Annie Walker had never found the Domestic Protection Division so quiet. And tense. Not after that morning when Arthur Campbell had strolled down to their floor to announce the loss of an officer code-named Moonlight. The officer turned out to be her old professor Mark Ramsey.

Her body was sore due to the long flight from Milan. Joan had insisted on direct report and debriefing, promising her that she could take two days off then. Everyone was scattered about, there are whispers as she walked to her desk. The pressure in the air was palpable.

Changing her mind, she turned her direction toward Tech Ops. If anyone knew what was going on, it would be Auggie. Nothing went pass the man's radar, she thought to herself with a warm smile. Her steps stopped at the doorway leading to Auggie's office as she saw the empty desk inside. There was no Auggie. Her initial thought was that he was probably in a meeting with Joan. But, closer inspection told her the computers was off. It was not like him to be in the office and not turning on his computers. Usually, there was the low hum of the processor. And his headphones were secure in its place, as if no one had actually use it today.

And it was twenty past nine in the morning.


Her eyes turned to see Jai Wilcox stepped inside. His trademark smile was missing from his face. Annie felt her heart dropped even before she actually knew what he had to say. She could tell from his expression that it was not a good one. And the fact that he was down here in the DPD didn't help Annie's suspicion at all.

"What's going on here, Jai?"

He hesitated for the slightest moment. "Auggie got in a traffic accident."

When she was a child, deep water scared the hell out of her. Or if she remembered correctly, any amount of water scared her. The idea of getting in the water was enough to leave her shivering. She could be drown to the unknown water and no one would know. As she grew older though, she grew pass her phobia and enjoyed any water activity. It had become Danielle's endless teasing material from time to time.

And compared to what she felt that moment, drowning in the deep water was nothing. She would take the latter any day than this.

"Accident?" She choked out from her numb mind.

She tried to think clearly. Traffic accident happened all the time. So many of them were small ones and the people involved didn't sustained serious injury. Yet somehow, she mentally knew it wasn't the case with Auggie's accident. Her Auggie.

He nodded, if she wasn't imagining it, there was almost sadness in his eyes. "The car that took him to office was hit by a truck this morning."


I have been working on this story forever and it had been through numerous changes. With all that has been going on in the show, I had to made some more adjustments. Originally, this story takes place sometime after the Season 2 Finale but before the premiere of Season 3. And I decided to just stick with it.

Thank you to anyone who'd have enough interest to read this small piece I wrote.