Chapter Seven: Complications

"Hinata, Hinata!" A shouting voice woke me, making me stir back to consciousness.

I opened my eyes to see Naruto running over to me, a bandage on his cheek and a worried look on his face. "Hinata, are you okay? Shizune told me you were out here training." He asked as he took hold of my hand and helped me stand up. I winced in pain and bent over, grabbing hold of my stomach. That boy, who was he?

"Hinata?" Naruto asked slowly, moving his head down so he could look into my eyes.

I felt my heart thump hardly within my chest as I looked down from his eyes to his lips, and then quickly away "I-I was training." I stuttered, his eye contact had caught me off guard and made something stir within me, "Well, trying to… I got so tired that I thought I'd have a rest."

"Why didn't you just go back to the hospital then? I was worried when I seen you." He said softly, placing a firm hand on my shoulder.

I looked down, "It was so far, I didn't know if I'd make it all the way." I lied, I had to. There was no choice, that boy had said to me that if I told anyone, it would be the end for me. Something was strange though, I know I saw his hand emitting chakra to my head, but I hadn't gained anymore memories. So maybe he wasn't the one to take them. Maybe he done something else, was there a curse mark that could kill you if you spoke of someone? I can't remember… The idea scared me and I felt myself shake. "Let's go back now." I said to Naruto, starting to walk from the place that made me nervous.

"Okay, hey! Wait up." Naruto said behind me, catching up, and taking hold of my hand. My breathing caught in my throat as he did, but I refused to say anything that would make him let go.

"You know, for being injured, you walk pretty fast." He laughed, rubbing the back of his head with his free hand. Then he stopped in his tracks, making me stop with him. "Hinata!" He suddenly shouted at me.

"Yes?" I asked, turning to face him.

He laughed with a large smile on his face, "I forgot to tell you that Ino said her father is back!"

I felt my chest tingle and my stomach twist with nervousness, "He is?" I asked, hopeful that this man would be able to at least give me back some memories, if not all. I just wanted to be closer to being my old self. I smiled, and started to walk more hurriedly, pulling him along.

On the way back, Naruto talked about his mission. I tried to pay attention, but Ino's father and my hope for memories were all that was on my mind, and I couldn't tone it down to listen to him.

"Hinataaaaa!" I female voice screamed, Ino. I looked around for her and saw her running out from a flower shop towards me, Naruto immediately dropped my hand and I felt my heart sink a little from the loss of contact.

"Hinata! My dad wants to see you right away!" She said, taking my hand that Naruto had just dropped and began tugging me down the road I hadn't been on, well, that I could recall. "Where are we going?" I heard Naruto ask behind me.

"The interrogation building, duh!" Ino laughed, pulling me along faster.

I heard Naruto gulp besides me, making me look over at him with a questioning look.

"They aren't going to do all that stuff to her are they?" He whispered to Ino, but I still heard it.

Ino shook her head, "Of course not, she's not an enemy, Father is just going to go through her memories and see if there is anything he can do, or if there is anything important that she remembers, like a plan of attack on the village by another, or a traitor that could have done this to her."

Suddenly I felt my stomach drop; they're going to find out about the boy…

Before I could say anything, we arrived at a small building, and walked inside.

Inside there were five men, one that looked like Ino with long blonde hair and blue eyes, another that had a scar on his face that looked absolutely terrifying, and others just clad in the normal ninja outfit wondering around with scrolls.

"Ino, is this your friend Hinata?" The blonde hair man asked, and at a nod of Ino's head he turned to me. "I am Inoichi, Ino's father. I heard from both her and Tsunade that you were found injured and without memories. I'm going to see if I can help. Please, come this way."

I didn't say a word, I was too nervous to do so, especially when we came to a grey box with steam emitting from it and a circular hole at the top. I paled, I was going to be in that thing, and I knew it.

"Ino, get her ready." Inoichi said as he walked over to the man with the scar on his face.

Ino looked at me, "come on." She said, walking me towards the thing, "Don't worry, as soon as you get in it we'll use a jutsu to put you in an unconscious state, just so you don't go into a panic."

I slowly stepped inside the thing, and as soon as Ino closed it, everything went black.


Ibiki followed me as I headed towards the pale Hyuga girl. "Her father doesn't know what we're doing, nor does he want to see the girl. It's a little strange that the heiress of the clan suddenly shows up in the forest beat up to the point where she's on the verge of death, without memories, a seal on her forehead and her father refusing to see her." He spoke to me quietly.

I nodded, "Yes, it does seem highly likely that he is hiding something. We've had our problems with Uchiha wanting to take over before, let us hope the Hyuga aren't thinking the same."

I then turned to Ino and Naruto, "While this is in process, I need you two to leave."

Ino nodded, but Naruto looked like he was about to object. I narrowed my eyes at him and he quickly shut up as Ino started shoving him towards the exit.

Once out of sight, I headed towards the Hyuga girl and placed a hand on her head, "Let's see what you know." I said quietly as I closed my eyes.

Her mind was a puzzle, at first it was blank with the exception of three or four things, but after searching harder I found something rather incredible. Seals and walls stretched out and clouded everywhere, blocking everything away. I'd never seen a mind so crowded with seals and walls, there was just about one for every memory she had. Some were simple, and were easy to break away, memories of friends, and of the village, but there were more complicated ones. Seals that were stretching across her mind in a large lot. I couldn't break through; many were cursed with an excruciating pain if they were to be unsealed and brought back. Something I would have to consol with Lady Tsunade and the girl herself.

This girl must have been forcing some of the simpler ones to break.

Just when I thought I was finished I came across two more seals, right at the very back. It was a seal that was long forgotten, as well as forbidden; a seal to not only block the mind of all its memories, but to make it near impossible to discover this one in particular. It was cursed with many things, the loss of speech, blindness, immobility, and slow, excruciating, poisonous death that would rot her away.

I quickly pulled out of her mind, not being able to do anything more until I spoke to the hokage.

"We must get to the Hokage immediately." I spoke firmly; this girl would not be allowed out of our sights for a while now.

"What have you discovered, Inoichi?" Ibiki asked anger on his face as he looked at the small pale Hyuga girl, still unconscious.

I looked at Ibiki, "This girl definitely knows something, and she has forbidden seals within her mind."

Ibiki turned back to me with a hint of surprise, "Do we know from which village they were created?" He asked, grumbling.

My face turned serious as anger erupted within me, "Yes, the Leaf."


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