The boy blinked once, and then twice, and turned his head slowly to take in his surroundings. Quickly recognising that he had appeared in a child's park, the boy scanned the structures nearby and soon found a mirror inside the wall of a jungle-gym. The boy made his way to the mirror, and gasped when he saw his reflection.

Taking in his new attire as something normal for this new world he was in, he focused on his facial features. Naruto's face was very similar to what it had been at the age he now once again was, though with two major differences. The first difference being the absence of the whisker-marks that usually adorned his cheeks. Naruto sighed deeply at that. While they had gotten him into some situations before as they served as identification for the "demon-brat" as the villagers used to call him, they made him unique. This also showed that the nine-tailed fox now was completely separated from him. The other major difference was his hair, which now resembled the style of his father, the fourth Hokage, when he was at the age of 12. Naruto didn't mind that at all, as he had heard from Jiraiya that his father was quite the ladies' man.

As he continued to admire his new looks, Naruto noticed a device clipped onto his belt by a clip. Unclipping the device, Naruto looked upon the device that was placed on his person. It easily fit into his hand, his fingers delicately wrapping around it. It was the shape of a square, but it was as if the corners had been folded in to make round grooves that his fingers slid comfortably into, while the top left corner had a small antenna sticking out of it. The body was coloured dark grey, and the antenna a deep navy blue. In the center of the device was a dark green screen surrounded by a black circle filled with exposed circuitry. This circles was surrounded by 1 circle shaped blue button on the left, and 2 oval shaped buttons on the right with the same colour scheme. (A grey digivice from season 1)

As Naruto's thumb traced along the grooves of the device in his hand, it brushed over a circular button on the left side. Immediately, the screen in the center lit up, and a beam of white light rushed out of the screen and into Naruto's forehead. Naruto's other hand flew to the side of his head as he staggered backwards, quickly receiving a head due to a large influx of information rushing into his mind, informing him of all he needed to know about this new world and information about the digimon too. Along with all this came the education a rather smart twelve year-old would need to get through school, and the location of an apartment he now owned.

Naruto let out a groan, it felt like learning the rasen shuriken using hundreds of clones all over again. After clutching his head for a few minutes the headache began to fade as his brain processed all of the new information, only to fall back in surprise as he looked up and saw two large black eyes outlined in yellow staring right into his own at a very close distance.

Now lying on the ground, Naruto looked up and studied the new arrival, which somewhat resembled a large humanoid jellyfish, only a bit shorter then he was. It's skin was coloured bluish grey, and it's body seemed to be made up of a mass of thin tendrils that waved in the breeze. Following the tendrils up they bunched together under a spiky yellow collar. On top of the collar was a sphere shaped head. It had 2 completely black circular eyes, with a yellow circle inside to separate the pupil from the rest of the eye. Above each eye was a line which looked like an eyebrow that continued downwards towards the center of the face. Below the eyes and a bit below halfway up the face was a mouth that stretched all the way across the creatures face, and was smiling madly. Bellow the mouth Naruto could make out part of what seemed to be another set of eyes which seemed identical to the first pair but upside down. Perched on the top of its head were 2 large antennas, which bent and curved.

From the point which the tendrils met up under the spiky collar 2 skinny arms, only a bit larger than the tendrils that made up the creatures torso. The long arms almost reached the ground, and at the end of each arm was a hand 5 fingered hand which was about as half the size of the creature head, and on the back of each hand was a red and green symbol which looked like an eye. Naruto also noticed that the creature floated just above the ground, not touching it.

The creature stared back at Naruto for a minute as he analysed the creature before him, before its crazy grin widened ever more, and it pulled him to his feet using its massive hands. Naruto was surprised with the creature strength, as its arms were incredibly skinny. Naruto watched as it circled around him flying head first, waving its tendrils and arms much like a jellyfish would. It slowly came to a stop after its third circle around, and the two stared into each other's eyes. Naruto thought back to what he had been told before arriving at this world, recalling something about him having a digimon partner. Naruto's eyes widened in realization as he remembered that his would be partner had once been insane, an emotion that was clearly being shown in the smile of the creature before him.

Naruto grinned as he realized he was staring at his partner, and spoke in friendly tone, "It's nice to meet you! I'm Naruto, and I'm going to be your partner!" as he extended his hand.

The digimon released a small, crazed giggle before extending in own hand and shaking his partners hand firmly. "My name's Keramon and it's nice to meet you to!" The now identified Keramon answered in a somewhat high-pitched voice.

As they shook hands, the digivice in Naruto's other hand began to beep. Turning his attention towards the digivice, a holographic display pulsed out of it, showing a picture of Keramon. There was some information displayed below the name. It read as follows:


Rookie level digimon

Virus type

Attacks: Crazy Giggle, Info Surge

Additional information: has the power to enter machinery and is known for consuming data to gain strength, but receives much larger benefits for doing so.

Naruto whistled in awe at his partner's capabilities. He turned to Keramon and said "Keramon would you mind entering my digivice for now? I'm not sure how people would react to seeing you out and about."

Keramon just smiled in response, and placed one of his fingers on the screen of the digivice. His hand simply fazed into the screen, followed slowly by the rest of his body, which just shrunk as it approached the screen so that it could physically fit in the device. Once Keramon was completely inside of the digivice, the screen turned on and showed a pixilated version of Keramon's face.

Clipping the digivice back to his belt, Naruto set off in order to find his new apartment. 30 minutes later, Naruto stood in front of a wooden door in an apartment building. Once he gave his name to the front desk they gave him a key and told him his apartment was on the sixth floor. Digging his hand into one of his many pockets, Naruto pulled out his key and inserted it into the lock. Entering his apartment, Naruto had expected the place to be bare, but he was pleasantly surprised to find that the apartment was lightly furnished. Finding the bedroom, Naruto kicked off his shoes and fell onto his bed, exhausted from the events of the evening. He was soon asleep.

Once his partner's eyes had shut, Keramon emerged from the digivice with a mischievous smile on his face. He floated over to the wall, and quickly found a spot to plug-in a phone. Keramon silently entered into the circuitry, and began jumping from machine to machine, with no goal or destination in mind.

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