Lovino didn't dare move an inch as Antonio began walking towards him. He didn't look up when the Spaniard was standing in front of him.

"Lovino," Antonio said softly. His tone was almost pleading. Lovino made the mistake of looking up.

Brown eyes met green and Lovino couldn't take it anymore. He moved his hand upwards and touched Antonio's cheek softly. Something flickered in other man's eyes and Lovino's eyes widened when the gap between them was closed.

It was a fleeting kiss, a mere peck on the lips, but it burned more than anything and left a trail of desire and want in Lovino. The Italian clenched his fists and looked away. Somehow he knew it wasn't what he was expecting.

Antonio took a step away from Lovino, who flinched at the sudden gap of distance. No. No. I don't want this. Don't go. Don't get married.

The words were stuck in Lovino's throat and refused to come out. He just stared at Antonio, his eyes wide.

"I..." Antonio began, but shook his head and gave Lovino a small smile. "Thank you for teaching me how to dance. I'm really grateful."

Lovino opened his mouth, but no words came out. Antonio walked to the door and gave Lovino a brief glance. Lovino couldn't see Antonio's expression clearly because the sun had set, leaving the sky and the room in darkness.

"Goodbye." Antonio said softly, his beautiful lips forming those cruel words that hit Lovino hard.

He means it. He means "goodbye."

Lovino sunk to the floor, not bothering to lift his head and watch Antonio disappear from the doorway, from his life too. The Italian stayed like that for a few minutes before chuckling. Soon he began laughing.

And then he began to cry.

And there we have it.

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