Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful woman. Her hair was as silk, and she was radiant to the point of illumination. But she knew not how to dance. So one day, she took it upon herself to learn. All through the day and all through the night, she learned and practiced.

A week later, a grand ball was due to be held. All the women of the kingdom were allowed one dance with the prince. He was, of course, very handsome and just and would someday make a fine king. However, he had not a wife. His father was ill and had taken to bed, for he was old and had little time to live. His wife had long since passed, and the prince was the only heir to the throne.

So the beautiful woman practiced and practiced her dancing, hoping to find favor in the prince's eyes. On the night of the ball, she wore a very tight corset so that her dress would look all the more stunning. Her gown was of the finest and most pure white silk in all the land, and it was garnished with red ribbon. In her hair were several rosebuds, adding to her beauty.

Once at the ball, she was the center of attention. And the moment the prince laid eyes on her, he was instantly under her spell. He abandoned his partner and rushed to her side. He offered her his hand to ask for the dance. She took it.

They stepped and they twirled. They were a match made in heaven. They moved as one and were as one. As the final note of the last song played, the prince brushed his hand against her side. In that instant, the bone of her corset could hold no longer. It snapped itself in half, impaling itself in the woman's torso.

As her blood blossomed and spread on the dress, she collapsed. She lay in the prince's arms and uttered her last sentence.

"Though death we may part, but we shall meet again and be together forever."

As the hand she had placed upon the prince's face went limp, her heart beat no more.

This story was inspired by Cinderella and Grimm fairy tales.