Hey! I want to say thanks once again to everyone who has reviewed so far. I want to say thanks once again. Now Regarding the Devas, Leomon, and all other digimon that can communicate from the digital world, I have some thoughts on their interactions with Keramon. I want to clarify this right now: Yes, it's the same Keramon from the movie Our War Game, the same one that nearly nuked Tokyo.

My main idea so far is that Keramon will be viewed as dangerous, and as a war criminal for his actions during Our War Game and The Revenge of Diaboromon. Every digimon they encounter will the tamers that Keramon is bad news, and has the potential to destroy both worlds as he has attempted to in the past. As such, Naruto and Keramon will keep their distance, traveling around with Naruto on Infermon's back for speed. They will show up to support the tamers, but the general environment will be hostile.

I also will have something like a fight-scene happens when Omnimon summons the tamers to help Takato during the Battle of Adventurers movie, and sees Keramon. It would mainly just be Infermon dodging Omnimon while getting talked down by Naruto.

Now, as for a reason for Keramon to go berserk and warp to Armageddemon, I will have Leomon (the wise sage he is) look past Keramon's past actions and judge him based off of the present. At his deletion at the hands of Beelzemon, Keramon will lose it and the rest can be assumed. I don't want to reveal to much this early, but I want other people's opinions on that idea.

Now, in case people were wondering, last episode took place on a school day. Naruto will apply to Takato's school during this chapter, and join school next chapter.

Now, onto the chapter!

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*Rika's house*

Rika was staring at her cards while mumbling to herself about how Renamon could have beaten the out of control champion level digimon from earlier that day. She continued to mix and match her deck of cars making different combinations and strategies that she believed could have defeated Gargomon.

"No," Rika said gathering up her cards, while saying "If Renamon could digivolve, we wouldn't need any tricks." Renamon stood silently as her tamer ranted about how Renamon couldn't digivolve while the "puny bunny" as Rika called Terriermon could. Then Rika's thoughts drifted towards the digimon and the tamer that saved her.

'That digimon, I'm not sure but I think it may have even been stronger than Gargomon. How does he have that power?' Rika thought as she pondered the creepy jellyfish looking digimon. As her thoughts drifted towards the digimon's tamer, Rika felt a strange sensation from the center of her chest. Rika quickly dismissed the feeling, and went back to brooding over methods to gain the power Keramon and Naruto possessed.

*Takato's house*

While Rika fantasied about power, Takato was doing something very similar but at the same time very different. His reaction to seeing Terriermon digivolve was happily drawing what his idea would be of Guilmon's champion form. "He needs amour…and wings… and fire. Lots of fire!" He childishly exclaimed, talking to himself. The image he created would make the other tamers scoff. It was completely unrealistic and couldn't possibly be Guilmon's champion form. Finishing his drawing, Takato's thoughts drifted towards the figures that broke up the fight the prior day.

'That digimon, it seemed stronger Gargomon. But aren't champion level digimon supposed to be stronger than rookie level? Also, he was kind of insane.' Takato shuddered, remembering the creepy giggles that Keramon released at almost every opportunity. 'Well, at least I have a new friend in school. I wonder how long it will take Naruto to get registered at my school' Thought Takato, as Naruto had mentioned that he would be applying to his school just before he took Guilmon to his shack.

*The next day*

*Takato's school*

As Takato made his way down the hallway towards his classroom, he caught sight of Naruto waiting beside the principal's office while sitting comfortably in a chair. Naruto saw him, and waved to him. Takato walked over, wanting to get to know his fellow tamer better. "Hey Naruto! How are you doing?" Takato asked, trying to start a conversation.

"I'm fine Takato, how about you and Guilmon?" Naruto answered casually, dissuading Takato's lingering fears that Naruto might be antisocial like Rika.

"I'm okay, still a little shaken from what happened yesterday." Naruto nodded at that, it's not every day a bunny with guns on its arms almost shoots you. "I was wondering, I have to keep Guilmon in an abandoned shack during the day to keep him hidden cause he is kind of big. Keramon is almost as big, where do you hide him?" Takato asked, silently hoping that maybe he could provide Guilmon some company during the school day, as he was sure the dinosaur got lonely. Naruto chuckled at this, and began taking his phone out of his pocket.

"Sorry Takato, but Keramon likes to hang out with me most of the time. He can inhabit any piece of technology in order to hide, see?" Naruto opened his phone, and showed Takato Keramon's pixilated face on the screen.

"Hi there Takato!" Spoke Keramon's smiling face as Takato took a step back in shock as he didn't expect to hear Keramon. Keramon giggled at this, which caused Naruto to sigh, and put the phone back into his pocket.

"That, and I'm honestly not sure you want Keramon around Guilmon, as he might influence him." Naruto spoke with a shudder, which Takato mirrored. One crazy giggling digimon was enough for the 2 of them, as they got a mental image of a giggling Guilmon.

"Y-Yeah." said Takato, realizing that Guilmon was rather impressionable, and he didn't want him adopting that crazy grin that Keramon always wore on his face. "So, you're waiting to talk to the principal on applying to the school?"

"Yup, in fact he should be calling me in right about..." Naruto was cut off mid-sentence by the door to the principal's office swinging open loudly and a man with large glasses peering his head out.

"Mr. Uzumaki, I will see you now." Spoke the man, who then retreated back into his office and slammed the door closed as abruptly as he arrived.

"…now" finished Naruto, somewhat surprised at the principals subsequent entrance and exit. As Naruto moved to get up out of the chair, the shrill sound of a bell ringing filled the air.

"Well, I have to get to class. See you later Naruto!" Shouted Takato as he scrambled to get to class, worried he might be late. He really hoped that Naruto was in his class, it would be nice to spend more time with another tamer. 'Still, would all the mischief Keramon may cause be worth it?' Takato paused at this thought, seriously pondering it. He was broken out of his thoughts when he heard doors closing all around, signalling classes had begun. "Ah! I'm late! Now I'm gonna get chewed out again…" Said Takato dejectedly, as he hurried to his classroom in hopes of lessening his imminent scolding.

*After school*

*City streets*

Takato could be seen talking to his friends Kazu and Kenta about digimon trading cards, while Kazu gave him a card while preforming strange actions to illustrate a point. Takato saw his friend and fellow tamer Henry, along with his digimon Terriermon, and quickly bid his friends goodbye. Walking alongside Henry, Takato asked "Hey Henry, do you think this card has anything to do with evolution?" Takato asked the more experienced tamer, seeing as he clearly knew more about being a tamer then he did.

"No idea Takato…" Said Henry with a tone of voice which clearly showed he didn't want this line of questioning to continue. Henry's brow furrowed in thought when he heard Takato's next question.

"Anyway, what do you think of Naruto? I didn't see him after he talked to my school's principal today." Spoke Takato, who was honestly not entirely sure what to make of the blond tamer yet. He seemed friendly, but his digimon clearly was a bit off the deep end.

"I know what you mean. He seems to mean well, but his eyes show that he has experienced lot of grief and sorrow. Not only that, but his digimon was so powerful, I wonder what would happen if he were to digivolve…" Henry immediately berated himself, bringing up a topic that he didn't want to discuss in the first place. Luckily, or unluckily, based on your point of view the conversation came to an abrupt halt by Terriermon's cry of "Its coming Henry!" as he raised his large ear to the sky in warning.

This was followed by Takato's cry of "Look!" as he pointed towards a cloud of fog bearing down on the trio of humans and digimon. "That fog could be a digimon!" Takato said, identifying the clouds strange appearance and movement towards them.

"We can't stay here!" shouted Henry already taking off down the street and was turning right at the corner in no time, with Takato following closely behind. Unbeknownst to them their backs were now facing a startled Naruto who had been taking a casual stroll around the city until he was interrupted by the sudden appearance of 2 of his fellow tamers. Naruto was brought back to reality when he saw a red column of light flicker into existence before the construction site which Henry had hidden in was consumed by the growing fog. Realizing what was going on, Naruto made his way over the fog-covered area while picking up his ringing phone, guessing who was calling him.

"Naruto, I detect a digimon!" Spoke Keramon in a crazed tone, clearly excited at the prospect of a possible battle. This could be affirmed by the increased volume of his very quickly becoming trademark giggles.

"I know, I saw it appear just now Keramon. Though, I believe we are going to sit this one out." Spoke Naruto as he neared the construction site, stopping once he took notice of the inactive excavator nearby.

"Aww, but why?" Whined Keramon, the pout evident in his voice. He had wanted to fight this digimon, he could tell it was a champion level.

"Because Henry needs to learn that he has to fight to, otherwise he won't be of any use at all in the future. Anyway, mind hopping into the crane, and giving us a good view of the fight?" Asked Naruto, hoping his digimon would understand his reasoning. While they were strong, Naruto didn't want to hold any of the tamers hands, so that they could fight their own battles when the need arises.

His partner grumbled something incoherent, before begrudgingly complying with his tamer's wishes, as could be seen by the distortion moving through the air towards the excavator from the phone in Naruto's hand. Pocketing the phone, Naruto climbed into the bucket/shovel of the excavator before it raised him up and placed him directly beside a window looking into the structure in the process of being built.

Guilmon and Terriermon could be seen inside doing battle against a gorilla with a laser cannon over its arm, which was a digimon named Gorimon. They seemed to be in a bad situation, as the champion level digimon was mopping the floor with the rookie level digimon. Takato seemed to be trying to help, while Henry seemed to be hesitating, and that seemed to be eating away at the precious time he had. While Henry was having a moral debate inside his head, the digimon's situation was only getting worse.

Keramon noticed this and exited the excavator and floated upwards to his tamer who still seemed content to watch. "Naruto, if this keeps up, they will be deleted! Let me go help them, I could easily beat that stupid monkey on my own!" spoke Keramon with equal concern and frustration.

Naruto nodded a Keramon's statement knowing it to be correct. "While that may be true, I have faith that Henry will think of something. If they are in any real danger of being deleted, you have my permission to step in and delete Gorimon. Keramon accepted this answer, before lying down beside his tamer watching the battle.

Sure enough, Henry shook himself out of his stupor and with some innovative use of card equipment, was able to delete Gorimon. After saying their piece and leaving without Gorimon's loading data, Naruto descended down from their post and silently made their way over to the cloud of data. "While the sentiment was admirable, I personally don't trust that digimon to be friendly when it reforms." Spoke Naruto to his partner, and received a nod in return showing his partner agreed with him. "So Keramon, up for a snack?" Keramon giggled in glee before opening his massive jaw, and all the data scattered across the area flew into Keramon's greedily awaiting mouth.

"Well, time to head home. Big day tomorrow." Said Naruto, referencing his joining of Takato's school and class. "Better get a full nights rest." He said as Keramon entered his cell-phone as he walked in the direction of home.

*Naruto's apartment*

Once his tamer fell asleep, Keramon entered the phone-line and began his nightly excursion, still unbeknownst to his blond-haired tamer.

This is an example of how Naruto won't interfere in fights that are important for the tamers growth.

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