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Chapter One: Who, What, Where & Why.


I felt something cold, pressing against the skin of my forearm. I wasn't sure what it was; it felt as if someone was running a block of ice along my skin.

I forced my eyes open in pain. With confusion, I looked around.

Where was I? Who was I? Why was I here?

I heard a soft voice speak; the words were slow and flowed like they were being played by a flute.

I heard the voice telling me to keep still.

My head was pounding as if someone were hitting me constantly over the head with a hammer.

I sat up and a groan came from my chest as I tried to get a clear image of the figure to my right.

My eyes were glazed over with a milky red substance. I blinked a few times till my eyes cleared over.

It was a lady; her hands were cold as she wrapped a bandage around my arm which was glowing with a red liquid.

The lady grasped at my arm tighter, as if it was stuck in an iron clamp. I screamed in agony and my body tensed.

There was nothing I could remember about myself, or what had happened.

Within moments, sudden unconsciousness had hit me.

It was only a few hours later when I re-awoke.

Sitting up I felt something restrain me back, there was a tube leading into my arm, an IV drip.

I leaned over and grabbed the stand, pulling myself out of the bed and off the red stained sheets.

The oxygen around me was almost unbreathable; it was saturated in pollen from the amount of flowers located all around the room.

My toes lightly touched the white tiles; a shiver ran its way up my spine at the unbearable coldness of the hard floor.

I almost stumbled onto my feet, weak and in agony.

It had taken me awhile to get properly onto my feet, wondering out of the room and around down the long corridors of the hospital. I knew where I was now, but why was I here, and who was I?

The silence was terrifying, the sound of the wheels on my IV stand screeched in my ears as I pulled it along behind me.

Footsteps echoed down the corridor behind me, but when I turned around, there was no one there.

I began to walk faster now; my breathing had picked up and caught in my throat... My heart pounded in my chest at the fear of the unknown.

I almost slipped as I felt something grasp at my shoulder.

"Hinata, what are you doing out of bed?" The voice echoed, I turned around and took in the figure; it was a tall man, his hair was brighter than the sun's rays and spiked out in all directions. I looked at the deep cerulean of his concerned eyes and the small scratches along the skin of his arms, quickly seeming to fade. "H-Hinata?" my voice stuttered, my mouth dry. I realised now he had meant me. "Wha-What am I... what am I doing here? Who are you?" I stammered, my words slurring and stumbling all over each other.

Frustration grew in the boy's cerulean eyes as he shook his head slowly and looked down. "It's Naruto... Your, erm… friend... Hinata, you've been in an accident. We found you collapsing against a tree... You had severe injuries and a kunai stuck in the back of your head... We all thought you were going to die, but I… well, everyone, we weren't going to let Granny Tsunade give up on you…" he whispered with a strained voice, his voice breaking now and again.

My reaction was small. I had no memory of 'Naruto' or any 'Granny Tsunade'. I felt no sadness, or pain. I just felt empty and cold, and most importantly, I felt alone.

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