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Chapter 2

Jimmy's POV

"Mr. Palmer!"

I felt his look of disbelief on me as I focus my gaze on my shoes.

"Y-Yes sir?"

"Mr. Palmer. Look at me when I speak to you, if you please."

My gaze stayed down.

"Jimmy." A warning tone. My backside is already throbbing. I obey.

"Yes sir?" I ask, looking into his eyes. I glance away as soon as our eyes meet, but quickly bring my eyes back to his.

"Would you like to tell me, Mr. Palmer, why does your professor does not recognize you?"

I look down. "Um…not really."

"Would you like to try that again?"

"Because I haven't been here."

"Ah, I see. And would you like to explain to me why that is?"

"I…I didn't feel like it."

"You didn't feel like it."

"No sir."

"You decided that because you didn't feel like it, that you would just skip class?! James Michael Palmer! You know better than that! I have taught you better than that!"

The middle name made my head snap up. How does he even know that?!

"I…I know! But it's not like I needed the class anyway! I had nothing to gain from taking it!"

"Mr. Palmer," he said in his most serious voice. "You signed up for this class, and by doing so agreed to attend! No matter what you were feeling like! You DO NOT skip a class for any reason! EVER!"

"Yes sir." I reply, perhaps a bit sulkily, but…I don't care! Why does he care?! I'm an adult!

He gives a non-committal "Hmm" as he turns back to my amused Professor, still leaning against the door.

"I deeply apologize for the misunderstanding, sir. Mr. Palmer will be taking this class from you, again, next semester, if you will allow him. I can guarantee you he will be on time and prepared for each class."

"I will allow him to re-take it. Again. However, there are a few things I would like to see." Ducky nods, agreeing, signaling him to continue.

"Mr. Palmer. You have been a member of my class for the past two semesters. And you have failed, both times. However, I am lead to believe that you are a very bright young man. Because Dr. Mallard is willing to vouch for you, I shall give you one more chance, even though, at this college, you should not receive it. You will not get another one. Am I clear?"

"Yes sir. Perfectly." Still a little sulkily. I do not want to take that class! But it's late, I'm tired, and want to go to bed. That, and Ducky's glare is staring at the back of my head.

"As you already have a job in an investigation agency, you should know that any and all information may be useful. Learning is a gift that not everybody can receive, and you would do well to take full advantage of that gift. Understand?" I nodded in response.

"I expect you to be early for each class, with all assignments completed neatly and on time. I want you to sit in the front of the classroom, and I will expect you to give a presentation on what we learn each week. Clear?"

My head shoots up as my mouth drops open in shock. How could I possibly get all of that done?! And that was totally unfair of him to make me do this!

"Professor Callaway! But that's not fai-! OW!"

Ducky's headslap accompanies a command.

"Try again."

I realize I have used up the rest of his patience. I look to my professor and quickly change my answer.

"Yes sir."

"Dr. Mallard?"

"Perfectly. And furthermore, young James will be willing to help any student that is struggling, and with any assistance you may need."

"Dr. Mallard! How can I possibly get all of that done? With work, and-"

My arm is suddenly seized in a strong grip, and my mouth snaps shut.

"As I said, he will be helping you with whatever you need."

"Excellent. And James?" Now my professor fixes me with a glare, "If I do not see you in
class, or you are late, or fail to complete any of the aforementioned assignments, I will be calling Dr. Mallard. Is that understood?"

My eyes are blazing with fury, but Dr. Mallard shifts closer to me. I nod.

"A verbal awnser, please."

"Yes sir!"

He looks to Dr. Mallard, but once seeing the look on his face, decides to let my insolence pass.

"Thank you for your time, Doctor Mallard. It was a pleasure to meet you. I am glad we could get this straightened out."

And you as well, professor. Thank you for your time and understanding."

"Not at all. And I'm sure I will not be disappointed."

"No, you won't. When is his first class?"

"Monday evening, 5:30 P.M. in C-17."

"He will be ready and with a different attitude by then."

Then we will not have any problems. Good day, young sir, Dr. Mallard."

My sarcastic retort is cut off by Ducky's suddenly increased pressure on my arm.

"Good day, professor." I reply.

"Thank you, professor. He will be here on time." Doctor Mallard says as he pulls me out of the room.