Hello once again readers! I would like to thank you all for checking out my story, and double thanks to everyone who has reviewed and given me ideas. A special thanks to Fallen-Ryu who has sent me ideas on new attacks for Keramon and his other forms.

In order for Keramon to keep up with the card spammers(the tamers) I gave Keramon the attack info surge. The attack will be Keramon smashing an enemy with his hands while the eye symbols on the back of his hands glow. This attack will literally beat the data out of them, which Keramon can proceed to consume for a power boost. Keramon will also be able to use this attack to force the tamers digimon to degenerate.

Now, in terms of Keramon's strength, he will be able to take on any of the champion forms of the tamers digimon and the foes that they are able to defeat, but he couldn't take on 2 or more at once without digivolving to Chrysalimon. As Chrysalimon, he will be able to take on most of the deva digimon, but not all as Chrysalimon is much more geared towards defence. I'm planning on having him digivolve to Infermon to defeat either Indramon or Vikaralamon.

I plan on having Keramon and Naruto hang out with Calumon very often; as the eccentric Keramon and bubbly Calumon will have plenty fun together. Also, Keramon and Impmon will have many interactions as Keramon knows what it's like to have a tamer who didn't treat them right (Willis didn't seem to try and help Keramon after he was created), and how Keramon once tried to nuke 2 cities once. Will be fun describing them together.

Also, I could use some ideas as to how Naruto will react towards Kyubimon and Taomon (because Taomon practically is a ninja. She uses paper bombs, and seals)

Anyway, I still don't won digimon or Naruto

*Naruto's Apartment*

Naruto woke up with a groan and sat up on his bed. He turned his head, taking actually taking note of how his apartment looked as he was too tired to the prior day. Deciding to take a shower to clear the cobwebs from his mind, he stumbled around his apartment to find a shower. After fumbling with the handles that controlled the shower, Naruto eventually got himself cleaned up, and slipped into the outfit he wore yesterday. Realizing that he couldn't see Keramon anywhere, Naruto called out "Keramon?" hoping that he would hear him.

"Yes Naruto?" spoke a grinning Keramon as he exited a phone socket on the wall. The grin on his face widened when a small package dropped through the mail-slit on Naruto's door. Naruto picked up the box which was about the size of a tissue box, and opened it up revealing a credit-card, a flip-phone, and 2 folded sheets of paper. Unfolding them, Naruto's eyes widened as he read the letters addressed to him.

Dear Mr. Uzumaki,

Thank you for opening an account with us. We greatly appreciate your business, and would like to say thank you. Your current account balance is: $1,000,000. Should you wish to make another deposit, please do so at any of our convent locations. Thank you.

Naruto's eye's bugged out at the amount of money. He turned his attention to the letter in his other hand.

Dear Mr. Uzumaki,

Thank you for purchasing a phone and phone-plan from our company. Your phone plan details consist of: Unlimited talk, text, and data. Your bank-account will be charged monthly for this service. If you wish to purchase phone accessories, go to any technology store near you. Thank you!

Naruto looked at Keramon with a blank stare who was giggling as he watched Naruto's facial expression change as he read through the letters.

"Not that I'm complaining Keramon, but where did you get the money from?" Asked Naruto, who was actually quite relieved as he was worried that he would need to work in order to buy food. That would have been a hassle Naruto would prefer not to deal with.

"Oh, just some digimon hater's vacation fund." Spoke Keramon who giggled once again.

*Hypnos Headquarters*

"Mr. Yamaki! It seems that half of your vacation savings have been stolen!"

"What? It must have been a digimon! Damn you digimon! Damn youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!"

*Naruto's apartment*

Naruto sweat-dropped at his partners actions, hoping that they wouldn't cause problems in the future. Taking the phone and credit card out of their packaging and storing them in his many pockets, Naruto turned and began walking towards the door.

"Keramon, let's go grab a bite to eat before trying to find Calumon." said Naruto as he opened the door to his apartment, letting Keramon float through before closing and locking it. As they went down the elevator Keramon quickly went into Naruto's digivice as he strode into a populated lobby. Leaving the building, Naruto walked around the city until he spotted a bakery. After buying a small bun to munch on, Naruto kept exploring the city until he heard his phone ring. 'I just got that phone. Who could have my number?' He thought as he picked up the phone. "Hello?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto I'm hungry." Spoke Keramon's voice through the phone.

"Keramon?!" Naruto shouted as he pulled the phone away from his ear gaining some strange looks from the surrounding populace. He rubbed the back of his head and neck sheepishly, saying "He-he, sorry bout that." The surrounding group turned away, some muttering "Kids and their card games" under their breath. Naruto turned his attention back to his phone and saw a picture of Keramon's head on the screen, smiling madly at him. Naruto realised that Keramon had merely entered his phone in order to talk to him, and put the phone back up to his ear. "Keramon, what do you eat?" asked Naruto, who was generally curious as to what his digimon needed to fill it's stomach with.

"I eat…that stuff!" Keramon called out as Naruto's gaze fell upon a frustrated teenager who was sitting on a bench with a computer on his lap. He seemed to be having problems, as he was talking to himself, saying "Stupid computer, now all my school files are corrupted! Now what am I going to do?!" Naruto turned his attention to his phone to see Keramon gone, shimmer move through the air towards the computer. Suddenly, the computer made a few high pitched beeping noises before going silent once again. The shimmer once again appeared around the computer, before flying back into Naruto's phone. Keramon's face appeared on its screen once again, this time with a satisfied smirk on his face.

"So, you eat data then?" Asked Naruto, who deduced what happened seeing the shocked teens face. Keramon giggled upon hearing this, and answered his partner.

"Yup! Any kind of data, whether it's computer files or the data that comes from digimon, I can eat it. It makes me stronger too!" Came the enthusiastic reply, ending with a giggle.

"Cool" said Naruto as he continued to walk while eating his bread bun. The pair continued to walk around town, finally stopping when they neared an entrance to an underground parking lot. Naruto's phone rang, and he answered the call seeing Keramon's face once again on the screen.

"Naruto, the three other Humans with Digimon Partner nearby, Calumon too! They all seem to be down there!" Keramon said, clearly meaning the parking area.

"Well, might as well introduce ourselves to our fellow digimon tamers and the one will be defending." Spoke Naruto as he descended the ramp down into the parking lot.

*Parking Lot*

Upon entering he saw a red dinosaur looking digimon walking towards a taller, bipedal fox looking digimon. Their tamers, a brown haired boy wearing a short sleeved blue sweatshirt, grey pants and goggles on his forehead, and a red headed girl wearing a green and white t-shirt with a broken heart on it and jeans with various buckles attached to it, seemed to be in an argument.

Neither the tamers nor their digimon noticed Naruto enter the area. Naruto quickly scanned the scene, and noticed Calumon(not gonna describe Calumon, just look him up if you don't know what he looks like) off to the side siting on the hood of a red truck. Naruto silently walked over and sat down beside Calumon, neither saying a word. Keramon wordlessly emerged from Naruto's phone and floated over to the other side of Calumon, all three of them intently watching the unfolding scene in front of them.

The boy ran forward, shouting "Guilmon, don't! Stop!" as his digimon prowled towards the digimon which looked like a fox as it backpedalled away. Then, another voice rang out across the parking lot. All eye except for those of the Digimon turned towards the new arrival.

"Will you ever stop?!" shouted a boy with blackish blue hair wearing a black t-shirt and an orange vest over it with brown pants. Sitting on his head was a digimon that looked like a cross between a dog and a bunny, which was white with green highlights. "Henry!" the goggles wearing boy shouted in relief seeing the vest wearing boy arrive on the scene.

"Don't interfere! That little pet of yours will never be a match for Renamon!" said the girl in an arrogant tone which Naruto knew all too well.

As their squabbling continued, Naruto thought to himself 'Great, just my luck. We have an arrogant emotionless girl, a pacifist, and a newbie baby. Just great.' Naruto was pulled from his musings when he heard a shout of "Terriermon!" and "Get away!" as a stray attack cause a car to explode beside the now identified Terriermon. Light began to emit from the upside-down triangle on Calumon's forehead and from the recently identified Henry's digivice, though it looked different then Naruto's (also not describing tamer's digivice, to abstract and I don't want to).

As the area was engulfed in the light being emitted from the digivice, a voice rang out "Terriermon digivolve too…" (I will only describe each digi-evolution once in detail, I'm sorry but I don't want to keep writing it out over and over.)

Terriermon's skin was peeled back reviling a green and blue grid, which was quickly covered by much larger flesh, in the same general shape. Around his hand 2 crude looking multi-barreled guns formed piece by piece. Finally, the skin finished reforming over the body, only now the digimon was the size of a human. As the light cleared, the changes could be clearly seen. The digimon was roughly the same shape as Terriermon, but now it had guns over its hands, and was wearing blue pants, and had a ammo belt strapped across its chest.

The new digimon spoke in a new, deeper voice "Gargomon!" The newly identified Gargomon proceeded to fire its gatling-guns in every direction causing large amounts of destruction, laughing while doing so. Naruto took out his digivice and saw the information on the digimon appear on a holographic display.


Level: Champion

Type: Vaccine

Attacks: Gargo pellets, Bunny Pummel

Naruto was impressed with the firepower the bunny possessed, but was disappointed in the lack of control. As Gargomon was standing still, laughing at the destruction he had caused, Renamon stuck up behind him and jumped on his back, while scratching Gargomon's eyes in the process. This only made the problem worse, as Gargomon became frenzied and hit shots came close to hitting the 2 male tamers. Meanwhile the female tamer was shouting "Renamon, that's it! Destroy him!"

'Silly girl, can't you see that your digimon is simply outclassed?" Thought Naruto as Renamon was dislodged from Gargomon's back and took refuge on top of some low hanging pipes close to the ceiling. Gargomon's bullets hit the ceiling, causing parts to give way. At this point, the fighting was making Calumon sad, as he said to himself in his cute little voice (cmon, you all know it's cute) "Why are you fighting, culu?"

Gargomon, looking for its foe began shooting everything it could see with increased vigor, once again nearly hitting the male tamers as they took cover behind one of the last remaining cars. Luckily, none of the stray bullets came close to Naruto, Keramon, and Calumon on their truck. Naruto could hear the tamer named Henry mutter to himself "I knew this would happen… Terriermon isn't ready for that kind of firepower yet!"

'And whose fault is that?' thought Naruto with a sweat-drop. Naruto turned his gaze back to Gargomon who had stopped firing and was now slowly approaching the female tamer who was shaking with her back to a pillar as she finally realized the imminent danger she was in. Naruto quickly spotted Renamon and Guilmon racing to reach her, but neither would make it in time to stop the out of control digimon. Naruto realized that the time for simply watching was over.

"Keramon?" spoke Naruto, the command to protect the tamer evident in his gaze and tone of voice.

"Right!" Spoke Keramon with a mad grin upon his face now that he had a chance to fight.

As the human known as Rika (Naruto doesn't know that yet) was about to be shot in the face, everyone in the tunnel heard Keramon shout "Crazy Giggle!" as a blast of red lightning smashed into Gargomon's face sending him flying into a wall to his side. Everyone's eyes flew to Keramon as he floated over to where Gargomon stood just a moment ago, with Naruto who was calmly walking behind him, both their eye's never leaving the dust cloud which contained Gargomon. As the dust cleared, a now visibly calm Gargomon could be seen knocked over among the rubble. All the tamers and their digimon stood in awe at the power of the new arrivals.

"Wow, you guys really know how to make a mess huh?" Spoke Naruto breaking the silence with Keramon's giggles following shortly afterwards.

The boy with the goggles recovered from his shock first, asking "Who a-are y-you?" he asked, as he had never seen the blond boy before.

"I'm Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki. And he's," Naruto jerked his thumb at Keramon who was floating in circles around Guilmon who was sniffing him "is Keramon, my partner."

"You're a tamer too?" asked Henry, getting over his shock at the new boy and the power his digimon held.

"Yup, but not the same as you guys. I don't really use the card things." Naruto answered pointing towards Henry's card deck strapped to his waist.

Rika, finally calming her breathing after her near-death experience, asked the question "Why not, the cards make the digimon more powerful!"

'A question about power, of course. Why is it that there are always people who are obsessed with gaining power' Thought Naruto before answering her question. "Keramon doesn't need them; he's strong enough on his own. Even if I did use them, Keramon would probably just eat them cause they are made of data." Naruto said sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his neck and head.

Rika made a huffing noise and Naruto's answer before turning and walking away as Renamon faded into the shadows while glaring at Keramon.

"Soooooooo" said Naruto as the three boys stood staring at each other. "What now?"

*Scene Change: Shinjuku Park*

"Remind me again, why Gargomon is doing this?" said Naruto as he stared at a now sane Gargomon doing a hand-stand against a tree in the empty park. Behind him Guilmon was trying and failing to do the same while Keramon and Takato, the other male tamer, laughed at each of his failed attempts.

"Because it will make him degenerate… or at least I think it will. Eventually." Said Henry as he to stared at the upside down champion level digimon as it began to do the handstand using only one arm and its massive ears.

"Wait, that's the reason? Really? I think Keramon can help with that. After all, he eats data!" said Naruto as he motioned with his hand for Keramon to join them with Gargomon. Naruto asked "Hey Keramon! Mind seeing if you can turn Gargomon back to Terriermon?"

Keramon giggled at seeing Gargomon waving his legs in the air, and replied "I can, but it might hurt a tiny bit…" Keramon was cut off by Gargomon flipping into the air and landing on his feet very quickly.

"You can? Then what are you waiting for, do it!" Gargomon shouted, eager to not only stop doing a handstand but also to return to his rookie form so he could go home with Henry.

Keramon, after getting nods of approval from Naruto and Henry, placed his hand on Gargomon's forehead and the eye symbol on the back of his hand began to glow. Keramon spoke "Info Surge!" as Gargomon was enveloped in a flash of while light. When the light faded, where Gargomon stood a moment ago was a dazed Terriermon and a large amount of red pixels floating upwards and outwards, but were quickly sucked into Keramon's open mouth. Keramon glowed for a brief second before returning to normal.

Terriermon jumped onto Henry's awaiting shoulder, and Henry said "Thanks Naruto, Keramon! See you both later!" Naruto waved goodbye along with Keramon who giggled as Guilmon fell over once again after another failed handstand.

"Guilmon, we should head home to. See you in school tomorrow Naruto!" Spoke Takato as he and Guilmon headed towards Guilmon's shack.

Naruto waved goodbye to his new friends, before turning and heading towards his own home as Keramon flew into his digivice.

*Naruto's Apartment*

Kicking off his shoes as he entered his apartment, Naruto was quick to get into bed and fall asleep, exhausted from the day's events. Still, when he fell asleep it was with a smile on his face. He already had 5 new friends, and this was only his first day in this world. As a child in his previous life Naruto had been rather lonely, his first true friends only really showing up after he became a ninja. As his mind became more and more sleepy, Naruto thought to himself 'it was definitely worth coming here'

Unknown to Naruto at the time, those thoughts would be questioned in the future.

Once again, just like the night before Keramon silently sneaked off and into the phone plug, jumping from machine to machine eating small bits of data as he went.

So, what do ya think?