This was... I don't even know...

You sat Indian style on the floor, playing quietly with the kitten that Kuwabara had given you for your birthday a few days ago.

Hiei, as often was the case, was nearby lounging on your window sill staring out into nothing.

The silence was a comfortable one, but everyone knew that when things got too quiet the cogs inside your slightly off kilter brain would start spinning.

Hiei was not surprised when you finally spoke up, having expected it all along.

"Neh, Hiei-kun?"

He grunted in response, not even bothering to glance in your direction.

You continued with your yarn tug-of-war with the kitten, "How come you never use contractions?"

Of all the- Where the hell did you come up with this stuff?!

He snorted incredulously, "What do you mean?" He growled out.

You blinked up at him, pausing in your game with the kitten to think over your answer. "Well," you began, "In all the time I've known you I can't think of a single instance where you've used a contraction in your sentences. It's… strange…"

He scoffed at this, averting his attention back to the darkening sky, "Not as strange as watching you humans mutilate every word in the English (Japanese) Language."

You grinned, he had a very good point, "Hey Hiei-kun."


"You should teach my english class…"